Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More!

the global +spatial reversing of illness +corruption...

the global +spatial reversing of illness +corruption...

when i wake up i sense the message the …eternal°CORE°self… 

is waving… as to match up... within 

my psychosomatic°organic°extension +to sound that frequency in 


i sensed the contemporary state of consciousness of both

entities = the eternal°CORE°self +the organic md extension of it… 

+the CORE°t'ONE sounding… inbetween both… = belonging 

to the observer=self = 

this experience is a match in energy = as a gong reverberating… 

within the physical extension… +thorough out the related cells...

the md°selves… +the multiverse…

some days past i stated = let us = my md +eternal°CORE°self… 

always BE +incarnate the eternal°CORE°self +the relative cells…

which is = as an organic extension = a contemporary polar state 

of consciousness = showing the 100% quantum dna instruction 

+the akashic memory = which brought me to face... thank to 

the new undeniable strength +transparency = the collective 

reptilian legacy = i allow this to be = there is no more fear which

will hide an energy = 

i am going slowly in reading… while i care to comprehend… 

through out the human extension… suddenly i am aware of a space

of memory = which was kept isolated = in order to not hurt other… 

…selves parts… a new sovereignty allows me to open a broader 

space… where my self seems to dissolve… but i 'know' this space is

where an infinite healing will take place = in me +in the collective

= as a multidimensional organic extension… i am anchored in the 

…earth°CORE°consciousness… in unison with my eternal°CORE°self…

+our both… related origin°suns°COREs… resonating…

this IS my =only= home …i have… since i ...inhaled=incarnated… 

consciously …that… state of consciousness… which is an …instant

…knowing… like a cycle… a circle… a home coming…

near a month ago = i experienced the sleeping time = with the veil

lifted = i sat conscious within my =cosmogenetic=3=fold expression= 

BEing = the eternal°CORE°self = the CORE+organic°extension of it… 

+the observer°CORE°self… 

i needed this time to settle this energy essence in my bio=sphere 

with a great thankfulness +belonging… that happens when we go 

for the unprecedented… the unexpected… the best cosmogenetic 

beauty +fruition of our ALL contemporary selves… manifesting… 

before our inner +outer eyes...

we were in the midst of a milky+cloudy space +watched together...

the unfolding of a 'film of consciousness' …which showed to me… 

how such a =3=fold state=of=consciousness= tastes… smells… 

+unfolds… +i am now able to match back into this essence=energy 

anytime i wish = with a bright smile softening my elderly wrinkles

the …CORE°vision… was illuminating… especially...

