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“Brought Back to Life”

“A True Story of a Man Brought Back to Life”

Once there was a man who was in the presence of a guru at a large ashram and all of a sudden he had a massive heart attack and died… but not for long. …


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“The Crystal Chandelier of Love”

Once there was a grand ball and all the people of the world were invited. They had wonderful music, great food, and lots of laughter and people were having a great time. And there was a huge crystal chandelier hanging above the dance floor which reflected the light of the moon through the ballroom window onto all the walls. Everyone could see the moon light coming through the window as white…


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“When Things are the Worst, That’s Exactly When Things are the Best”

Once there was a middle aged man who lost the love of his life because of alcohol. Not that he was a alcoholic or anything but things got out of control and thus he lost the one person that meant so much to him. He was down in the dumps, feeling bad, he did not eat for days, he couldn’t sleep, and he was feeling terrible because blamed himself for everything. But as it turns out, he was starting a positive program of…


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“People Are Having Visions of a Place of Beauty and Light”

I have been contacted by lots of different people from around the world who are all having the same kind of daytime visions. These are not dreams because they happen during the daytime. And these people are not related to one another, in fact they don’t even know one another exist. And they are deeply emotionally moved by what they are seeing. Their visions are profound and I feel very important for everyone to know…


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“How to Stay Enchanted with Life”

It’s so easy to become disenchanted with life, and start to feel down and unloved. Feeling that the world is against us, and that nothing good is happening. But in reality it’s just the opposite, if we look close there are lots of opportunities for being excited about life. Here are a few things that are uplifting and brighten the heart of every soul. …


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“What Awaits Us in Heaven”

 When we cross the veil of light into heaven, nirvana, and the infinite field there are some very interesting experiences that happen while on the other side of the veil. The process of death I’ve talked about in other articles, but what about all the time we spend on the other side of the veil? 

First of all we are greeted by…


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“A True Story of Love and Healing”

Once there was a young boy who went through life feeling alone. Feeling as though he did not belong, and that everyone was busy doing this and that, but he did not fit in. He went to school and had a hard time learning because he had a learning disability, which made it difficult for him to read, write, and do math. It was frustrating for his parents that didn’t know what to do… so their frustration eventually grew to…


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Personalized Spoken Language of Light Recording

Personal Language of Light Recording!


The Language of Light carries higher dimensional frequencies and is a beautiful way to help you vibrate higher as well as receive support through challenges.  Need healing, joy, new friends, relationships, passion, creativity, connection to…


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I Have just published I Am Mary Channeled from the spirit of Mary Magdalene

I Am Mary is a simple explanation of the relationship of human beings with each other and with their environment, the Earth and the Cosmos. It confirms the proven fact that everything in the Cosmos is made of tiny particles of energy which vibrate at different rates. This energy vibration has both light and sound characteristics which cannot all be sensed by us humans. I Am Mary also explains how the energy vibration of the human body, mind and soul can have either a positive or negative…


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A Christmas Message

Ngungu'taota (greetings, we are relatives), Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are One),

This Christmas let us pause to remember and give thanks for he who was born to become the incarnate Earth Heart, who lovingly takes upon himself the sins of the world, making sacrifice of his life to help the Earth and Her children to get safely home.…


Added by Hohongwitutiwa on December 25, 2014 at 2:54am — 5 Comments

Rises In The East(Not Just The Sun?!?!)

About five months ago, I was a night owl, often awake past the sunrise. I was on the deck looking out around 4:40am, and see a really, REALLY bright "star." So bright, I knew it wasn't a star. I was waiting for my cousin to get up so I could confirm I wasn't insane. This "star" followed the path of the sun. Right where the star rose, the sun would rise. This was the last star out before the sun. It was white. I looked at it through binoculars and could see the whole light spectrum emanating…


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Missing Person-Autumn Storm(Alex Dowless)

I don't know Autumn, although I pray she finds her way home. She was last seen at the Utah Rainbow Gathering, planning to head to San Francisco California. 

Love & Light

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Ancient Meditations Wisdom

Ancient Meditations and Schumann Resonance

Earth Breathing and Alpha Brainwaves

The earth is surrounded by air, and the ionosphere, and it is a wonderfully resonant system.  Any energy trapped within this earth-ionosphere cavity, like lightning storms, etc., will cause it to ring like a bell.  This frequency was first time calculated and detected by the German physicist Schumann in 1952.  He mathematically…


Added by Nataša Pantović Nuit on April 2, 2014 at 5:00am — 3 Comments

The Relaxed Soul on “In Between Lives”

I’ve done many between life regressions with people… 

and they are all the same.

When we die we go through a tunnel of light and review our life.…


Added by Dr. Paul Haider on February 19, 2014 at 10:20am — 3 Comments

Bridges of Light

                                                              As Beings of Light

                                                              Connected through our Hearts

                                                              We have Joined with Spirit

                                                              To Commit to a Great…


Added by Tara Mary on February 7, 2014 at 7:12am — 3 Comments

Portal 2012: Year 2014 : Victory of the Light


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Times Simplified....fine line between confidence and arrogance - seeking intelligent life is confusing the uni verse lol!!

I find myself free

to roam the universe

to ride this tsunami not clinging

i'm aware

that life vest does not double 

as a flotation device

and most folks are far too talkative, addicted to technology, foo-foo-woo-woo or driven by fears when the games already won - Angels await end game festivities - YAWN

lol on the gulf coast - west side - anyone near sarasota -? could enjoy beach walk partner - also doing waterwheel ceremony on all water…


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Original Content; Question Your Path



 At the beginning of all wisdom was a question. We are born curious, with a need to know about the Universe within which we exist, and then in time, what is beyond.


We intelligently design the major people, places, and events of our lives — including parents, lovers, and myriad “crossroads of life” situations. Our goal is to maximize the opportunities for Spiritual Evolution individually and collectively;…


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MDPVs [Gender Studies and the Energies of Creation]





The Multi-Dimensional Physical Vehicle [MDPV] is a wonder of creative intent and design.  It is the most dense Aspect of Being through which we, as Spiritual Beings, express ourselves as an extension of the Creator.  Commonly referred to as “the Body,” the MDPV is an energy/matter lattice which coordinates trillions of specialized cells into tissues, organs, and organ systems, culminating in an…


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Science vs. Spirituality





Much has been made over the inherent worth of the current Terran human being [homo sapiens sapiens]. Our situation has been discussed by intelligences far older and much more advanced than we, and for interesting reasons. Our planet and our Race play an integral role in the evolution of the Universe from the local level on up. Terran Science, meanwhile [on the payroll of the Elite] asserts that…


Added by Alexander Gallier on October 30, 2013 at 3:30am — 1 Comment

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