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To make your blogs effective, please do the following:

1. Choose an exciting and descriptive title but keep it as short as possible.

2. Ensure the text is READABLE. If you have copied and pasted the content, make sure the text is in the correct colour. You can go to HTML view and edit colours there if you need to.

3. Spell check your blog before publishing but don't RELY on it. It is always best to actually READ what you have posted, especially if you have copied from it from somewhere else.

4. If you are not the original author, please give credit to them.

5. Don't forget to add tags to your blog so it can be located later on! - if your blog is on "starseeds", then use the tags starseed,starseed,star . Do NOT use words like of and the or any other words that do not define the blog, as they will only confuse people later. The word the is used in just about every blog written on the planet, so no-one is ever going to search blogs by that tag name. Same with of, in etc - MOREINFORMATION ON TAGGING HERE

6. Lastly, make sure you SHARE it with your friends! - For even more coverage, share it on Facebook and Twitter as well

Happy Blogging!

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HI Michael

I have a basic IT or functionality question. I have my own wordpress blog. It updates to my facebook page automatically. I love that. I read the OV site and get blogs/posts, etc. but have not made much use of my own personal page here or ability to blog here. Is there a streamlined way I can use this interface to re-post my wordpress blog, much like the facebook interface works? Or do I have to copy/paste/recreate in the interface here to do that?



I am actually working on a program to do this as we speak as I know it would be a handy function to have. At this time, I am still deciding how best to approach this, as these types of "plugin" functions are only incorporated by big websites such as wordpress when the particular site becomes very well known.... but I will keep you informed of progress!

Michael, I just want to thank you for all your doing on the teaching end. For me it's and education,as well as a learning experience. I've even got a file dedicated to all the how to articles you've put out!

Yes--great job, Michael--mucho thanks--Love and Light, always, Dot 

Thankyou, Dot!

My pleasure, Brock!


I just posted my very first blog. How do I share it with OV members?

How do you send an email to all members?

Now, WHY would you want to do THAT, Sarah...might I ask ?

What I meant was, how to share my blog with OV members, not send an email. But it looks like you already shared it, Michael. Thanks.


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