to the =organic°CORE°extension= which can be = metaphorically =

compared… to a child's innocence…

in a 'milky°energy°state' of BEing… within a milky+cloudy dome 

form +multidynamic unfolding... of a film of consciousness 

of contemporary expressions of specific collective states +awareness

thus i experienced… first = as the embodiment of the 3=fold=BEing

= the collective 'vedic quantum state +consciousness

of the physical… 'nuclear weak +strong' synergy engine generator… 

which experiences the …bio°space°craft=CORE°sphere=consciousness 

pulsing in unison with the =earth°CORE+related=origin°suns°COREs=

= as i mention this state of BEing… an energy°OVATION takes place 

every time… which is the 'match=energy' i am also organically 

part of… +has an infinite=wave=sound… which can take my breath 

away = when this space°synergy… is unfolding… fully… in my body

which can even 'null' my organic memory… a state of BEing... i had 

a humanly aquaintance to explore with… in a whole spectrum 

inbetween panic +readyness… but today i am familiar with… as 

this is a 'PURE form state' of BEing… where all synergies are ONE

+now... i do no longer get lost = in such a state of BEing… while 

i am allowing ALL to unfold +do not fix or hold any state of BEing…

i am allowing to be a fluid… a ...liquid gold consciousness…

this 'vedic' collective organic generator' is related with the synergy

=metaphor= of the quantum°dna°state°of=the=shiva=ling… which 

allows to experience+explore the alchemical state of consciousness 

of the =solve+coagula= to solve+ =form= =co=create= the 


anew i am experiencing the collective=energy=ovation=wave= of it…

which is a natural expression 

of the =energy°match+synergy= +this happens anytime when 

we meet any 'sovereign°state' of collective presence +this happens 

often… +acts out like a chain of bliss matches… a wonder… 

in relation to the past human mindset…

=now=back to the ...3=fold=BEing=vision… 

in contemporary with the = 

vedic°shiva°ling=metaphor=quantum=dna=generator = 

which is in contemporary a state of reception=transmission+memory

+we watched the film as …one=generator=BEing=presence… 

the unfolding of truth°CORE°transparency within this milky+cloudy

dome = showed also a bee=hive=dome=with=aligned=hive=combs = 

which 'made visible' a humanly corrupt state of un+organic 

consciousness = as to see a …bee=hive=mind=collective… 

in …contemporary… with = the …ALL that IS +BEen +will BE… 

some advocate themselves as to be the =globalists=bee=keepers= 

which harness the energy of the =bees=humans= controlled 

oppression… +due to the massive compartmentalization = many

of the keepers +the bees are =oblivious= to what is really going 

on at the present… that happens when we …separate… from the 

…eternal°CORE°self… +our cosmogenetic nature=beauty+fruition!

which means the rooting within the earth°CORE°consciousness 

+both… earth +human related = origin°suns°COREs = i can tell 

you = this IS our cosmogenetic 'bliss'home'… where we are ever 

conscious +present… in a cycle with no begin or end...

the strength of the 3=fold=BEing = the eternal=wisdom=presences… 

acts out as the innermost temple …shrine or =shiva's=pindi… 

in metaphor... the =inner=quantum=generator= of our cosmogenetic 

…eternal°CORE°self… named the indian=gabhara=temple = which

relates within every single uniqueness observed in the CORE°vision

the …ALL that IS +IS°BEen +will°BE… sparked into =uniqueness's=

what we see is a …perpetual rebirth of the regenerative love…

to better connect the dots i post here some pictures = which hug

not only the vedic ethnic = but also those = in the middle east 

+the holy presence of = jalāl ad'dīn muhammad rūmī  +the nepal 

spirit=consciousness of = ram bomjon gadhi = with which i share 

familiar +occasionally the …quantum states of communion… 

thorough a tel'empathic pictures language …or source°poetry…

while we observed the =bee=hive=combs=consciousness... in the 

humanly corrupt state of un+or=organic consciousness = we saw 

different group collectives +persons +events happening = which 

were REVERSING their unbalanced consciousness… into a healthy

+regenerative presence… within the =quantum°milky°cloudy°dome= 

which was the …spiritual symbol… of the healthy°energy+synergy 

experienced from a compartmentalized +unbalanced trauma'mind…

whereas the 'most unbalanced' energy... expressed itself mostly

between the …fe+male… aspects of the inner or outer selves = 

+other extremely opposed poles..

what i remember mainly from this unprecedented +life'changing

experience = are the …3=fold=consciousness=presence=essence… 

+the screams… which were expressed from my organic extension… 

anytime... the corrupt model REVERSED in astonishing ways! into 

the healthy +regenerative milky way of BEing… i say this ...while 

the events +group'consciousness watched... were of extremest 

polarity… as we …global truther witness daily …in our organic life 

presence… +every process of reverse… had its own spiritual colors 

which substituted the heavy colors of an un+organic corruption… 

these healing colors are present = in the listed 


thus the organic=child=innocence screamed when the 'reverse' took

place… while for 'him' = this state of awareness was 

not mature yet to be …seen… +acknowledged = 

but since then = this IS the most precious collective memory… 

to behold cosmogenetic beauty +fruition… 

when all the possessive hold solves… +coagulate into the reverse 

of global +spatial health +abundance… friendly cared +shared… 

the breathing area in my chest is lively aware of the contemporary 

=origin=past=present=future= +pre°aware of the lifting of the veils

to me this is even related to the first watery incarnation = when 

no solar constellation was present = on our beloved planet earth… 

+there were only the elements +the first born plants… i remember 

the flower consciousness which had a …spiraling… golden sparkling 

light …rising to the sky… this CORE°vision came when i asked 

about my first 'incarnation' on earth… +i was shown this violet 

+big starry flower = with near no stem +i got close to see if this 

golden sparkle was the pollen rising from the corolla… but to my 

great wonder this flux was …music… in this silent birthing planet

all elements emitted their own inner light +the area was bathed

in water +this elemental suffused light… where the light was°IS 

music = sung from the eternal°CORE to the creator… in love… 

+belonging… thus the first consciousness aiming our beloved planet 

earth = was the elemental°CORE°music… ALL°chanting… this... IS 

the watery+crystalline ='mu'=consciousness… chanting from 

the crystalline heart… +salty water = 

leMUria... was an ancient intergalactic name 

for all the …water covered surfaces of earth...

