Planet X and Cosmic Events (3)

You all know really weird shit has been going down for awhile now, right?

The fix was in on that Hunter Biden plea deal.

Until WASN'T.

Hunter was walking away scott free.

What happened? Who blew their fix?

Even if you're going to buy the coming spin that Weiss is going to make multiple indictments against Hunter Biden in multiple districts on gun, tax and FARA crimes in order to PROTECT HIM and the Biden Crime Family, might I point out the best way to protect the Biden Crime family is

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We keep hearing about this. Don't take this lightly. Remember that those in charge don't usually have your best interest in mind. They keep telling you about this because they're either letting something inevitable happen, or they're creating it themselves via space weaponry. 

We're on "ground zero" and with not time left on the clock. Please get your house in order and get what you need now. Money may be worthless and/or there may not be goods to buy later. 



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