Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More!


Super Consciousness

For discussions on matters of the Higher Consciousness, Dimensions, Cosmology and Theoretical Physics

Higher Self Experiences

This time more than ever, we have to connect to our higher self for guidance and knowing. I don't want this group to be a collection of papers and articles, but rather a place where we tell our own experiences and discuss how this connection works and how we know that we are connected. So please, tell us your stories.....

Reality Bubble

This group explores the true nature of reality and what we know about it. We want to find and share answers to questions like: What is consciousness and the mind? Are we living in a dream? How can we wake up and connect to our higher self?

Motivational Thought For Today!

Share a motivational quote or thought here everyday!


what did u dream, was it strange, fun, showed the future and etc.

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HELP Department

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