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“The Actor Who Portrayed Jesus Had Powerful Experiences”

The actor who portrayed Jesus in the movie “The Passion” had some powerful experiences that took place during and after the filming of the movie. …


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“3 Simple Exercises for Healing Anxiety”

“We Have Lots of People With Anxiety Right Now - What Can We Do?” 

The world is filled with lots of people with anxiety right now… what can we do to heal that feeling within? Here are 3 simple yet powerful exercises that can heal anxiety. …


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“Why Do Some People Heal and Others Don’t?”

“They Have Hope and Faith” 

Being a herbalist I have found that when it comes to terrible diseases there are two groups. One group that says that there is nothing I can do, those that say “doctors say I am going to die” and so they give up and die. And there are those who have hope and decide that no matter who says…


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“True Story - My Wife Meets an Angel”

Here is a true story about my wife meeting an angel 

Who came to let her know something important. …


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“What is Dharma”

“And Why Do We Need it Now, When The World is Upside Down”

It’s said that God is dharma and thus we are to be the embodiment of that which is full of virtue, love, and peace which is also dharma. To do what one knows is right for society thus working according to the great cosmic plan is also…


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“True Story of a Cancer Healing Miracle”

“A Little Boy Healed of a Rare Blood Cancer”

Not long ago there was a young couple who lived in the UK who had a 3-year-old boy. They went to see relatives and came back home and the boy complained of leg cramps and fever. And the parents were worried and took him to one of the best children’s hospitals in London. And…


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“The Current of Love Creates Life”

“Without the Breath of Life, Our Body is Nothing— Just Dust”

Have you ever seen a person who has died? I have, and there is nothing there other than a form which used to be a person. The personality, the spirit, the mind, the essence which was that person are gone. …


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“The Challenge of Caring for Aging Parents”

“What to do with older parents who are hard to deal with”

Lots of the baby boomers are getting older themselves but at the same time have older parents that need care. What can we do?…


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“My Easter Message”

There are 3 things that I would like to ask,

Three important aspects of being that I feel everyone should ponder.…


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“Don’t Let Them Get You Down”

“Just Send Them Love”

Right now we have lots of mean-spirited people in the world who are only looking for some kind of confrontation. Don’t go there… just send them love. …


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“Why is the World in Such a Mess”

“And Why Does God Stand By and Let This Happen”

Many people have been asking me why the world is in such a terrible place and why God is allowing this to happen.

First of all, the energy of God is love and love will never harm…


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“The Atom as the Trilogy of God”

If we look into the makeup of a simple atom we see three parts and they are analogous to the three parts of God. 

First, we have an atom which is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. 

Second, the protons…


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“Ending the Cycle of Bad Relationships”

Once there was a young lady who ended up getting a divorce who had 3 kids, and in the end, she was much happier by herself. But she longed to have a relationship but she just kept picking the wrong people. …


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“Saved By Angels”

A true story of 5 young guys who were saved by angels. 

And how the archangels are all around us at all times. 

The archangels are here to help us in every way. …


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“4 Aspects of Being a Powerful Spiritual Person”

“Four Important Things that Many Have Forgotten that we Need to Reawaken Within”

If we look at all the people in all the spiritual texts they include powerful people who embodied 4 important aspects which are important for us to emulate. …


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“Like a Child Sitting on His Mother’s Lap”

“We are Like a Child Sitting on his Mother’s Lap Crying for Mama” 

We are like a mother with a child sitting on her lap, the child cries for his mother saying “Mama-Mama” even though his mother is holding him tight. Yet that’s the very same thing that we do, we have God, the Universe, and Great Spirit here with us at…


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“3 Ways to Find God”

There are three ways of finding God, the Universe, and Great Spirit but only one will last a person a lifetime. 

First, there is the way of the skydiver that dives into something headfirst and never looks back. Have you ever been skydiving? I have, it was a great experience but I will not do it again because the thrill is no…


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“A Case Study - Forgiveness”

A man in his 30's would sit alone and meditate and events from the past would come up. He would see his father building his tree house a place where he could escape his parents fighting. And he would also see his mother come into his room and spray pour water on him to wake him up every single morning and he would dwell on this for a long time. …


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“Truth a Powerful Healing Agent”

Studies show that truth is a very powerful healing agent for the 

mind and the body. Truth allows cortisol and adrenaline 

to dissipate and thus we find contentment. …


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“New Mathematical Formula Proves One Consciousness”

“Physicists have now proven that there is nothing but consciousness in the multiverse”

A new mathematical model by physicists has proven there is nothing in the multiverse other than pure consciousness. — Wow! This has been talked about in all the spiritual texts for eons but most people did not believe…


Added by Dr. Paul Haider on March 30, 2017 at 12:03pm — No Comments

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