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VISITORS FROM THE COSMOS - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

15th March 2017 – Trance Group

Visitors from the Cosmos

There are three of us today. We started by bringing down the golden light into our crown chakras, flooding our bodies completely with healing, re-energising Light. Sending golden roots into Earth and then back up through the chakras into the cosmos, being rooted to Earth and joined to the cosmos. I then turned on my recorder.

Bring that golden energy back down to your heart centre and send it round the room, joining with our sisters here on the Earth plane and inviting our Star friends to draw that little bit closer. Feel the warmth and energy building between us and once more place that universal flame of Love within the centre of the room to be used for this afternoon’s session. Know the Love and the energy and the connection from your Star families, and know that you are being looked after and re-energised. As I spoke our friends drew close and continued.

Feel the Love within your hearts expanding and growing, unchartered territories to explore. Go now out into that domain that is yours, that can be yours if you so choose. Bring that awareness around you that you are loved and protected and no harm shall befall you. We envision a greater future for mankind and there are those we choose to come and serve, those who have been chosen and have agreed this mission. An awakening is occurring all around your world, be on your guard for moments you may miss, and we would not want you to miss a single thing!  There is so much happening on a grander scale and you are a part of all this!

There is an outpouring of hearts begging for help and this shall be seen as a great crescendo, a wave of souls crying out for salvation, and we come in our hundreds and thousands to do this, we come because we have been invited! This is a mammoth revolution of sorts and we ask that you register your just intent to serve with us as you have always done so, and we bring you the skills to do this. We open up those centres within you that shall give expression. We ask now that you sally forth on this journey of just intent, and we register the pros and cons of allowing you to do this. There are many of you who wish to be acknowledged and brought aboard, and we offer our advice as to when we are able to achieve this. There are no do’s or don’ts, there is simple that expression of Love within your hearts. Here is where we shall make mammoth achievements, expanding and growing in greater Love. The end is near to the misery on Earth!  Look up into that beautiful Sun, we are coming, we are making a difference, we are anointing your heads.

Long pause. During these pauses the energies are adjusting and can sometimes be seen.

There is an opening coming your way very soon when all shall come to fruition, your hopes and dreams of a grander future for all. We ask you to look deep within, look to those inner aspects that will shine a greater Light and vision, and this shall manifest before your eyes as clear as a bell! You will know without a shadow of doubt (noise in room) that we are here with you. We bring a grand illusion to open your eyes, to see beyond that which you see, to see the deeper meaning of life, the deeper reality.  We pull the veil from your eyes and allow you to see us!

We bear no resemblance to any other living creature, but when all is said and done we champion the cause of mankind’s evolution, we bring about a grand renewal of energy coming to your sphere at this time and it brings in a mammoth learning curve for all of you. It brings about the upliftment of mankind into a new sphere of existence and this is registered in the hearts of those who come to serve with loving hearts and minds. Do not be dismayed at what comes to pass for this is your future, it is evolving and growing at a fast rate of knots, nothing can stop it! The needs and desires of the many outweigh the few, who are tied and restricted to the Earth plane through greed and monopoly over others. We see this grand infusion of energy taking place and give thanks that at last this has come about! We have waited for this turn of events!

Another long pause.

We bring an infusion of energies that will help you and we ask you to be open to alternative measures that will help you on your journeys. We understand there is some reticence on your parts to move forward, we do understand, but there is nothing to fear for all is in hand for a wonderful future for you and yours, opening up to these new energies, expanding and growing and understanding so much more than you ever did before in your human state. There is an understanding dawning within your hearts and minds and this will give expression to those around you, those you are helping and championing to overcome the disorders on the Earth plane. There is much to learn.

Group member.  Can I say thank you very much for joining us today in this very, very special place. Thank you to Eileen for inviting us. It is very kind of you to share your instruction with us, and I for one are not fearful of the journey that I am embarking on. The knowledge that you bring is very beneficial to us and I enjoy listening to your advice, thank you!