lemuria was an …etheric existence... that was 

as …close to physicality = 'crystalline' = 

as we were supposed to come…

lemuria existed within the oceans of our planet 

as part of the divine plan... the cubic geometric 

structure of the salt water = not allowing us =

to think… manifest or create away from perfection

…we reenact this story of …leaving the water… 

every time a …child is born… 

and …takes its first airy breath… 

…one day… 

we will …return…

we have returned… while our memory has returned to us = 

with the 'tune' of 'mu' = the music = the eternal°CORE°light 

…BEing music… 

that is why i state that the bees are freed… from oppression… 

from slavery = the organic bees turn to the elements +nature

+music… we are experiencing the reverse into health = from all 

psychosomatic wounds… +the role of the beekeeper is naturally 

…nulled… now… 

what compartmentalization …may remain to be healed? 

the polar attraction of greedy +altruistic? = only by creating 

the universal 3°source pole of unity°consciousness=ucs= is 

the healing of the spatial +global earth +skies families… granted = 

while we heal from the service to self=sts= +service to others=sto= 

which pertain to the equally challenging ...polar world experience… 

where the old soul learns to regain the 100% akhasic memory = 

while benevolent +fearless facing all the md°shades +forms… 

inbetween = through the quantum=dna=instructions… which lead us

back to the inner source +CORE… as taught by =kryon=lee=carroll=

such a perfect state of consciousness is lived initially in the womb 

of our mother… the watery 'mu' element = while on the 240° day 

of gestation = this state of perfect consciousness IS active +can BE 

recalled… while …tuning into… that …music +wonder +life°song!

now we …sing… often...

the energetic equivalent frequency for the planetary regeneration

+participate… in the …spatial+global=health… +abundance friendly 

cared +shared = that is why i am tuning in… +inner singing… much 

more… than posting… while first comes the ensouling… of matter 

within the fluid state of consciousness… where …any creature… 

+creation …is pulsing… in our fluid state of consciousness = where

we receive the spiraling=earth°CORE°energy +the spiraling 

origin=suns°COREs°energies = which creates the green ectoplasm

= the elemental energy+life=force of spring… when all life sprout 

in the new matter of life… we are able to co=create +manifest

our =inner=life=CORE=vision… able even to reverse the most corrupt 

state =into the perfect health +planetary +co=creative=abundance

beloved children… +young +old souls of earth… i 'know' the inner 

milky heart dome = reverses what need to be balanced… within 

the …CORE°tunes of our ALL = cosmogenetic beauty+fruition!…


related family'links = 

= ram bomjon gadhi =

ALL is pulsing = pierluigi ighina's = cosmic energy inventions =

= tesla = reich = keely of italy - english subtitles


pierluigi ighina stated = the sun has a pulsing heart 

+in reality… ALL is pulsing… 

pierluigi ighina stated = the sun has a beating heart

the sun is the center of life = at the center = of the sun 

we found a beating heart = that beats the rhythms 

of the human body …a magnetic heart...


the firefly ...snail +the nautilus= pierluigi ighina =

keep in mind that the firefly emits a bright +cold light = how does 

it make this light? ...or this 'cold fusion'? = the snail = is the only 

+exclusive nourishment of the firefly... how is it that a small firefly 

= can absorb = a larger snail = including the shell? = 

the firefly has a glandular stomach substance = which is emitted 

through a spout = the firefly teases the snail on the shell with 

this acidic substance = the snail capsizes +is also teased on this 

other side = after about 4>6 hours +more = this depends on 

the size of the snail = the snail dies +along with the shell 

becomes gelatinous +the firefly feeds on this gelatinous substance

it also integrates the =secret= of the snail = which is explains

the =cold fusion= that creates... the visible light =

while eating the snail = the firefly 'becomes the 'merger' 

of the 2 contra'rotating spirals of the snail +then the firefly emits 

the visible light...

the spiral of the snail = parting from the top = turns right as 

the clock +receives solar energy = 

if the snail changes position = while ranking up the walls +then 

turns upside down = we see that the spiral turns now to the left 

+receives the ...energies of the earth ...

ighina explains = 

that the energy°spiral of the solar rays = rotating to the right = 

enter the soil +returns out to the sky in a left contra'rotation...

the unified energy field …creates the matter... +in our case =

the invisible light …BEcomes... visible 'matter'… the cold fusion of the firefly...

