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You may not realise it, but your profile page contains enough features for you to set up just about EVERYTHING you need for your online activities!

This course will teach you all about your profile page and how to customize it, add functions, connect other accounts, embed widgets plus a whole lot of other things.

NOTE: This page is always easily accessed from the main menu

as a subtab under "My Page"


1. Modules, module headers and moving them around

2. Changing and editing modules

3. How to change your profile picture/image

4. How To Control Ning E-mails And Member Settings

5. That magical text box!

6. How to add a video to your text box.

7. How to add an entire YouTube video playlist to your text box

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Thank you so much for your informations!!!Because I didn't know a lot of things!Like to share videos...:-)

You are most welcome! ENJOY!

Merci!  :-)

Why THANKYOU, Kyle :-)

You just made my day!

Thanks so much for all you do, Michael, but all this is way beyond me--I'm gonna have to really study these instructions--as well as the ones in your other posts--see if I can learn something. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but maybe I can prove them wrong--Love and Light, always, Dot 

thanks for helping me with this instructions,for me its a little bit difficult but i will learn it

Welcome Alice!  Let me know if you need a hand navigating (rose from the ConTrail)


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