I am an Ex Flat Earther. You are being manipulated by conmen

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Really angry now. I need to bring down these con artists. Help me in spreading real truth. The earth is NOT FLAT!

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  • Does this guy believe we've been to the moon as well or what?

  • He literary comes with NOTHING but word poop that flat earthers are wrong and now we live on a spinning ball but no evidence for that either? And doesn't even mention NASA and their fraudulence ONCE. NOT believable. And why suddenly is flat earth and spinning ball in a vacuum the only two option available? It points to BOTH of them being fraudlent then! Doesnt make sense, HELLOOOOO.

  • Is he really claiming that NASA is legit? Is he for real? :O I am not a flat earther but you only need half a point in IQ to understand that NASA is lying.

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