Conspiracy Theories (113)

Did 200 FBI agents – disguised as Trump supporters incite violence on J6? PETER HALLIGAN DEC 1, 2023 9 5 1 From here: “Over 200” FBI Agents Embedded Within Crowd on J6 - Finish The Race FBI has a long track record of working hand in paw with the Democratic Party - remember FISA and FBI attorney Clinesmith plus Rosenstein’s antics, making up allegations out of whole cloth to entrap people (Whitmer), making parents “domestic terrorists”, failing to prosecute Clinton (Comey),, action
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PIZZAGATE GOES MAINSTREAM! Elon Musk comments on Pizzagate exposing the truth about it to his 165 million followers on X. Musk replied to tweets reporting that John Podesta’s pal was arrested on child porn charges and a post pointing out Media Matters founder, David Brock, dated James Alefantis who is the owner of Comet Ping Pong — the pizza joint at the center of Pizzagate. The FBI confirms that pizza is a pedophile code word in a College Station, Texas child porn case. Liz explains how authori
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