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I'm sure many of you have internet businesses, like I do, and find the idea/prospect/experience of advertising quite daunting.

Where do we start? Who do we trust? Who will give us that traffic to our websites that might turn into sales?

I'm sure we've all tried Facebook. That has proved a lot of work for me with very little reward!

As yet, the thought of Twitter does not appeal to me !

So I was wondering, if we all pooled our ideas together, told of good and bad experiences with advertising, it could really help us all amke those extra sales to give us that income we so richly deserve !


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Replies to This Discussion is a possibility. I think some people have found it to be of some value. I have a page there but I don't know that it has been all that effective. Then again, I haven't used it very much in terms of networking. I think that's probably a key to any success with it.

Another possibility is My page is but the same goes for this site as what I said above.

Of course it depends on your product or service, not to mention your budget. The tighter you can zero in on your target market the more effective the results will be. It might pay off to purchase banner ad space on websites that cater to people who would be interested in the type of product or service you're selling. But no doubt you've already thought of that. :-)

Don't know if any of this helps. It's all I could think of at the moment.

Check out Bannersbroker  where you can both advertise and sell space. A very creative way of doing business.

Thanks Gary.

Any advice is worth investigating.

Same here, I,ve tried FB, Linkedin, and others, private paid advertising on big ad sites, (and free) Craigslist, Inet Giant, etc.  The best so far for me is actually Etsy where you can link up your twitter and FB accounts.  I pay 5$ a week for search ads on Etsy which gives  me a good amount of traffic to my store.  I also use YouTube links to bring people to my store.  Also, when you put items there, they automatically put them out to the search engines too, on your stats page you can see where everyone is coming from.


Thanks Dragon Chimes.

That name Etsy is new to me and I'll go and explore the link you supplied.

Oh dear Christopher

A very interesting Article.

I try now already since more than three years to generate an income for me on the internet but whatever I did, only generated headache.

Can be that I do something wrong, maybe miss something, so I am open to learn here in that article something I can try because I didn't tried this yet. :)

Seems we in the same situation SiNeh !

I've tried this and that and nothing seems to bring in the traffic and sales I need. I realize how much competition is out there, and we all need a lucky break sometimes, and I'm hoping this discussion might help all of us.

My Name's Robert Le Blanc. I've found a great training on how to use facebook, twitter, linkedin, g+, and others to effectively make a sale every day in less than an hour. I'm doing the training right now and I'ts very good!

I Just copy and pasted my email. It works for my company which I blanked out the name and any others.
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If you already have a Facebook page, Max will demonstrate a few simple things you can do that will produce immediate results for you. If you've been searching for a high quality lead source, you've found it. The webinar is free! Max offers a bootcamp training for those who want to very seriously utilize facebook. After you register, you will receive a link to the bootcamp training, but you are not required to purchase anything. You will learn some excellent information on developing leads on facebook so have your pen and paper ready for notes. The webinar will be recorded and available later for those who are unable to join us Wednesday night.

Again the Wednesday night webinar is free!
See you on the webinar.


try calling Max's secretary to see if you can get any deal, try mentioning me Robert Le Blanc I'm registered for the training and bootcamp. 702 527- 5150. 

my number is 226 674- 0511

Good idea, this post, Christopher.

So much comment so far about traffic.  Who do you know that wishes to enter or spend time in traffic.  Urg!  Ugly idea.  No wonder people got stress as their result.

Why not sit at the quiet end of a cul-de-sac and allow those with a special interest to come to you?

Invoke it. Imagine it.  Energise it.  Create it.  (Build it and they will come.)

Being focussed on what we ask for, and being aware of our language, and the limits we inadvertently place on what we want, brings us more.

You'll think I'm crazy, but I handed over completely to Angels and stopped worrying about it.  Then a business woman offered to promote my literature at her counter.  I replied, I'm looking for a room first.  Next moment, she offered me a room!  It was so simple.

Invoke it into being first.  Then allow it to happen. Then accept the opportunity without any doubt whatsoever when it comes.  You'll save a lot of money and headache.  Don't believe me...try it out on yourself!


Just an idea. What about creating webpage to share with all who wish to advertise.

Every advertiser should share expenses because advertising campaign is really very costly.

Include usage of different platforms and maximize usage of search engine. Marketing is about sale. 

Chris, great idea you starting this. I just want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I have tried LinkedIn, don't use facebook, and twitter not interested. I have my own duplicated site. I like to deal with people one on one for this particular product. Give them a taste of it, and then do a 3 way call, with my up line sponsor who is more knowledgeable about the product than I. What I'm into, is the real deal in decades of affiliate marketing, I have never seen a product that covers all the bases like this one can.If you're interested just go to, then send me an email at


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