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= reformers have had a bad habit of being attracted to policies that do 

not generate constituents to protect or expand those programs

to paraphrase education researcher jay greene a pathetic number 

of people come to rallies to get the federal government out of education 

nobody ever came to a rally to get brain scanners out of education 

research = nobody’s going to come to a rally to slash education spending

= maybe it’s time to get smart about strategy so we can actually get what 

we want rather than continuing to scream up at the empty sky

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school choice coalition launches in montana

a group of organizations has launched the montana school choice coalition 

with the goal of increasing school choice options for parents +students in 

the state

= most people want school choice, but politics prevents children from 

getting the best education

= the vast majority of people from the bottom-up of society support this 

idea = despite efforts against it = we can’t let this idea die because 

of the power of politics involved = our children are worth it! 

= this is an issue that is gaining momentum, and it is being driven 

by parents +kids who need solutions = laszloffy said… we are seeking 

a private-sector solution to a public-sector problem = there is a portion 

of kids for whom a public school education works wel = but there is 

a portion for whom it does not work +we are seeking solutions for that 

group of individuals

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montana school choice coalition launches new education advocacy efforts

= americans for prosperity montana = july°29°2016 =

'chicago public school' district to accept budget appeals amid cuts

the 'chicago public schools' district announced it will accept budget appeals 

from 'chicago public schools' principals, who have about $140 million less 

in their budgets this year compared to last year.

= ‘totally mismanaged their money’

= 'chicago public schools' has totally mismanaged their money +now they 

are looking for a bailout from taxpayers = dabrowski said = rather than 

looking to reforms = they are looking to taxpayers = money is not the issue 

= if they want to maintain what they have = they need more money = 

the proper issue should be = 

'how do we improve educational outcomes for kids?'

= ‘unsustainable fiscal practices’

= 'chicago public schools' has a long-running history of unsustainable fiscal 

practices = including too many administrators = overcompensating poor-

quality teaching = keeping schools with too few students open +too much 


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62% of states have dropped out of 'common core' consortia study finds

by michael mcgrady

the number of states participating in the consortia formed to develop 

tests aligned to the 'common core' ctate ctandards >ccss< has dropped 

sharply over time = a report has found

= the whole 'common core' system was cooked up in secret meetings 

behind closed doors by politicians +interest groups +imposed by heavy-

handed federal bullying =  forster said = 

some of the most prominent critics of 'common core' are educational 

leaders who were approached for their ‘help’ designing it +then 

discovered to their dismay that no one in charge of the project cared 

a rip about what the really knowledgeable people had to tell them

= michigan state sen phil pavlov >r-st<clair< chairman of the senate 

education committee = has been leading an effort to end 

the authorization of the 'common core' standards in his state +replace 

them with the standards massachusetts used in 2008–09…

= pavlov says 'common core' was bad from the start

= …it was misguided at the very beginning = pavlov said = this is all 

about money +political power for rich individuals in america = it was 

jammed down the throat as bribery to the states = it’s bad for students 

= it’s bad for the parents +it’s bad for the country…

= forster says it’s up to parents to press for reform

= 'common core' is definitely accountable in one sense = parents can 

organize to demand that their states stand up to federal bullying +leave 

the 'common core' system = education succeeds best when policymakers 

+educators put parents in charge

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california school district wrongly tells parents homeschooling is il...

by elizabeth beshears

school authorities in california sent a letter to homeschool parents telling 

them homeschooling is illegal = which is not true

= california law requires parents withdrawing their child from public 

school in favor of homeschooling receive a private school exemption = 

parents can establish their homeschools as private schools by filing 

an affidavit with the superintendent of public instruction of california

= …homeschooling is indeed a legal exemption to public school attendance 

pursuant to the private-school exemption…

= we get a dozen stories every year from families whose decision 

to homeschool has been challenged by this district or that one or = even 

worse = where a family has been referred to the >district attorney< for 

truancy prosecution +we send a letter informing the district that = in fact 

= the matter was settled in 2008 by an appellate opinion = schwarzer said

= we often have to remind the district officials that they don’t have 

the powers that they think, such as approving schools, reviewing curriculum 

= etc said schwarzer +every single time = they back down = either 

by stopping their hassling of a family that is withdrawing a child or 

ending the investigation or prosecution

= the homeschool +private school movement of the 1970s was really 

the first backlash against the concept of public education = so the public 

educators had come to believe that the children were basically theirs = 

smith said = now they’re losing the kids = which means they lose 2 things  

= they lose money because they get average daily attendance money = 

+they lose control...

the parents have the legal right +may meet their child’s needs as they 


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heartland weekly = olympic gymnast simone biles = a homeschooling s...

featured podcast = lennie jarratt = homeschooler gymnast simone biles

u.s. gymnast simone biles recently rose to prominence in the recent olympic 

games =  winning gold medals +the hearts of americans who cheered her 

on 2016 olympic games in rio = fewer people = however = know how biles 

benefitted +of what made biles so successful in her sport = while being 

homeschooled in her youth. 

