Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More!

To my sorrow, though not to my despair, I see here and there a Temple child sinking into the slough of despondency, letting go of the rudder of the ship of life, staggering on under the weight of the heavy burden he has all unwittingly assumed, a burden too heavy for any one human being to carry, and all because he has temporarily lost the ability to function the Deific energy which alone would enable him to aspire to reach those divine and perfect conceptions which are the heritage of every child of the living God . conceptions within which are embodied the powers that swing the suns in space, the power that moves the spider to build its delicate habitation. With the first awakening of the human Soul to a knowledge of its divinity, to a knowledge of the character of the substance of and within which its expression in form has been moulded, there are also awakened the Karmic results of its previous lives in the line of sensuous gratification, and it is overcome with horror and disgust, which temporarily dashes it into a whirlpool of fear; fear that it has sinned too deeply for possible atonement, fear of its powerlessness to crush the demons pressing close about it. Finally, in desperation, it determines to create an ideal, and to build toward that ideal by a method of elimination. It selects the most obvious fault in its category, and sets itself vigorously at work to eradicate it. It may succeed in temporarily crushing that fault out, or rather back into the depths of its auric body, but ere that difficult task is completed, it awakes to the consciousness that some other form of the same fault, or one equally abhorrent, is taking its place. It then begins to realize that there is a more deeply rooted cause for its failure than it has hitherto comprehended ; something is wrong at the very heart of its being ; the substance in which it is embodied, of which it is formed, does not seem to vibrate in unison with the heart of the great Over-Soul. Discouraged at its powerlessness to crush its tormentors, it determines to try another method, that seemingly will be infallible, and so endeavors to conquer those elementary forces by raising them to a higher vibration. Where, mayhap, lust of power and place now manifest, it proceeds by the power of Will to awaken a corresponding desire for holy things. It devotes all its surplus energy to the advancement of some religious or humanitarian purpose. For a time, it believes it has found the peace of fulfillment, but some day it suddenly awakens to the fact that it has only transferred the original thirst for power and place to another phase of the same lustful desire, and now that hydra-headed monster holds it firmly in its grewsome clutches. Then comes a period of utter despondency and despair. With weighted steps and bowed head, it plods along through the dreary wastes which spread out on all sides of it. It sees no end to its labor, knows no hope. But one day it contacts some other Soul, which has sunk still deeper in some of the morasses of evil, and its God-given power of sympathy responds to the call made upon it ; its lethargy, hopelessness, and despair drop from its consciousness as might a filthy cloak from the shoulders of a man ; it reaches out a helping hand to that suffering brother, and with the giving of that help there springs up into its consciousness, direct from the Christ-star Eros, a ray of the light that has lightened the Universe . Unselfish Love ; the love that casteth out all fear ; the love that incites to kindly action ; the love that begets peace, joy, happiness, even in the stress and turmoil of physical life ; the love that goes straight to the heart of things, and returns laden with blessings for all who will open their hearts for their entrance. The proof of the awakening of love in the human Soul is the awakening of an overwhelming desire to give itself and all it possesses for the best good of all. It is only as we are enabled to give ourselves to Love that we can find life in abundance. But alas ! the self-deceived but seek amiss. They start out on their search for the Fountain of Wisdom, the waters of which are the sprayings of Love, with man made ideas, not only of what Love consists, but where it is to be found, and find naught but the vaporings of lust, which soon pall on their senses and finally leave them ten-fold more heart hungry than they were in the beginning of their search. Often, oh, so often, have you heard the words, "Except ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the kingdom of God." I herewith plead with you to strive with all your might to form some right concept of all that is involved in that sentence, all that it means to you individually. First, perfect faith, unselfish love, and trust. It is only when a child has been influenced by its elders to do so, that it chooses the opposite pavement to that upon which the so-styled sinner is walking. Love reduces all men to a level. It takes nothing, it gives all. With the dawn of that mighty force in our hearts, it begins to speak through our eyes in no uncertain tones ; it draws to us by the might of intuition the wisdom and power we could attain in no other way ; it casts the filthy rags of self righteousness in which we have clothed ourselves into the flames that ascend from the heart of the great Temple of Life, and reclothes us in a spotless robe, woven from the threads which lie curled in the drops of sweat wrung from our tortures, as we stand in the midst of the central flame, where sooner or later every disciple of the Great White Lodge must stand until purified. Ah, my children, nothing else counts in the sum of our existence save Love. "If ye love not your brother whom ye have seen" . the brother who has cheated you in business as well as the brother who has succored you, the sister who has betrayed your trust as well as the sister who has been your inspiration, your brethren who now walk on the shady side of the path of life . not always by choice, but frequently because they have been pushed from the sunny side by you and others like you : if ye cannot love these who need your love above all others, "how can ye love God whom ye have not seen", the God in whom these now despised ones "live and being" ? So long as you can turn your faces in anger or disgust from the meanest thing that lives, so long as you can persuade or tempt another human being to do likewise, just so long will the bars of that gate which now shuts you off from your inheritance remain in place, and you still continue to grope around in the outer darkness. The words, "Judge not, that ye be not judged", were spoken to you just as surely as they were spoken to those other fragments of divinity, who, standing in the light of the Spiritual Sun, were striving to disperse the dense clouds which yet surrounded them ; but that light had been focused so strongly upon the screen of their lives, that their power of righteous judgment was held in abeyance by the fires thus kindled. But it is not so with you ; while you have long stood in the rays of that Sun, its light has entered your consciousness, and given you the power of self-restraint ; the power to withhold judgment and give love, where a weak or erring brother stands in need of it. Come back to me, my children, who have wandered far away into the by-paths made by faithlessness, by false judgment, by lovelessness, until you can no longer hear my voice, no longer see my outstretched hand. Open your hearts to that divine love which, as a mirror, reflects our unity. Remember that your brother's sin is your sin, your sister's weaknesses are your weaknesses, and that as the Great Master cannot enter into his rest until he has gathered into one fold the sheep that belong to him, neither can you enter into your inheritance until you have led into your love the hearts that are a part of your heart. Take my hand, and with me seek your straying brothers and enfold them in the love that is the apotheosis of all things, the love that can conquer all things, even death itself. As the sound of the words you have spoken passes into the invisible realms ; as the light of the fires you have kindled passes inward beyond your earthly vision ; both sound and light return to that form of energy of which they are integral parts, subject to recall by those who have won the power to manipulate those forms of energy, not necessarily as repetitions of the spoken words, or similar flashes of light, but as elementary embodiments subject to control. In like manner, the thoughts of love, compassion, and devotion which well up in the human heart, pass beyond the ken of their creators, to mingle with like forces in the realms of spirit. And these, too, are subject to recall, and come as angel visitants to those who have prepared a dwelling-place for them. To those who look upon all spoken or written efforts to awaken man to a consciousness of the power of Love, as a string of platitudes. a useless waste of time, that might better be devoted to some material Purpose, I would say : even from the most material standpoint, the cultivation of the power of Love will bring about the manifestation of all they prize most highly; for beyond all controversy, Love is the Most Potent form of energy in the Universe, and he who has won the power to control it, has at his command all lesser forms of force ; but it is that form of Love that gives all instead of that which takes all ; for, paradoxical as it seems, and difficult to comprehend, renunciation is equivalent to possession.

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I understand.  The giving of one's self to Love is the greatest gift from God, the Source of Love ♥ Jilly


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