Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More!

=the portal to =ALL= is in our heart… deep within…

hAw=note= i am happy to introduce to all a friend of mine from the web… which 

is breaking limits… in order to connect with the eternal self… this is a link

which shows the learning process… while being guided by a female spirit =

terran is a brother… below i listed the guiding support expressed  in this process

by his facilitator > these suggestions may help us all when we find ourself

unbalanced to reconnect with our eternal self…

happy journeys… we are siblings… 

which are all supported by the =ov=one=vibration=unity°consciousness°service…


sphere alliance message #204 > memories from the pleaides

through = terran = web > american kabuki

=the portal to =ALL= is in your heart… deep within… go there

=followed your heart = the energetic trail = focus on that place = you can get 

there = breathe deeply the pure love = the source energy +into your heart 

you go

=you are perfect!  relax +allow all to flow = leave your head +sink deep into 

your heart

=you know when you feel all

=there is no rush = no right or wrong

=i am with you all the way!

=follow that feeling 

=you are there = yet your mind wanders = there are though paths = stop them  

focus = it is at your direction= it is all you

=simply be there +breathe… allow all to flow… again no right or wrong way here

it simply is...

=go into the vision… explore =this is perfect = now

=let's explore more… what do you remember?

=you can add light = =say=more=light=

=i am with you = feel where you are = do you feel it?

=do not guess = dear = feel = it is all within you = no pressure = just love

=what do you feel to do?

=i am with you

=feel it = in your heart

=you know this

=you are safe = i am here = your friend is here = all are here with you

now as you see +feel your memories return

=at your own pace = love

=when you are ready = there is no time for this = only when you are ready...

=ask your heart = i am here to assist = trust yourself

=all are safe = it is = was +always has been a grand illusion = there were no

casualties = remember that!

=now = take this mother's advice = drink a good deal of water = take a short walk

outside in your bare feet = +then rest = the work is done for now = love

>polarity< is an illusion = that is the complex yet absolute truth = but when you

know that there is no death = there can be no casualties= i love you= too...


˙·٠. mm.٠·˙

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