the nautilus = a mollusc with shell …swimms in the indian ocean = 

if outgrown… the shell has as many as 30 chambers = each 

one proportionately larger than the one before = the creature lives 

in one chamber until it outgrows the space = as the shell grows 

= the creature moves into the next larger chamber = the vacated 

chambers are not like abandoned rooms = but are used to regulate 

buoyancy = like the ballast of a ship = the continuous curves 

of the spirals are feminine in nature +the mathematical ratios 

between each chamber shows the divine connection between 

the harmonics of nature +sacred geometry… in hindu mythology = 

the sacred nautilus shell symbolized the multiplicity of creation = 

the golden mean number = known as 'phi' = 1.6180339 = found in 

the shape of the nautilus shell = unfolds the universal design 

of the golden mean = which seems to be a geometrical blueprint 

for the cosmogenetic life itself = this value was known by plato 

as being the 'key' to the 'physics of the cosmos' = the nautilus life 

+shell = is a sacred representation for growth = expansion = 

renewal +rejuvenation +a symbol for the inner beauty of nature = 

pierluigi ighina did cut in half the shell = to show = that the 2 

parts perform a reverse rotation = thus = the 2 contra'rotatory

spirals are joined together in the nautilus +this may be the secret 

of his well known… long life = because the nautilus = a living fossil 

= is dating back to the paleozoic = the chambers of the shell = 

intervenes on the various % of liquid +gas = produced by these 

reversing spirals = in the different partitions of its shell = which 

then turns = water into nitrogen =  unifying both = the solar 

+terrestrial energy = new co=creation 'matters'...

the nautilus makes a great bathymetric hike = into the depth =

during the day = where it moves at 500>2000 meters depth 

+absorbes the solar energy =gas= +becomes =light'weight= +which 

rises him back to the ocean surface = while stationing at night= 

the nautilus gathers the energy of the earth +fills the chambers 

with water =earth= +sinks back down to the depths of the ocean… 

where the whole energetic cycle will be reversed… meanwhile 

he is integrating the nutrition ...from the ground +from the surface 

of the ocean… +mating +laying eggs...

while dancing inbetween the earth+skies energies = since 

540 million years… the ...nautilus brings the …same message…

as when i relate to the earth°CORE°consciousness +the related 

origin=suns=COREs= which are pulsing in unison… within... the 

…eternal°CORE°self… he is bringing the …same message… of ever-

lasting …life… +cycles +memories = stored in his cosmogenetic form

...the nautilus is literally named the = sailor = but how many of all

know that he is sailing the ocean = thanks to the reversing energy 

spirals = which are charging his form = with the cosmic 

spheres=energies = from the …earth+skies? 

= in his own …inner chambers?


fibonacci sequence +the golden ratio

the miracle of universal harmony = fibonacci law =

the spirals in the 'forms' of life… keep in mind = that 

the humans bears the life spirals too = in the tips 

of the fingers of hand+foot… +in the hair°roots...

sacred geometry of the nautilus shell

the chambered nautilus

lemuria +telos

when the cataclysms started = only 25,000 people made it on time 

into the mountain +were saved = this number is approximately what 

was left of the lemurian culture in the 3°dimension = already 

the records had been moved from lemuria to the underground city

of telos +the temples had been built = when the blast that 

destroyed the continent manifested = it came a bit earlier than 

anticipated +this is why so many people did not make it 'on time' 

inside the mountain = it is known that lemuria = the beloved 

motherland = went down overnight = the continent sank so quietly 

that nearly everybody was totally unaware of what was happening 

= practically all were sleeping during the occurrence = there was 

no unusual weather condition that night = according to a trans-    

mission given by lord himalaya in 1959 through geraldine innocenti 

= el morya's twin flame = he explained that a great part of those 

of the priesthood who had remained faithful to the light +their 

sacred calling = like captains on a sinking ship = kept their posts 

+fearless to the end = they sang +prayed as they went down 

beneath the waves = 

…before the lemurian continent sank = the priest +priestesses 

of the temples were warned of the coming cataclysmic changes 

+various focuses of the sacred fire were transported to telos 

+others were transported to other lands which would not be 

affected = many of these flames were taken to the continent 

of atlantis to a specific location +were sustained there for quite a 

period of time by daily spiritual applications = just before lemuria 

sank = certain of these priests +priestesses returned to their 

homes on that continent +volunteered to go down with the land 

+her people = giving the assistance of their radiation +extending 

comfort +fearlessness = they offered this help to counteract 

the fear = which always comes with cataclysmic action = these 

loving benefactors = by the radiation of their god controlled 

energies +their sacrifice = literally surrounded the auras of 

the people in a blanket of peace +assisted in creating a freedom 

from fear so that the etheric bodies of those lifestreams would 

not be so severely scarred = thus saving those people in future 

embodiments = from having to experience greater tragic 

consequences = from lord himalaya to the 'bridge to freedom' 

