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At 8:25am on June 22, 2016, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…

Dear Paul,

Because Serena who has posted an Event from Dalai Lama and His group for the benifit of our Mother Earth and so she told that Her Blog should remain as an important event so no body should post until her event to share with others...

So we will have to co operate with her actually for the good will for our Planet...


At 4:35pm on June 21, 2016, Dr. Sohiniben Shukla said…

Dear Paul,

I am so sorry but now you will have to write it again...

You better understnd what was the reason ..

Thanks for being my friend..


At 8:21pm on July 5, 2015, Izabella said…
Thank you for being my friend.

May your day be filled with love,joy and happiness.

With love and light, Izabella

At 8:59pm on September 9, 2014, AuroRa - Admin said…

At 9:07pm on May 21, 2014, Sherayx said…

I haven't been here in awhile, so sorry for delay. Thank u so much for stopping by, what a pleasure. Thank u for ur kindness and light, and I will keep that in mind, much luv , light and peace.

At 10:16am on March 26, 2014, Louise said…

Dr Haider,

I've seen your posts on anti-inflammatory Poria Cocos mushroom, Ecklonia Cava seaweed, Neem Oil and  Vegan Diet.  I'm looking for information about overcoming CFS particularly with herbal remedies and with Bikram Yoga.  I know dehydration can be a problem from the Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint.  I'm not sure I'll find any actual studies that support Bikram, but it seems a valuable tactic along with good nutrition, rest, fluid replacement.  I wonder if you have anything to add or any information point to steer me towards?  Much appreciated if you do, but please, spare me only a little time.

Thank you and best regards.

At 10:03am on March 16, 2014, Faye Brown said…

And a morning filled with Positive energy to you enlighten scholar of your profession .. I'm ever so pleased to have you accept my extension of Light in an offer of friendship … I hope we can share some area of Positiveness and joy in these passing moments of our journey .. Much Positive Light and Love to you and yours …

At 3:59pm on December 30, 2013, yael said…

shepard to shepard Doc - and I smell wats cookin' - and physician, ME, heals and laughs a lot and mostly at myself

pleased to meetcha :)

At 8:47pm on November 12, 2013, rose said…

Sending you appreciation, protection and gratitude Doctor.

At 10:34pm on October 23, 2013, Patty said…

Yacon Syrup is something i would like to try.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

At 8:57am on June 20, 2013, Denise Diane Scanapico said…

Thank You SO Much- Dear Dr. Haider For ALL That You DO! Love You. Denise :)

At 7:04pm on June 6, 2013, rose said…

Worry? Who me? NEVER - seriously. You probably have me pegged as a stress head - cronhs and all, but in fact we are so chilled here, It's kind of like being on doses of fluoride ;)

I do appreciate everything you do Dr Haider. Lovely to see your fan base growing here.  Full support and thank you for the time you invest..

At 9:22am on March 20, 2013, Louise said…

Hi Dr. Paul,

The following are ice crystals formed from imperfect and perfected water molecules, depending on the offering of prayer and intent of love to each.  These are from the work of Dr. Emoto.  I suppose you've heard of him.  He talks about Hado, the spirit essence of all things.  I liked him from the get-go but now he has travelled about holding water blessing ceremonies at lakes and rivers and has been a guest consultant to some shire councils in Europe about upgrading the local water.  He's really onto something.

Blessings to You!

At 9:18am on March 20, 2013, Louise said…

At 10:01am on January 25, 2013, Coralie Raia's Writing Road said…

I checked out your links and subscribed on You Tube. Your diversity, knowledge and experiences are broad based and I respect the way you shared them. May the good you do for others continue to richly bless your life.

Warmest regards,


At 12:50pm on January 24, 2013, Coralie Raia's Writing Road said…

I appreciate having you as a new friend. I look forward to further exchanges. My hubs David and I have a personal development company called Fresh Beginnings our company offers a variety of services that assist clients in reaching their goals of healthy, dynamic living. The webiste is


We like to add other professionals to our associates and will certainly be refering clients to your website.


I am also a published free lance writer and author and have written a book about my personal journey to health, wholeness and spiritual development called I've Been There--A Testimony of Hope and the website is


I will make my hubs David aware of your page here and I am sure he will send a friend request as well. Wishing you continued success in your ventures.


At 12:30am on January 23, 2013, LoveIsTheAnswer said…

on your FEATURE!

Your incredicble blog is now featured under the HEALING tab on the main menu

THANKYOU for all your wonderful work!

At 1:08am on January 11, 2013, rose said…

At 6:12pm on January 9, 2013, rose said…

I thank you for your offer and certainly will be looking in on you whilst I journey here.

Aroha nui from Down Under New Zealand

my home

At 11:32pm on January 8, 2013, rose said…

Kia ora Dr Paul, thank you for your heart for this place. What caring folk you are.

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