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Close To You (Burt Bacharach / The Carpenters) - excerpt - [Fingerstyle Guitar Covers]

part of an arrangement in progress of « Close To You » by Burt Bacharach / The Carpenters. recorded in july 2018. ❤ thank you for your support ! ❤ § you're i...
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Steve Nobel .....

This meditation uses different angelic/colour frequencies, especially ultra-violet fire, to clear and protect areas in the head (mouth, nose and eyes) where the virus can enter. Also, this meditation clears and then protects the throat and lungs. Then a gold light frequency is used to raise the vibration of all areas said to be vulnerable to this virus and then the whole body.

The virus is said to enter the body through the nose, mouth or eyes. The viral particles travel quickly to the nasal passages and then to the mucous membranes in the back of your throat, attaching to a particular receptor in the cells, beginning there. As the virus multiplies it affects the back of the throat and from there enters the bronchial tubes inflaming their mucous membranes. This impacts the ability of the lungs to supply oxygen to the blood.

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Forgiveness, Healing, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You, Steven Hutchinson​

Super Quick C-Virus Clearing Meditation: Using Angelic Frequencies to Shield and Protect.

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What do we see beyond 2015?

Give us your opinion as to what Humanity can expect when we cross the dark rift.

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Tempous Nostrum

 This Website is for those whose mission is to help this world.

The content is real, with no fluff or sugar-coating.


We must stand Unified, in our Power, Divine Strength & Truth to shatter this Ill-usion. 

Be At Peace - Have NO FEAR! 

We are loved and revered....

Taking Our Planet Back - Manifestation




The Reptilian minions are gathering today, in their hive, otherwise known as the Bilderberg Meeting. They have acquired many new recruits that they have probably promised everlasting life, youth, health, wealth and power! They probably are even being promised worlds that they can be gods in.

So, today, they meet to be on the same page, in unity of intent and focus - creating the final stages for the complete take-over of this world.

The New World Order that they are setting up will go against every grain in your being. The world they are building for themselves in this final stage of "The Take-over" is in Direct Opposition to The Light of Prime Creator. It is of a vibration that is even denser than the atrocities currently manifesting, due to this infestation's expression on this planet. Today, they begin the engineering and manifestation process, and this focus will last until the June 9th and will continue more than likely in secret with the Elite of that group.


So, fellow light workers/ Light Warriors, it is today that we must unite at least for several days. Today we need our full participation in dismantling these dark forces and creating the world we want. This is it! There are no others that will do this for us!


You are all beckoned to participate in a Global Visualization and Manifestation of  the Dismantling and Annihilation of the Illuminati and all their clan and goons and minions and all those forces that rule over them.  This day, as they so arrogantly sit to plan our total destruction, we will Encapsulate them right where they are and hold their negative creations, that are against humanity and all life, in those meeting rooms and premises, and reflect their evil intentions and frequencies right back at them, since these will not escape to hurt any living thing any longer.


After we do this, we will create our New Earth, our New Golden Era, the way Prime Creator intended. 

  This is OUR MOMENT - Tempous Nostrum! This is Why we are here on this planet - what we all can do to shift this planet and take it back for The Light Forces!

Are you with me?????

Humanity is counting on each and everyone of us to help walk them out of this prison - a prison they don't even know they are in. 


This is our Moment to Shine!!!!!! 


Before delving into this process, please make sure to protect yourselves via:


1) Shielding yourselves using the Tube of Light or White Light or however you shield yourselves

2) and you can also make yourselves invisible by using the Cloak of Invisibility


Manifestation Instructions


Encapsulating Cabal During Bilderberg Meeting:

Everyone, this video is the actual place and surroundings where these top Illuminati/Cabal will be meeting to orchestrate more evil. Those that will be participating in containing this evil via Visualization/Manifestation and Co-Creating our World need to know what these buildings and exterior looks like, so as to enfold these Evil-doers, their thoughts, intent, feelings, actions with a Force-Field that will contain this within their immediate Surroundings and where their evil is now directed at them like a mirror that is Magnified and so that they consume themselves within their own Evil-intent and doings.


We will visualize them sitting in the meeting rooms, pick the personalities we know about and visualize them there, surround them with the Ring Pass Not, and Encapsulate the entire premises with the Shield of the Electronic Circle. This is a Circle that Comes from the Highest Source that when it surrounds a person, it protects them against all evil and all physical destruction. We will be inverting this circle so that it protects everything that is outside the interior - which is now contained inside it's circle. So, as they discuss, invent, think about, evoke, feel and take action within those premises, nothing escapes there. Instead, it stays in lock-down and they cook themselves, eradicate themselves with their own lower-vibrational frequencies.


1) Bring these Illuminati personalities into your thoughts. Picture their faces: Henry Kissinger, Rockefeller, The Rothchilds, The Bushes', The Clintons, Obama, the Prime Ministers of the Countries that are also Illuminati/Cabal and any other names that I have not listed, since they are so many. Here are more names:


2) Picture them arriving at this event. Picture them sitting down and conversing and discussing their agenda


3) Encapsulate - Tie them all with the Ring Pass Not - and Surround the Premises with the Magnification Mirror - where all their deeds and evil intents will reflect back to them magnified


4) Place the Electronic Circle surrounding the entire premise - so that any place they go or have been is encapsulated or in a Quarantine and none of their thoughts, words, feelings or deeds escape


5) The lower vibrational frequencies of these evil intents and plans are now captured through the powerful filtration system of the Electronic Circle and the Magnification Mirror will redirect these evil-intended vibrations that were going out to the world to bring havoc to humanity right back at them - yet it's all safely and Divinely contained.


6) Once we've contained them and they've eradicated themselves, we start the Manifestation of the World we want!


7) Use the Manifestation Techniques provided in the first discussion


8) Do this June 6-9th, 2013 and together on June 8th at 9PM PST


9) Share this with everyone!


10) Done!





Manifesting Our New Earth and Civilization:


Step by Step Manifestation technique to:


1) Eradicate the Archontic influence

2) Shatter the Matrix

3) Design and Create the World we want.



Please Share with Everyone!


Redefining Certainty


We think if we have doubts, we don’t have certainty. That it’s one or the other.

This is not true.

Certainty is not about having no doubts. It’s about moving forward despite them.

- Yehua Berg



"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space.

He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

Albert Einstein

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth!





Ascended Master Jesus
Photograph of Jesus; 1970 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

"This is a true photograph of Jesus. The master appeared on the black & white film when it was developed. A devotee of Premavatar Paramahansa Yogananda gave me the negatives of a roll of film in 1970. She had taken several pictures of her grandaughter, standing in front of these shrubs in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The little girl wore leg braces, but a few days later, she no longer needed to wear them. Her legs were completely healed. Her doctor acknowledged that a miracle had taken place. She had never been able to walk without braces. This image of Jesus appeared on one of the frames of the negatives of that roll of film. I have cherished this photo for almost 40 years and am thrilled to share it with others.

The original photo is alot clearer than this one that I scanned on my printer. You may request a copy of this photo. I will personally send you a beautiful 8"x10" copy on Kodak paper, ready to frame and place on your altar. Please include a Love Donation to help support the spreading of these teachings."

In Love & Light,

~Gurudevi Ma.


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