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Self Health

To Encourage, Educate & Support Individuals that want to Take Control of Their Health. Sharing Natural Therapies, Remedies, Articles, New Technologies & Freedom of Health issues.

Frequency Therapy

Everything to do with frequency therapy (aka Electroherbalism). Treat yourself with an online frequency generator.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

This group will be specific to Young Living Therapeutic Essentail Oils.
There is a significant difference between essential oils that simply smell good and those that are therapeutic-grade.

Orgone Energy and Orgonites

Orgone Energy is the substance of dreams...the door for Wellness, Protection  and personal & spiritual growth.  It is the "Open door for Angels"!!!

Organic Gardening

Questions and answers on organic gardening.

Beginning Vegetarians

For beginning Vegetarians and advanced Vegetarians/Vegans to help us. I know that being Vegetarian has been a natural advance for me. I am still having troubles getting away from milk products, however.

How to say NO to GMO's

Join the organizations that are making a difference.Make 2011 the year you put your new gained knowledge to good use.

Healing Altar

Healing Altar A place to put a prayer for someone in time of turmoil and sadness. Eternal Flame A place to remember love ones who are no longer with us.

What you should know about Morgellons

This is a man made organisim that you should know about. It has taken a few years to get a foot hold. You should be aware now. I made this a group for us to share the cure.

Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW!

Using Intuition, Angels and Meditation combined with EFT and Intention to great success, to help heal and transform lives. A place where even the Healer comes to get Healed, it's always harder to heal yourself. We will be doing video sessions.

Recovering Alcoholics And Addicts

This is for those with some kind of addiction

Doctor Royal R Rife

Dedicated to the research and work of Dr Royal R. Rife

Shadow Work

A group to help you process your negative emotions into positive ones. Shadow work is extremely important!

STM Networking Toolbox

How to Articles
HELP Department

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