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 Commercial, Industrial-type, Large-scale operations on child trafficking are done, or being covered-up and facilitated, by three-lettered agencies! The children, as young as 2-years old and even younger, are trafficked, tortured, used for parts and satanic rituals!

Please check out all the information in this blog post to get an idea what is transpiring, while we've been entertained with other things.


Here is an FBI file that speaks of The Finders, a CIA operation that would kidnap children

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Heads Up! Something Smells Rotten!

Wendy Patterson on Twitter @wendyp4545 Tweeted the following:

"This is not normal Attention: Something is going to happen and our government is preparing themselves for it and leaving the public in the dark. 30 tons of explosives are still missing. $290 million dollars worth of anti radiation meds purchased and now Senators are being supplied satellite phones for emergency communications? Stock up on groceries with a long shelf life. Get 3 months of your pres

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