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“Balancing Male and Female Power”

Right now we have a huge imbalance of male and female power. And within each and every one of us, we have the male and female attributes of our parents… it’s truly part of our DNA. But we are seeing a lack of balance in relationships and in the world on both sides… and this is super important. …


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“Zesty Mexican 3 Root Stew”

Here is a super fast recipe that will warm the heart and body of all the people in the family… they will love it. I’ve shared this stew with lots of people and they all rave about it. And it’s full of great nutrition of carrots, potatoes, and cassava. And this recipe will keep you going for hours with lots of energy. Along with a nice salad, this is a complete meal. …


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“What Would You Do if You Were God?”

Tell me what would you do if you were God, Great Spirit, and the Universe? That is a great question… and I would like to hear from you as to what you would do. Read More…  …


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“16 Proven Health Benefits of Avocados”

Avocados have been around for over 10,000 years and grow all over the world now but originally came from Central and South America. And they have lots of great health benefits including containing good fats, lower cholesterol, lowering trigs, increasing HDL cholesterol, help to regulate hormones, reduces the likelihood of metabolic syndrome, prevents cancer, and prevents macular degeneration. Also, avocados are great…


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“How to Reach Higher States of Consciousness”

When a person starts to meditate there are physical changes that take place in their brain that creates changes in the world. Read more… …


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“17 Proven Health Benefits of Cnidium Fruit”

“No Side Effects” 

Cnidium fruit is also known as Cnidium Monnieri or She Chuang Zi in Chinese Medicine is a powerful healing herb that’s great for erectile dysfunction, protects the liver, helps with osteoporosis. It heals fatty liver disease, helps with diabetes, it’s a good antihistamine, and it’s wonderful for…


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“Disability is Only in Our Mind”

“You Have the Power”

I was just talking to a young lady who is ill, and she is always looking sad and has this feeling that life is bad. And I was talking to a lady who is just as ill but she always has a smile and a kind word to say about everyone and she gets out and helps other people. …


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“20 Proven Health Benefits of Pineapple”

Pineapple grows all over the world now and it has lots of amazing health benefits such as boosting up the immune system, prevents cancer, kills mouth bacteria, prevents heart attacks, creates great looking skin, heals acne, prevents macular degeneration, and heals dandruff. Plus pineapple is great for improving digestion, growing probiotic bacteria, clears away mucus, soothes away nausea, heals asthma and bronchitis,…


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“Remember - Beautiful Music Uplifts the Soul”

Music has been used to uplift and brings people together in spiritual ways for thousands of years. Feeling down then play some uplifting music, feeling agitated then play some soothing relaxing music, unable to focus then play some classical music, music fills the void of the soul. Read More… …


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Proof(?) That Our DNA IS Genetically Mutating By Rosie Neal

Proof That Our DNA Is Genetically Mutating RIGHT NOW!

by Rosie Neal,

Guest writer,

So I choose to share a private sensitive issue so that it may assist others that may be going through anything similar. My hope it will bring clarity for everyone.

I had a test done that showed that the cell structure of the mitochondria is not working properly and has changed. This also includes…


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“How to Be Happy All the Time”

Here is a formula for how to be happy all the time. It can be done and it will change your life in amazing ways to the point that you will not be the same person. …


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The World Situation: Knowledge Hidden No Longer ... New Beginning

Unacknowledged Special Access Programs: Advanced Technology, Mind-Control, Spiritual Power and Corruption behind Closed Doors

From Doreen

Information from Aug Tellez is deep and may appear bizarre until you connect the dots [links below]. It explains the push for trans-humanism, 5G, TheInternetofThings, genetic manipulation, Autonomous Intelligence, proliferation of wireless technologies, S.M.A.R.T. appliances, mass surveillance,…


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“Caribbean Rum-Banana Upside-Down Cake”

Here is a luscious cake that’s sure to please the whole family… and it’s one of my favorite cakes from the Caribbean. And this cake has a low glycemic index, it’s gluten-free, and it’s sugar-free… what more could a person ask for? Plus the flavor is to die for. And this cake is full of the great nutrition of bananas and the sweet brown-sugar like goodness of mesquite powder. And this cake is super simple to…


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“How to Super Charge Your Life”

“How to Quickly Improve the Quality of Your Life”

We have two important minds, our conscious mind, and our unconscious mind. And the reality is our unconscious mind controls of everything we do. Do you want a better life in general? Do you want to feel peaceful? Do you want to allow good things to come to you? Do you…


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“Tawa Tawa for Dengue and Platelet Production”

Tawa Tawa Tea works great for infections, anxiety, diarrhea, asthma, Dengue Fever, lowers blood pressure, it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, and kills ameba parasites. Tawa Tawa also helps with stress, increases platelet production, works great for rashes, oral ulcers, and much more. And this plant is probably growing in your backyard right now. …


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“Forgiveness the Key to Spiritual Freedom”

My father was an angry man and when we kids got in trouble he used to hit us with his belt or slipper. And lots of people in this day and age have abuse to deal with. And the key to all of this… is to forgive. …


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“5 Best Natural Sweeteners for Great Health”

I’m asked all the time what sweeteners I recommend. There are lots of sweeteners on the market but most of them are terrible for the body. Here are my personal top 5 picks for best natural healthy sweeteners. …


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“My Experience of a Loving Dream”

For sure, there are not that many super memorable dreams, but they do come along a few times during a person’s lifetime. Here is a dream I had last night… a dream that is super important to me. …


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“13 Proven Health Benefits of Madder Root”

Madder root or Rubia tinctorum is a herb that has been around for thousands of years and even Hippocrates used it for gynecological disease and Pliny who opened the first medical school sometime around 50 AD used it for treating jaundice. And madder root was discovered in the ruins of Pompeii and the tomb of Tutankhamun. It works great for inflammation, stops internal bleeding, heals diarrhea, and prevents kidney and…


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“We Have More Than 5 Senses”

“We Have 360 Distinctly Different Senses”

If we go back in time to around 3,000 BC during the Golden Age those civilizations believed we had lots of different senses, more than just the regular five senses that everyone knows about. And this information was passed to them via Great Spirit. …


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