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ECZEMA is a very common complaint which causes considerable discomfort for many dogs. It is also a disease which causes considerable frustration for both owners and veterinary surgeons.

Naturally clients often become dissatisfied when they have to return for the same treatment and with the certain knowledge that in a few months or even weeks they will be back again.

Eczema is a complex condition with many possible causes

One of the main contributing factors is hypersensitivity to the bite of the dog flea. Unfortunately many dogs still develop eczema when the flea problem is eliminated. Other contributing factors such as molting, sensitivity to various dyes and fabrics, chemicals in washes and flea collars.

There remains a large number of cases seen where the cause is suspected to be allergic but the precise contributing factor has not been isolated. Recently a number of these difficult cases were collected for evaluation of a new concept of treatment.

It has been known for a long time that fats were an essential part of any animal's diet. Without fat the skin becomes dry and scaly, and the hair tends to break. It is only recently that the complex role of various fatty acids and their derivatives has begun to be understood.

Certain substances capable of producing active skin inflammations and edema have been isolated in increased quantities in patients with eczema. Corticosteroids block the metabolism of some of these factors, hence their success in eliminating the redness and itchiness in eczema cases. The long-term use of corticosteroids can produce undesirable side effects. Every veterinary surgeon would be delighted not to have to rely on these to alleviate eczemas.

One of the essential fatty acids in the diet of animals is linoleic acid. Unfortunately it seems that the form of this acid derived from land plants and animals may produce a substance that can cause allergic responses in some animals during its metabolism.

Linoleic acid, derived from aquatic plants and animals, on the other hand produces a substance during its metabolism that inhibits these allergic responses. Such a substance is known as EPA (being the initials of its chemical components). In experiments on a number of dogs suffering from chronic eczema, one group was given no supplements, one group was given a supplement containing zinc, and another group a combination of Vitamin E, linoleic acid and EPA.

A dramatic response was noted in the last group; more than 95 percent of the dogs stopped scratching and appeared brighter and more active. This response was maintained and became more obvious the longer the supplement was continued.

Care must be taken in applying these findings to all cases of eczema

It is probable that not all cases of eczema are not of allergic origins, but in cases that have proved refractory to other treatments, this dietary supplement may well prove useful. The dosage and type of preparation chosen is all-important and should always be used under the guidance of your veterinary surgeon.


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love + thanks for this precious advice… i think even for human's this would be an inspiration =

as we were grown up with misleading diet directions...

big°earth+skies=family=hug  heidi


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