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Watch this very important information about what they're doing to us in the name of Climate Change and Global Warming! 

This is irreversable! Even if we did something now, the damage will take millions of years to get the planet back to Equilibrium. This is a deliberate extermination of all life on the planet and a kiiling of the planet!

Even though the situation is dire, we MUST do something, as custodians of this world! 



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Were they practicing their DEW capabilities around April to June to make sure they pulled off the Maui disaster?

Take a look at what the Army Corp of Engineers was doing during that timeframe and see if the government/rogue military could be involved in what happened!

See article below the video:



HONOLULU (KHON2) — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are warning the public that they will be performing coastal mapping across the islands through June.

The technology to perform the mapping uses l

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Deborah Tavares on Directed Energy Weapons and the fires that are happening all over the world! This is a must watch interview!



Here is the checklist for Evacuations - what you need to take with you:







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Processes and Sequence

What Is Happening

The main ongoing processes:  Emancipation of Earth and humanity, Nibiru flyby, Grand Solar Minimum, and Ascension. Other cosmic cycles and events are also significant, e.g, the periodic Solar Micronovas and Galactic Superwaves. Coordinated by benign Galactics, who also assist as necessary. Objective: max. qty Earthlings ascended, subject to meta-cosmological constraints. Opposing process: the inter-galactic, multi-density Dark Agenda of predator species. Major macro: The Univers

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This will BLOW your mind!

Deborah Tavares was talking about this back in 2013, sounding the alarm about a leaked Nasa document that outlines how they're planning to eradicate Humanity.
We're witnessing this full-fledge plan now and we're in the last phases!
Many probably didn't believe it back in 2013, when she blew the whistle. How about now?

See Documents:

Download these before they disappear:


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 Commercial, Industrial-type, Large-scale operations on child trafficking are done, or being covered-up and facilitated, by three-lettered agencies! The children, as young as 2-years old and even younger, are trafficked, tortured, used for parts and satanic rituals!

Please check out all the information in this blog post to get an idea what is transpiring, while we've been entertained with other things.


Here is an FBI file that speaks of The Finders, a CIA operation that would kidnap children

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This is the documentary showing Tim Ballard and his team rescuing children in Haiti. Tim adopts two of the children rescued! This is a must watch! 

"Tim Ballard left his post as a special agent for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to form Operation Underground Railroad and go undercover to rescue child sex trafficking victims that he couldn't save when bound by government restrictions. Join Tim and his special forces team as they go undercover in Haiti to bring a ring of sex trafficker

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Pay attention! We are in a major war with Dark Lords and Evil that is trying to completely take over the planet. Beloved Cmdr Valiant Thor is currently on Earth helping to fight these Dark Forces, Hybrids, Chimeras, Reptilains and other negative, fallen entities. These have created tunnels that are all over the planet and run hundreds of thousands of miles. 

These creatures have abducted adults and children for food and experimentation. Some are bred as livestock. 

Please listen to this really

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