dispensation in 1959 said = many members of the priesthood placed 

themselves in small groups strategically in various areas +they 

prayed +sang as they went down beneath the water = the melody 

they sang was the same as is known today as =auld lang syne= 

the idea behind this action was that every horrifying experience 

leaves a very deep scar +trauma in the etheric body +cellular 

memory of the people +it takes several embodiments to heal = 

through the action +the sacrifice of those of the priesthood = 

choosing to stay together in groups +singing to the very end = 

much fear was mitigated +a certain level of harmony was 

maintained = this way = the damage +trauma to the souls who 

perished was greatly diminished = it was said that those of 

the priesthood = along with the musicians = sang +prayed until 

the waves +the water had risen to level of their mouths = it is 

then that they also perished = during the night = while the masses 

slept = under a starry blue sky = it was all over = the beloved 

motherland was submerged beneath the waves of the pacific ocean 

= none of the priesthood had left their post +none had evidenced 

any fear = lemuria went down with dignity!  

= auld lang syne = was the last song ever heard on the land of 

lemuria = the song they sang = some people on earth have brought 

this song forth again = through the irish people +very prophetic 

words have been put into it such as = 'should auld acquaintances be 

forgot' = indeed = we are these old acquaintances reuniting again = 

those of us from the physical realm with those of our beloved ones 

= former friends +family members of telos = yet invisible = to our 

present sight +hopefully = not for too much longer = 

hear this well in your heart my friends = 

these next couple sentences = before our beloved lemuria sank 

completely = it was prophesized that one day = in some far distant 

future = many of us will gather again as a group +sing this song 

again = with the absolute knowingness that the 'earth's victory' is 

won = the time we are now living in = brings the celebration of 

this long awaited day +the fulfilling of that incredible prophecy = 

we are now initiating the beginning of the long awaited =reunion= 

…it is almost with tears = our = my eyes that we are letting you 

know from adama that many of you reading those words were 

among those brave souls who sacrificed your life for the great 

benefit of the collective = lets applaud your bravery then +now 

lets rejoice for our return together = once again = to continue our 

great lemurian mission of assisting the planet +humanity into her 

glorious ascension

in telos = one aspect of their mission has been to keep the balance 

+energies of ascension consciousness for the planet until such 

a time that surface dwellers can do this for themselves = now 

the time has come for our 2 civilizations to do this together = as 

…'one heart'…

learn traditional scottish songs auld lang syne lyric lab


˙·٠. mm.٠·˙

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Comment by heidi wachter on March 18, 2017 at 10:47am
Comment by heidi wachter on March 18, 2017 at 10:28am

= message from the 'team' =

nourish +strengthen your light body 

peggy black +the 'team'