= jarratt = who homeschooled his two children = speaks about why 

the growing homeschooling movement is so valuable to not only people like 

biles = but to any student who needs to tailor his learning to specific needs 

= jarratt addresses misconceptions +stereotypes surrounding homeschooling 

+shares his own experience with homeschooling =  along with suggestions 

for how to get started

= lennie jarratt = project manager for education transformation at 

the 'heartland institute' joins 

'school reform news managing editor teresa mull' to talk about the common 

misconceptions with homeschooling +his personal experiences with this 

highly personalized teaching system that helped to make biles 

the outstanding young woman she is today =

LISTEN TO MORE!Desk%20of%20Gwendalyn%20Carver&utm_content=Heartland+Weekly%3A+August+22+PR

hillary clinton’s awful plan to socialize college

justin haskins = new york post

there’s no denying the dangerous situation that has emerged as a result 

of rising tuition rates +skyrocketing student-loan debt levels = according 

to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York = total student debt has reached 

$1.19 trillion = surpassing auto-loan debt and nearly double national credit-

card debt

= These policies would be a radical transformation of US higher education 

from a quasi-free-market system to a government-centered = bureaucrat-

controlled mess that would cost the nation trillions of dollars it doesn’t 


= in other words = because government would be paying for most 

of the costs = it would get to decide how colleges operate +what 'success' 

looks like +states would be mandated to pay even more for their students’ 


= of course = exactly how cash-strapped states are going to be expected 

to accomplish this remains a mystery = but it’s a safe bet most 

of the funding will end up coming from the federal government by way 

of higher taxes = printing money +or borrowing from foreign governments

= clinton’s plan to socialize education will lead to unsustainable cost 

increases = insurmountable debt +perhaps most importantly = it will give 

tremendous power to the government to force colleges to do as it pleases 

= sounds like good deal for clinton +the democrats +a bad deal 

for everyone else…

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it is a ‘digital heroin’ = how screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

by dr nicholas kardaras

we now know that those ipads = smartphones +xboxes are a form of digital 

drug = recent brain imaging research is showing that they affect the brain’s 

frontal cortex = which controls executive functioning = including impulse 

control = in exactly the same way that cocaine does = technology is so 

hyper-arousing that it raises dopamine levels = the feel-good 


this addictive effect is why dr peter whybrow = director of neuroscience 

at >ucla< calls screens 'electronic cocaine' +chinese researchers call them 

'digital heroin' = in fact = dr andrew doan = the head of addiction research 

for the pentagon +the u.s. navy = who has been researching video game 

addiction = calls video games +screen technologies 'digital drug'

once a kid has crossed the line into true tech addiction = treatment can 

be very difficult = indeed = i have found it easier to treat heroin 

+crystal meth addicts than lost-in-the-matrix video gamers or 

'facebook-dependent social media addicts' = so how do we keep our children 

from crossing this line? = it’s not easy =

= susan's 6-year-old son john = would wake up some mornings +tell her 

that he could see the cube shapes in his dreams

then = one night, she realized that something was seriously wrong 

= i walked into his room to check on him = he was supposed to be sleeping 

+i was just so frightened…

= she found him sitting up in his bed staring wide-eyed = his bloodshot 

eyes looking into the distance as his glowing ipad lay next to him = 

he seemed to be in a trance = beside herself with panic = susan had 

to shake the boy repeatedly to snap him out of it = distraught = she could 

not understand how her once-healthy +happy little boy had become so 

addicted to the game that he wound up in a catatonic stupor 

= there’s a reason that the most tech-cautious parents are tech designers 

+engineers 'steve jobs' was a notoriously low-tech parent = silicon valley 

tech executives +engineers enroll their kids in no-tech waldorf schools = 

google founders 'sergey brin' +'larry page' went to no-tech montessori 

schools = as did amazon creator 'jeff bezos' 

+wikipedia founder 'jimmy wales' 

= 4 years later = after much support +reinforcement = john is doing much 

better today = he has learned to use a desktop computer in a healthier 

way +has gotten some sense of balance back in his life = he is playing on 

a baseball team +has several close friends in his middle school = but his 

mother is still vigilant +remains a positive +proactive force with his tech 

usage because = as with any addiction = relapse can sneak up in moments 

of weakness = making sure that he has healthy outlets = no computer in 

his bedroom +a nightly tech-free dinner at the dinner table are all part 

of the solution 

= patients’ names have been changed = 

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illinois gov rauner signs bill restricting government surveillance

by elizabeth beshears

illinois gov. bruce rauner signed a bill into law in july = restricting how 

local +state police may use electronic surveillance technologies such as 

stingray e-surveillance tools = during criminal investigations

= such product = mimic cell phone towers by broadcasting signals to cell 

phones in the area = after a phone connects to the stingray while it seeks 

mobile service = government agents can intercept text messages = stop 

phone service +record voice conversations

= more lawmakers are becoming aware of the spying power with which 

government law enforcement agencies have been equipping themselves

=  the law enforcement knew it had this tremendous capability = so not 

only could it be used to identify a cell phone = it had the ability to locate 

where that device is = it also has the capability to intercept text messages 

+e-mails = install malware +drain batteries

= the new law protects individuals’ constitutional rights

= reining in privacy violations

= calls for more protections

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