We are most honoured to receive you into our midst and we thank you for the encouragement that you bring to this sitter. Thank you.

The news on the horizon shall bring you much upliftment to all of you and we say, watch the heavens, watch the stars, feel the energy they bring and ‘know’ you are most loved in all entirety.

Group member. I’ll be watching and I am very reassured by your words.

We bring our blessings to the people of Earth and thank you for listening to us, and for taking this deep into the heart of you to mull over and to respond, and to give out to others. May you be filled with the Love of the Great Divine and be helped on your journeys. We feel that Love within your hearts, expanding and growing, growing ever wiser with each passing day. And knowing that we can touch that energy and feel you closer in our midst once more, brings us much joy also.  You are known to us and much loved.

I remember feeling the energy in my hands and felt impelled to encircle my arms in an arch, sending energy to my friends.

We cherish you and uplift you and ask you to remember us in your prayers, we are always with you and evermore shall be so.  Take that rainbow of Light and hold it within you, accept this, our gift to you!  So, let it be!

My neck seemed to stretch to one side with my head tilted sideways as I looked across the room.

In a high-pitched voice, I spoke and asked a question.

We would like to ask you a question?  Please go ahead!

You have knowledge of us, yes? Yes, yes!

This expansion of minds serves you well, you will go far!

Could you be more specific?

Your energies correspond with ours on a higher level.  How can we serve you?

We administer what is necessary to bring you aboard at those intervals suitable for you and we allow a reconditioning of your energies to allow you to come closer into our orbit, this otherwise could not be accomplished.

Will we be aware of this happening?

We allow the energies to manifest to allow you to do this if you so wish, we do not want you to be afraid or scared of our appearance.

We welcome your appearance; however, it may seem.  Yes, that’s true.

We are of the Love vibration and that is what is important.  We feel that!  We know that!

We are honoured to make your acquaintance here on the Earth plane.  It is an honour for us too!

There are so many adjustments to take place and we are doing our best.

We will help in any way we can.  We thank you for your kindness!  We are honoured to be chosen!

And there are many around the globe doing this, those ones who have elected to help us and we are most proud of you all.

Thank you. Thank you.  Is there anything more we can be doing to help?

We ask you to enlighten as many as you are able to, to share what you have learnt and what you have seen.  The more people that do this the less afraid they will become when the time comes for us to draw even closer to the earth plane, and allow the general population to see us.  We do not want the military to open fire on us.

We would not want that either!

Although we doubt this will happen.  We make our move when the time is right, when the energies have circumferenced your globe that will allow this to happen.

We take our leave of you now dear ones, and hope we shall come again soon to see how you are doing, how you are coping with the energies coming into your existence at this time.

We look forward to connecting with you again.

We shall never desert you, we are always within.

I started to weep at the end as they left.  We thank the Great Spirit for allowing this to happen and for our friends who have drawn close to us this afternoon. We would like to ask for love and healing for our families, for our friends, for all those we know who need help. We also ask for love and healing for Mother Earth and for all life forms upon her, the plants, the animals, for the rivers, the streams and the oceans, for the heavens. We ask that our love and healing will transmute the toxic poisons into loving pure energy. And we ask for love and healing for ourselves that we may be strong and faithful servants of the Great Divine, that we may be strong and healthy so that we may champion the cause and the upliftment of mankind as best we may. Thank you.

The girls said there were three energies that came forward to speak. One had a square chin and was more masculine with straighter hair. The second voice was more feminine then after a long gap and laboured breathing I suddenly seemed to morph into something different, my head went up and my feet looked different. Posture was better everything seemed to be in alignment.  One group member had a strange experience of feeling in a different body but was snapped back when the last energy started to speak.

Another group member had been flying in the cosmos and later had the sensation of her head stretching. Also, there was a rocking sensation with the powerful energy in the room.  I wondered if they were connecting with their Star families, and as the weeks go by they are feeling different in a beneficial way. There was a feeling of playing with a ball of energy that we could throw to each other and have fun.

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