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General Says Prepare For Little Green Men

Earlier I posted the words spoken by General Mark A Milley. Here now is the video of that event. Leave your comments.

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Comment by Dr. Sohiniben Shukla on May 1, 2016 at 11:10am

Dear Ari,

My son told me that Green Man is an Alion....

Actuallt I love them...


Comment by DJ on April 30, 2016 at 2:40pm

well...................their consciousness could be far more evolved than ours.  Our planet's overall energy field is one of fear not love.  At the rate we are going in this reality....we are headed for the 6th extinction and it is humankind that has misused their intent.  Love will always prevail.......but in this grand "experiment" that we are aware of existing in...............where are we on the scale of love/fear?  I would venture that any assistance "appearing" out there reflects our collective intent.  All I can do is go within and clear out any negativity within my-self........that and only that will change my perception of the world "out there".  No matter how loud it gets "out there".......the bottom line is it is an inside job.  It starts with the individuated point of consciousness that I am and that you are.  5 trillion cells that make up a human body are in harmony (health) or in disharmony (dis-ease).  This thing called HUMANITY is a collective of individuated points of consciousness representing a whole and it is very "sick" indeed.  The power lies in the one looking at it.  Who is looking and what are we looking for.  The outer world reflects the innerworld.  We are consciousness!  How evolved we are is represented by the world we "see".  Maybe beings of higher intelligence are also part of the whole and do not want to see us destroy ourselves...................the evolution of our individuated consciousness may be a far more important piece of the picture than we have been taught to realize.  Self-realization is the name of the game.........and we are part of one mighty being.  Our common denominator is that of being or beingness.  Our only power is choice of expression or relationship toward that being which on this plane of existence means how we choose  to relate to "other".  Just a thought or an idea....but it is much larger than me................this is not about "me".......this is about the individual surrendering unto the whole and the benefit for ALL!  United we stand and divided we will be a very interesting play over the next few years.

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 30, 2016 at 2:14pm


 However, one must wonder why any off world beings would reveal themselves to us.

What would be the point ?


Comment by DJ on April 30, 2016 at 12:44pm

"Reality is an illusion..................all be it a persistent one"  Get educated about what is real and where your energy gets sucked up vs. self-directed.  We are here to LOVE not to fear.  If a little green man or woman shows up on my doorstep, I suppose I might want to be cordial and share my green tea.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  WE ARE ALL ONE!  It's just the masses that are in fear are in a deeper state of amnesia and dreaming than we are and it is a call to LOVE that will wake them up.  But, and this is a very big but.............we are not responsible for waking them up or getting them to hear the call to wake up.  ALL ARE CHOSEN! Regardless of the form, the content is all the same.  We are only responsible for growing our own consciousness and waking up ourselves so that we can respond with LOVE.  If there is is just a larger call to LOVE.  Consciousness is a process of growth of self awareness through lowering the state of entropy.....................a great synopsis of the larger picture in in Thomas Campbell's My Big TOE (Theory of Everything).  You are what you say, think, feel  and believe you are. You alone decide for your-SELF! You are not a being of fear.  That is a lie.  WAKE UP!  I say get the Green tea brewing to anticipate the reception of an intelligence that far exceeds ours.  Afterall.............if the establishment is so right, what is all the fuss about defending it?  Defense implies weakness.  Acceptance radiates TRUTH :)

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