• we are here = honored to inspire +trigger your remembrance 

+awareness of who you truly are. = you are beings of pure light = 

energy +consciousness = you are embodied in a dense physical 

form that allows you to interface with the 3d reality in which you 

find yourself = however = we continue to remind you with our 

words +transmissions to shift your focus as often as possible to 

the truth of who you are +why you are here at this time = 

• you are a multidimensional being of divine light = it is the power 

of consciousness that has created your physical body = this body 

allows you to play in this dimension = it is the vehicle in which you 

experience the limitations +the duality of this hologame = realize 

that the physical form was designed to survive 

+even thrive without the awareness of = or connection to = 

the divine energy aspect = 

• the physical body is the main focus during most of your 

experience on the timeline = we understand that the care 

+maintenance is important = as well as the sensations +emotions 

that are encountered or endured = 

• we are inviting you once again to acknowledge yourself 

as a divine being of light = energy +consciousness having 

a physical experience = it is most important that you truly 

recognize +honor this duality = honor this partnership between 

your physical awareness +your divine awareness = allow these 2 

aspects to merge more fully +support one another = 

• you are here in physical embodiment to anchor the authenticity 

of your sacred transcendent self = you are here to author +seed 

the new level of sentient truth +enlightenment = 

• we observe how easily your attention is scattered or your focus 

is directed to areas that defuse your personal power = this reality 

offers unlimited methods of distraction from your highest purpose 

+continues to draw your awareness into your physical aspect = we 

are not saying to exclude the physical aspect we are just inviting 

you to give special attention to your = energy body = 

• you have the opportunity to become more +more aware of your-

self as an energy being of consciousness = moving around in this 

dimension +hologame as a physical being = 

this partnership between these aspects is most important during 

great changes = challenges +chaos = when these aspects are more 

fully merged = there is a clarity = an expanded perspective 

+the availability of all your divine gifts +abilities = this is 

the moment to be who you genuinely perceive yourself to be =  

• you have embodied into a field of energy that is unconscious 

+you are here to activate +secure divine consciousness of oneness 

with all = each person who begins to own +acknowledge this 

connection is grounding this truth in the quantum field = there is 

a wave of awakened energy that is sweeping your planet = you 

are a part of this wave = you are the light consciousness that is 

shining +exposing the shadow of humanity = 

• it is critical during these times of chaos = when misqualified 

emotions +actions are being triggered +exposed = that you 

personally strengthen your own energy +light body =   

• begin to understand +recognize that every cell in your physical 

body is conscious +emits light = acknowledge that it is yourdivine 

self that hasinfused everycell withlight = scientists have 

now proven the existence of light energy around the body +it is 

being termed as the biophoton field = they have shown that cells 

of the body actually emit visible light = though it generally cannot 

be seen with the naked eye = so the human body literally glows = 

emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that 

rise +fall with the day = begin to research +investigate how you 

can feed +strengthen your light body = 

• first find the awareness+the intention = many energy exercises 

+methods have been offered throughout the ages = discover 

the methods that appeal best to you=the greater the light energy 

you learn to store = the greater the power of your overall electro-

magnetic field +consequently the more energy that is available for 

maintenance of optimalhealth +for healing of self+your planet 

• realize that you can begin to focus +simply quiet yourself = 

envision more divine light flowing into your energy body feeding 

everycell with more consciouslight = this is your birthright = 

• imagine for a moment the your very 'dna' is generating a micro-

gravity field effect that attracts +captures light = you are more 

wondrous than you have ever allowed yourself to believe =    

• this light energy circulates through your entire body along 

specific meridians = infusing +nourishing your tissues +cells = your 

health +well'being are dependent not only on what goes oninside 

your body = but also on the energy surroundingyour body = your 

biophoton field = also remember that on a basic level = as you eat 

the live foods grown in the earth +nurtured by the elements = you 

are eatingenergy in dense form = 

• there is no limitation here = use your imagination = you can invite 

the light of the sun to infuse every cell = you can imagine flowing 

color vibrations through your body to enliven every circuit = listen 

to music +sounds that sooth +calm your system allowing it to be 

more receptive +open to light = we remind you that stresscauses 

a contractionwithin your very'dna' = shutting down the light 

emissions =  

• remember that numerous breathing practices will stimulate 

+revitalize both aspects of who you are = consciousbreathing 

aligns the physical +energy bodies = in divine partnership = 

• it is of good value also to remind you to continue to anchor your-

