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8th March 2017 – THE SAP IS RISING

At the beginning of this session we cleansed ourselves with Golden Light, sending the flame of Love from our heart centres around the circle, building up the energies and placing in the centre of the room as a flame of Love to be utilised. We settled back to see what Spirit had in store for us. Very quickly they came forward.

Go within, search and seek, here is where the truth lies, here is where we can make a difference. Expand and grow into your consciousness, open the doorways there waiting for you. Submit to the promptings of your heart and allow. Allow yourselves to respond to that yearning within your breast, for we are here with you now to help you grow, to help you expand into a new awareness, an awakening of the Spirit within.

It has taken many years for us to reach this moment of your time and we feel obliged to help you along this pathway. We have nurtured you for many a year and given expression to our thoughts and feelings. We take it upon ourselves to usher in a new awareness, to cut the restraints that bind us, to deputize those here present to bring this new awareness to others, who have no knowledge of this ideology.

We are on the cusp of a breakthrough that will enable many more to understand what we bring with a light heart, open and susceptible to the words within. Listen (click in room) and be prepared, these are no imaginings, these energies infiltrate from the highest level, they come direct from the Source of all that is.  A moment in your time shall become like a thousand moments, spreading across the globe.

Spread your wings and fly, sally forth, expand your consciousness and awaken to the truth of all that is. Feel refreshed from your journeying’s, take heart for the future is bright and shall ever more be so. It is the beginning of spring! Take this initiative and use it to harbour the energy within you. You will feel an awakening from within you, the sap is rising, the urge to go forward will be strong within you and it is this, which we wish to champion. We delve deep into the secrets within you that shall awaken from slumber, the secrets of who you truly are, what you are capable of and where you have come from.

We redefine your lives on Earth and ask you not to resist but to go with the flow. We persist, and ask you to look more closely at items for consideration, those things that come up within your psyche that stop you going forward and hold you back from achieving perfect bliss. Look at these things and see them for what they truly are, nothing more than a blip on the landscape! They can be dealt with, with a little common sense and a lot of Love, there is no finer tuning than this! Open the dark places within you. Let the ugliness fly, to be gone forever, do not hold onto past hurts, do not imprison them within you, expel them!

At this point in the channeling I was shown a black wrought iron cage with the door open and black birds flying out, released from their prison.

Replace that void with golden Light, like a soothing, healing balm. You can be healed, each and every one of you, from past traumas and present encumbrances. A fleeting memory can cause much distress if kept locked away. There is nothing that cannot be solved, no problem too big, let past grievances slip away to be no more.

Conjure up the Light that is yours by right, enfold yourself in that glorious flame, walk though this flame and be re-energised!  The flame that is within the centre of this room, see yourselves standing within it. It shall not burn you or scald you, it is the Living Flame and all must pass through this before they enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There are no debts here, no exposé, nothing can harm you for you are protected by this Light within you and without.

Rise up dear friends and join our merry throng!  Visualise your friends and family within this flame, those you know who need help and assistance.

We all spent some time doing this exercise, parading our loved ones and those in need through the healing flame.

See Earth in this flame, radiant and beautiful and all life forms upon her.  See her rising into a new dimension of unbridled bliss. We thank you for being here this afternoon and for sharing your energies with one another. We give thanks to the Creator of all that is and bring this session now to a close. May our Love, Peace and blessings be upon you now and forever more.

One of the girls saw an Oriental gentleman with long, white moustache. I was overjoyed as it was Tyekinder the very first guide to make an appearance on my spiritual pathway back in the nineties. I have not seen him for some time and had recently moved his statue. This moving of memorabilia in my sanctuary seems to change the energies somewhat and bring them forward.

Another member of the group felt she was riding high in the sky on the back of a White Eagle. They had felt intense heat as if someone was cuddled right up close to them.

For more messages from my Star friends on our special journey into the unknown, click on the link below.

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(The meditation starts about 20 & 1/2 minutes into the video when the music starts - but Annette's music is much louder - so be prepared to turn down the volume if needed.) Annete, "Namaste & welcome everyone. We are going to do a Oneness meditation, which is an energy transfer that helps you connect with your Divine Self - the real You. Your Divine Self is the Divine Intelligence of the Heart, the Consciousness, the God Force within you continually spiraling & seeking to awaken within you. The Oneness meditation helps your awakening to your Divine Self, that Higher Consciousness within you. But how you experience your Divine Self is completely up to you. Its up to you what kind of relationship you want to have with your Divine Self, for it is unique to each person & separate from any religion or philosophy. Awakening to your Divine Self is a process of the mind, but a process in which Divine Intervention is needed to help you ultimately transcend the mind to begin experiencing your Self. The Divine Intervention is pure Divine Grace working inside of you - your connection between you & God. This is the Divine Energy flowing in the Oneness meditation & Deeksha - a Divine Energy which has the keys and Divine Intelligence to unlock your heart. So whatever you are experiencing in this meditation, just relax & lovingly be with what you are experiencing. Your meditation can change from moment to moment - but the whole process is one of Divine Love working in you. The Oneness Awakening Deeksha helps you connect with your Divine Self inside your heart. The Deeksha starts as soon as the music begins, so close your eyes....and the Oneness Meditation starts as soon as the music changes & continues for the remainder of this Divine transmission (this is where you look into Annett's eyes. The music in both the Deeksha & Oneness meditation have that Divine Energy embedded in them that will be helping you Awaken...helping you release everything that's blocking your experience of your Divine Self....and is also helping you experience your Divine Self more & more fully." Blessings of Love & Light & Awakening to all, Steve

Oneness Meditation - Experience The Light Of Oneness & Love With Annette Carlstrom

(The meditation starts about 20 & 1/2 minutes into the video when the music starts - but Annette's music is much louder - so be prepared to turn down the vol...
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