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Spiritual Learning & Teaching

This group it to explore our own spirituality. Do you know what to do, what step is next? Do you feel you have tools to teach, experiences to share? This is for all of us that are all looking. We Need you... You Need us..

Healing Altar

Healing Altar A place to put a prayer for someone in time of turmoil and sadness. Eternal Flame A place to remember love ones who are no longer with us.

Ascension Support Group

This group is a community for people who are experiencing shifts within their consciousness, physical bodies and social experiences.

Ascension Awakening


Shine Your Light

We gather every new and full moon to send light, love ,harmony and peace to earth and all humanity. With the intention of raising everybody’s frequencies. Expanding ourselves with the power of our intentions.

Universal & Native Pathways

Honoring many cultures which isn't so different. The end result is the same.

Chakra & Aura Minor & Major & their changes

Do you know all your minor and major chakras, how about your spiritual level chakras, those above you and below you. How about the new ones we all have.. Lets share and learn together.

The Wisdom of Zen Garner

I have been following Zen for many months now and have been given permission by him to copy all his articles, so that we can all benefit from his wisdom.

Mathew's Messages

WELCOME to the Matthew's Messages group, your home for Matthew's monthly messages!

Carol Fitzpatrick ~ Light Streamings

A seer & intuitive who is a channel for higher consciousness, Carol teaches & mentors for oneness consciousness, and inspires an international network of people working to shift global consciousness. She is the author of 2 books.

Higher Self Experiences

This time more than ever, we have to connect to our higher self for guidance and knowing. I don't want this group to be a collection of papers and articles, but rather a place where we tell our own experiences and discuss how this connection works and how we know that we are connected. So please, tell us your stories.....

Twin Flames / Soul Mates

The sacred union with God and finding your soul mate or twin flame. It is all about bringing love of the divine into your life

The Miracle Prayer in the name of god from the Kabbalah

Here are three links to Miraculous Prayers. Two are from the kabbalah. One shows you the translation with instruction. Very interesting. The other is the prayer containing the name of god sung. The third is a Christian miracle prayer.


We ARE the Light!

Looking Within

Sharing the teaching of A Course in Miracles, a unique, universal, spiritual thought system that teaches  the way to Love and Inner Peace.

Pendulums, Dowsing, Kinesiology and scrying

For the beginners and advanced. Lets all learn this wonderful way to the unknown.

Bible "codes" decoded / Spiritual aspects of man

Bible "codes", hidden meanings, keys ???? I say the ""codes"" of the bible are in the numbers! AND where there are contridictions!!! I had a hard time connecting with the bible. Spirit just wasn't there.... But I see now it is the ASPECTS of man....

Goddesses--Embracing the Feminine Divine

I have been studying and sharing information about Goddesses and their emerging presence during this time of global transformation. The title of this group states the intention of this group and it is open to men and women.

Love Is The Answer

Dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity to an awareness of the Power of Love.

Blend of Loving Energies

We are INDIVIDUAL Spirits of the BLEND OF LOVING ENERGIES which LIVE in the whole UNIVERSE and our "HEADQUARTER" are our LOVING hearts.

Divine Complement-Your Eternal Twin Flame

I am interested in dialogue, inspirational stories and philosophy on the topic of Twin Flames, soul mates and divine complements. I am the author of two books on the topic and give soulmate advice.

Messages from Mary Magdalene and Other Beings of Light through Mercedes Kirkel

Channeled messages from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light that Mercedes Kirkel has received. All messages are universal and are not affiliated with any particular religion.

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