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Please take a moment to watch to this enlightening interview between Mike Adams and Steven Bannon. 

NYC is acting like it's own country, with it's own "regime". It also seems to be the protoype from where the actual NWO will be rolled out. Everything that is happening there seems to point in that direction. 

I'm not a proponent of the term "White Hat" and how it's used everywhere within the Truth Movement. It is a term that has been accepted to mean that the "good guys" are in control and have been, and that Trump is still president and in control.

I beg to differ. 

If you or I were in control, would we allow the destruction of the country you're still in charge of? What will you govern when you take control back - a country in shambles, run-over by immigrants who are mostly young men of figthing age? Would you be in charge of a country that no longer produces goods or food because the goods or food are being shipped out, and the farm lands are being bought up by the enemy  whose citizens are now pouring into the country you're claiming to still be in charge of?

Why would you or I, being still in control, allow it to get to the point of no return and destruction? How is the Genie put back into the bottle? 

I don't think the Genie will go back into the bottle voluntarily. Once the Genie is out, it grows and becomes more powerful than he who liberated it!

With that in mind, if you or I were still in charge, we wouldn't have let the situation get to this point. It is evident to most that the "White Hats in charge" narrative is a Psy-Op that has been fabricated and disseminated throughout our social media to give us 1) comfort that everything is under control, 2) the idea that everything is on schedule and meant to be this way, and 3) the concept that you don't have to worry or do a thing - we got this!

It's the way countries -- and worlds -- are taken over from the citizens who have embraced certain doctrines that have been provided, at some point in the history of that society,  by the very captors of that society.  I think it's easier to capture a society whose population outnumbers yours by using teachings of pacivity,  like "love thy neighbor," or "Turn the other cheek." It's basically turning a blind eye to nefarious situations caused by the so-called neighbors, neighbors who are not so neighborly. 

By the same token, it's so much easier to take over those who are meditating and taking their daily dose of cannabis, or believing they can create the world they want simply by using their thoughts. So,  it's great that they sit under a tree and just think positive thoughts,  while not being fully present. Not being fully present means they're not aware of the precarious nature of the reality their physical side resides in.  And this is a very good thing -- for the Dark Side! 

It's all by design.  And the formula for capturing of the human species has been a plan that has taken aeons to roll out.  We're now witnessing the final stages.

The enemy is so much more clever!  They understand we have the numbers; but, they have the resilience, the tennacity, the unification, and the Will to attain their end-goal.  We are just consumers and flesh-gratifiers to them.  They provide the gadgets for our stimulation, ones that satisfy our immediate need for gratification, while they come in very skillfully and unnotcieably for their final kill!

Therefore,  a "1776" will never happen again, and they know it! They've made sure of it!

Now what?

- Ari Kopel



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