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This is my original mind blowing interview with Vatican translator Mauro Biglino. I have done two interviews since this original one, but both of those build from this. This interview was originally done in 2018, but it is timeless.

Here is the original description:

Vatican Translator and Italian schola

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You all know really weird shit has been going down for awhile now, right?

The fix was in on that Hunter Biden plea deal.

Until suddenly...it WASN'T.

Hunter was walking away scott free.

What happened? Who blew their fix?

Even if you're going to buy the coming spin that Weiss is going to make multiple indictments against Hunter Biden in multiple districts on gun, tax and FARA crimes in order to PROTECT HIM and the Biden Crime Family, might I point out the best way to protect the Biden Crime family is

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Pay attention! We are in a major war with Dark Lords and Evil that is trying to completely take over the planet. Beloved Cmdr Valiant Thor is currently on Earth helping to fight these Dark Forces, Hybrids, Chimeras, Reptilains and other negative, fallen entities. These have created tunnels that are all over the planet and run hundreds of thousands of miles. 

These creatures have abducted adults and children for food and experimentation. Some are bred as livestock. 

Please listen to this really

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 Well folks, I actually got out of my comfort zone - like I tell everyone to do - and got on the "As You Wish Talk Radio" with James Gilliland. I actually loved the experience! It was a fantastic chat we both had that brought up a lot of gems! Please take a look at the video on Rumble. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did in helping him to create it!



As You Wish Talk Radio & ECETISTARGATE🛸Tv
with James Gilliland

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  What’s a woman seems to be one of the most popular and important questions of this time! The question is asked often – in Congress, mainstream media, in blog posts and social media. But,   no  one has yet answered that question. They either won’t answer because in doing so their cause would be shattered right before their eyes, or they simply don’t know.


 Perhaps it hasn’t been answered because it’s not a one word definition, or a one-liner. The definition is more complex and more profo

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Listen to this important podcast from Marco Passio's What on Earth is Happening.

This is from Twitter account @marcoimet

The extent of the horror that people go to on this distorted path is real. If you doubt, listen to this Mark Passio podcast where a victim talks about his experience of those demonic cults (episode 17 with Neo) : 



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