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Children for Sale - Texas Trafficked Kids

Unreported World follows the private detective and armed bounty hunters trying to rescue teenagers from Houston’s sex trafficking underworld. Reporter Yousra Elbagir follows the heart-breaking search of one mother looking for her daughter Kristen, who was trafficked into prostitution when she was just 15 years old. The city of Houston, Texas, is at the centre of a sex trafficking crack-down. There are more reported cases of child sex trafficking here than any other city in the United States. And across Texas it’s estimated there are at least 80,000 children and young people forced into the industry in recent years, usually by people they know. The problem has become so bad that Texas is now the first state to make buying sex a felony, punishable by at least 6 months in prison. Producer/Director: Liam O’Hare Series Producer: Andy Lee Executive Producer: Ed Fraser Production Company: Channel 4 News

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