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How do I change my photos so they are not in a slideshow any more???

All photos are able to be viewed in slideshow format... do you not wish them to be viewable by others ?

How do I get rid of the OV Networking Toolbox?  It is HUGE.  The animated finger pointing is annoying, to say the least.  I believe The Simpsons is a television show that sells its advertising space to the highest bidder in a war to get us to BUY, BUY, BUY.  It is really overkill.  There is already a space below our Name/info for access to share with others, like others in OV, Twitter and Facebook.  There is also a tag at the bottom of every blog posting asking whether or not we want to share with others, like others in OV, Twitter and Facebook.  It's like the unattractive department of redundancy department.  Sorry to make such fun of what should be a helpful tool but right now it's like a gigantic elephant in the room.  Perhaps you could place it at the bottom of all of the other interesting posts that I would like to look at but I have to pass that danged OV Networking Toolbox.  PLEASE?

Unfortunately, the normal sharing links at the ends of blogs and things are only for Facebook and Twiiter, not the other 200+ networks accessible by the sharing in the toolbox.

The reason I made it so prominent is because members often couldn't find these things and I honestly got tired of people asking where they could help and how to do things..

Homer can go, I guess :-)


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