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In 1840, Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which was one German marrying another, while sitting on the English throne. It has remained that way ever since, and that may be why they haven’t cared how neglected the English Throne is or how bad the British Government looks to the rest of the world. 
The Germans have been able to engineer all this dirty work behind the Brits back, just as the Brits have endeavored to perform their malfeasance and war-mongering behind ours.
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The upcoming national test of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts that will take over devices on October 4th is the most intrusive yet leaving us to consider what’s really going on and where it goes from here.

Jeremy welcomes Deborah Tavares to discuss why this test may not be what we think it is and how wireless technologies are the means for frequency warfare.


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How a CBDC Created Chaos and Poverty in Nigeria

Listen to the Audio Mises Wire version of this article.

It is no coincidence that Nigeria, with a population of over two hundred million, became the first serious global testing ground for central bank digital currencies (CBDC) implementation. Not only is it the wealthiest country on the continent where the globalists are making plans, but Nigeria also possesses significant hydrocarbon and metals reserves and talented citizens. For

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You all know really weird shit has been going down for awhile now, right?

The fix was in on that Hunter Biden plea deal.

Until WASN'T.

Hunter was walking away scott free.

What happened? Who blew their fix?

Even if you're going to buy the coming spin that Weiss is going to make multiple indictments against Hunter Biden in multiple districts on gun, tax and FARA crimes in order to PROTECT HIM and the Biden Crime Family, might I point out the best way to protect the Biden Crime family is

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Watch this very important information about what they're doing to us in the name of Climate Change and Global Warming! 

This is irreversable! Even if we did something now, the damage will take millions of years to get the planet back to Equilibrium. This is a deliberate extermination of all life on the planet and a kiiling of the planet!

Even though the situation is dire, we MUST do something, as custodians of this world! 



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Were they practicing their DEW capabilities around April to June to make sure they pulled off the Maui disaster?

Take a look at what the Army Corp of Engineers was doing during that timeframe and see if the government/rogue military could be involved in what happened!

See article below the video:



HONOLULU (KHON2) — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are warning the public that they will be performing coastal mapping across the islands through June.

The technology to perform the mapping uses l

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FBI Special Agent, Ted Gunderson, confirms the FBI is infiltrated by the Satanic Illuminati Cult involved in the assassination of the Kennedy's, Oklahoma bombing, Waco siege, World Trade Center bombing, 9/11 and the kidnapping of children for sex, sacrifices and body parts.

Gunderson goes on to say based on his 28 years of experience and research there is a covert illegal rogue U.S. Government criminal enterprise operating in the United States in several cities. The disaster in Pearl Harbor c

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I have included a really well put-together video by someone that goes by SonofEnos on Bitchute that shows evidence that some sort of preplanned "Zombie-type" event is underway! Also, here is an article from USA Today from 2021: 

The CDC wants you to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. (Yes, you read that right.)


Now, why would the CDC even be putting this out there if there wasn't some grain of truth to it? Remember, the "Controllers" seem to gloat when they tell you things that are already under

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This will BLOW your mind!

Deborah Tavares was talking about this back in 2013, sounding the alarm about a leaked Nasa document that outlines how they're planning to eradicate Humanity.
We're witnessing this full-fledge plan now and we're in the last phases!
Many probably didn't believe it back in 2013, when she blew the whistle. How about now?

See Documents:

Download these before they disappear:

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Sex Slaves is a gripping documentary expose inside the global sex trade of women from Ukraine and areas of Russia. The film takes viewers into the shadowy, multi-billion dollar world of sex trafficking and what sex traffickers look for and what sex traffickers look like.

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 GA Senator Nancy Shaefer Reports on Child Protective Services Kidnapping Children!

Thee advocate Senator Nancy Shaefer talks about her report on CPS. That report cost her a senate seat and her life!
Schaefer was found dead at her home in Turnerville, Georgia in Habersham County on 26 March 2010 with a single gunshot wound to her back along with her husband of 52 years, Bruce Schaefer, who was found with a single gunshot wound to his chest. Police concluded the deaths to have been a murder–s

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 Commercial, Industrial-type, Large-scale operations on child trafficking are done, or being covered-up and facilitated, by three-lettered agencies! The children, as young as 2-years old and even younger, are trafficked, tortured, used for parts and satanic rituals!

Please check out all the information in this blog post to get an idea what is transpiring, while we've been entertained with other things.


Here is an FBI file that speaks of The Finders, a CIA operation that would kidnap children

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This is the documentary showing Tim Ballard and his team rescuing children in Haiti. Tim adopts two of the children rescued! This is a must watch! 

"Tim Ballard left his post as a special agent for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to form Operation Underground Railroad and go undercover to rescue child sex trafficking victims that he couldn't save when bound by government restrictions. Join Tim and his special forces team as they go undercover in Haiti to bring a ring of sex trafficker

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Someone at Wikileaks just dumped the motherload of emails and files this morning. Hot off the press! 

Let's get involved and print out and save, in an external hardrive or memory stick, as many of these files as possible. Use this to show the non-believers what the Cabal has been up to all these years!

Let's get people to Wake Up and then Take Action!


Here is the latest Super Dump by Wikileaks:

For Hillary Clinton emails:

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Tim Ballard and Candace Owens Discuss this Problem!


This is the fate of thousands of children. Millions of children as young as 5 years old are being raped over and over again.

Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world.

There is a 5000% increase in child rape videos.

30 million human beings are trafficked every year and 8 million of them are children who are enslaved to child labor, sex slavery and organ harvesting.

Hillary an

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Girl, 6, nearly abducted walking home from church with mother on Mother's Day in Daytona Beach, FL

ByVictoria Arancio ABCNews logo
Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Watch Eyewitness News, First Alert Weather, and original programming.

Watch Eyewitness News, First Alert Weather, and original programming.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- A 6-year-old girl was nearly abducted after walking home from church with her mother on Mother's Day, according to the Daytona Beach Police De

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From:  America Rebooted


Were you aware that the push for the New World Order was underway before our great nation became a nation?

Were you aware that while our nation was fighting WWII, we were being infiltrated by Communists and Cultural Marxists?

Were you aware that there was a well-documented and orchestrated plan for benevolent genocide and slavery to maintain the “sovereignty” of the elite? (Their words, not mine)

Cultural decay has been the objective of their Fifth Generation Warfare ta

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Look at all the links on vaccine Injury Research that you can use to determine if Vaccines indeed have cause serious injuries on a great portion of the population, including children. Use this to show those who are on the fence or think your're a conspiracy theorist.





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We keep hearing about this. Don't take this lightly. Remember that those in charge don't usually have your best interest in mind. They keep telling you about this because they're either letting something inevitable happen, or they're creating it themselves via space weaponry. 

We're on "ground zero" and with not time left on the clock. Please get your house in order and get what you need now. Money may be worthless and/or there may not be goods to buy later. 



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