self to this planet = your earth's magnetic field stimulates 

+regenerates your body = the earthis like abattery = it will 

recharge your personal field = envision this electrical connection 

feeding the 50'trillion cells of your body = you will begin to sense 

the energy as this becomes a dailypractice =  

• realize that you can invite cosmic energy from your divine source 

to flow into your crown +fill your physical template = with life 

+healing light = see or sense every cell being energized = 

recharged+healed = the stars +planets offer you cosmic energy 

thatenlivens +awakens your true sense of who you are in 

the universe = imagine every cell contains light energy +particles 

of the stars = 

• energetically reach out +collect energy +light from nature = 

imagine you could reach out +gather energy from the green vistas 

= forests = the ocean = the sky or clouds +bring that energy into 

your own field = like your honeybees gather nectar to bring back 

to their hive = each sentient being will exchange life'giving energy 

with you = practice reciprocity = offer your energy to the stones 

+trees in exchange for their healing gifts = this practice honors 

your oneness with all livingthings = it is a win'win benefit = 

for you +your planet =  

• realize that you are always taking in energy in its many diverse 

forms = beginto notice when the energy vibrations nurtureyou 

+when the frequencies you are encountering are creatingstress 

or some form of disharmony = 

• remember the importance =throughout your day= 

to simply state +intend = 

sending back energy = that …does not personally belong to you

…blessed = magnified = healed = balanced +benevolent…

+calling your energy back 

…blessed = magnified = healed = balanced +benevolent…

with this daily practice you are actually offering everyone you 

encounter = blessings of grace = 

you are also keeping your energy clear = your energy signature 

has touched others gently = reminding them that they are divine 

beings of light +it is time to wake up =   

• consider the possibility that light energy is a form of exchange 

+a method of communication between all living things= comprehend 

that all living creatures emit light = it is time that you begin 

to dedicate a practice = to gather energy +enhancing your light 

body =  

• this is the true essence of who you are = you are pure = divine 

conscious energy = bring that into your physical form = feed it = 

nurture it +enhance it with your every word = thought = action 

+intention = we continue to offer our love +energy frequency to 

you +you can request that gift from all divine conscious beings = 

with deep gratitude +love = we are complete = 

the 'team' 

©2017 peggy black all rightsreserved = notice is given that 

the creation of videos by people other than the author = channel 

+scribe is prohibited = you may share this message +distribute as 

long as nothing is changed = you credit the author +include this 

copyright notice +web address =

FREE 88 messages available

Comment by heidi wachter on March 18, 2017 at 10:18am

= gaiaportal =

patriarchals balance with the cosmic feminine

• self'indulgents dissolve rapidly

• communities of light assemble for higher purpose

• federations come together

related links =

lotus unfoldment begins

• divine = namely = upper =4d=5d=6d=7d= cosmic energies influx is 

now occurring with concomitant = concurrent = harmonizing with 

unfolding of the = rainbow human = balanced masculine'feminine =  

• the 6=5=12 venus love sun transit portrays precisely the vision 

of the golden age grid = divine mother influx achieves maximum 

levels during the 2012°6°6 portal 24'hour period = based on local 

times worldwide = 

• all gaia based beings will experience some strong individual inner 

adjustments along with major energetic restructurings of personal 

grids = frameworks = 

• all 3d'only based corporate holdings = will dissolve shortly = as 

higher light venus love energies adhere to the new golden age grid 

+manifest accordingly

galactic connections assist cosmic portal openings throughout gaia

instructions are given to all cosmic attendants +cosmic 

communications channels regarding pending planetary changes on 

the 'mass' scale

• fetterances come loose = as instructions are received 

+all participants clarify in their messages to hue'manity 

+hu'manity segments

• light channels clear = light channelers clear = gaia inhabitants 

clear = whether conscious of higher realms or not

• fascinations diminish grand'ly +are seen for the distracting 

communications which they are

• gaia participations increase at exponential rates +reach the point 

of irreversible gaia light uplifting

• fortifications are not required

• attunement to higher cosmics is required

• sustenances are provided as higher cosmics attunement are 


• prepare for the cosmic mass transfer… now...

Comment by heidi wachter on March 17, 2017 at 3:31pm

bashar = free energy space'time antenna

Comment by heidi wachter on March 16, 2017 at 7:14am

haw=note= while reading the energetic respondences to this hearty

message… which is truly written in letters of fire… within my blood 

= i may respond to these silent +perplex queries… 

1 = the oversight 

to the children i am assisting in my organic lifetime… i invite them 

to look often to the geometric pattern… +symbols too… without 

trying to conceptualize them… but to listen… ever… 

to the energetic respondence within the body… +to repeat 

the watching of these interactions = similar to a water drop falling 

within a …vigil… pond +to trust the body's answer more then 

the intellect = while the body's innate CORE°consciousness 'knows' 

the contemporary energies of origin=past=present=future +thus 

can answer to any quest +BE verified by 

kinesiology=muscular=self=testing= there are many videos available

which are teaching this skill… +we can ask ANY question we may

have = but we need to free our energy field from any form 

of expectation or intellectual 'savoir faire' = only the pure =love= 

for =any= truth°CORE°transparency will ...respond accurately… 

with that i am teaching them to listen to their own cosmogenetic

transparency… in this post = 

i state the reverse of illness +corruption = thanks to the cosmo- 

genetic grounding with the CORE°consciousness's of the skies 

+earth = which may be different as the timelines we are born into

…any timeline of a new starry species has its own origin sun°CORE

= the earth has few of them +so do i… +some of you too… 

the importance lingers by the 'knowing' the OWN md'extensions…

+the familiar relationships involved with… we are truly free = 

any soul°heart will envision the own eternal°CORE°legacy… once

the veil is lifted = but the veil 'can not be lifted' …if 'we' think so…

so goes the invite to my readers = as to my kids = be aware 

of the whole +own oversight of a message +respond 

to the energetic matches = while reading them… free from any 

form = of ...intellectual conceptualizing…

2 = the colors posted here are the healing colors seen surfacing = 

when the corrupt heavy colors faded away = leaving these vital 

pulsing colors = various 'states' of consciousness = what they have 

in common = is the merged 'milky' color = which is actively part 

of the reversing process = our 'milky'way' galaxy = may have 

suggested the health +abundance state for the planet +the earth-

...lings… since the begin… as did the religions = when depicting

this same consciousness in their …cultural architecture =

religions as dogmas can result as energetic traps = which then are 

'milked' by the =corrupt=compartmentalization=parasites= 

as long as we match magnetically to any religious dogma = as long 

= we are compartmentalized +harvested by parasitic entities… once 

we state clearly to belong only to the 

own°eternal°CORE°self+legacy = we free us from these parasitic 

interferences = in our energy field… this does not mean we are 

then 'happily ever after' = every new day is a new co=creation… 

+while we read our own energetic principles of life foundation = we 

'know' when we are an energetic target to others = while 'knowing' 

the own 'freedom state of BE'ing = we can sort out daily = any 

external imprint or projection = which is not part of our …innate… 

cosmogenetic beauty +fruition… +spiritual legacy =

3 = why did i post the photo of the starry physicist ighina pierluigi?

i love that picture = more than i can tell = i channelled once 

a message to one of his disciples +his motherly energy to him was 

so pure = i sensed more fe+male harmony +his cosmogenetic 

energetic extension = than within the field of franziskus of assisis… 

which is one of my favorite spirits… in that picture he is receiving 

both energies from the earth+origin'suns'COREs = while operating 

as a conduct +balance inbetween the heavenly spheres… i love him 

so much = as he is a perfect example about a life free of dogmas 

+religion = even if we see him in the same position as the dancing 

sufi masters do = when they canalize the energy of the heavens… 

on earth…

4 = no doubt = the nautilus = the firefly = the snails = ighina = 

are witnessing +living the same message i practice = when 

grounding = espousing the heavens +earthly CORE°energies… 

we do so …while …BEing a conscious part... of the 

=quantum=zero°point=energy=field= there is truly no separation 

…while the familiar spirits are near to our …eternal°CORE°self… 

+interact with us any time we ...hug them… in inspiration +loving


5 = the temples shown are a synergy architecture = which shows

that the =mind=combs=compartmentalization= is widely spread = 

about the =hive=combs=mind=symbol = which can be read by 

3 poles sights = the 2poles of the polarity world +extremest fields

…of the light+dark = or the virgin source=pole = 

by reading our own energetic respondences = we 'know' where our 

tendency relates +we are response°able to align anytime to the 

=best= manifestation... of our …cosmogenetic beauty +fruition!…

6 = leMUria joins the synergy by BEing the watery°CORE of all 

seas… that is why i changed one paragraph within the leMUrian 

song of 'auld'lang'syne' = which i post my version of it =

in the 3°strophe i text = 

we 2 have walked in the burn=stream

from… morning sun… till dine=dinner…

the seas as found… a dream have swept 

since the days... of …auld lang syne

= which is similar to one of the 'rod stewart' versions = it was 

funny to discover a sibling = which has the freedom to text as he 

pleases +so do i = as we root deeply in our own spiritual legacy… 

which… is the 'most constant'… in our universe? = change = ever 

evolving into the …best cosmogenetic beauty +fruition... of the 

ALL=that IS +BEen +ever will BE…

= today leMUria is singing anew… the dream the seas have swept! 

…since auld lang syne…

big earth+skies=family=embrace!


...auld lang syne...

should auld acquaintance be forgot

+never brought to mind?

should auld acquaintance be forgot

+days of auld lang syne?


for …auld lang syne… my jove =
for …auld lang syne…
we'll drink ae cup of kindness shar'd

for ...auld lang syne…

we 2 hae run …about the braes...

+pou'd.. the …clover's fine…

but we've wandered... many a weary fit

sin'days... of …auld lang syne…


we 2 hae paidl'd in the burn

frae… morning sun… till dine...

the seas as found… a dream have swept 

sin'days... of …auld lang syne…


+surely you'll be your pint'stoup!

+surely i will be mine!

+we'll drink a cup of kindness shar'd

for …auld lang syne…


+there's a hand my trusty fiere!

+gie's a hand of thine!

+we'll drink… a right… guid°willy draught

for …auld lang syne…


learn traditional scottish songs auld lang syne lyric lab

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