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to the bones… a♡LOVE=blessed …1917…

the best cosmogenetic... beauty+fruition

with all = omnies +creatures +creations

within the …LOVE°filled …1917… +everfresh



update 2016°1°7

with hearty thanks to ...kryon = lee carroll...

...marshmallow message... from kryon book 13 =  

the recalibration of humanity ...defining spiritual life

the quantum instructions within the 'dna' 

are all talking to the biology of my body

the ONE°presence within the =eternal=i=am=

the spirit +the atoms +the organic=cells=


the =ONE=breathing=quantum=organism…

…unfolding... the attributes of the akash… 

+the 100% perfect 'dna' = as designed…

at the 240th days = in my mother's womb… 


with +kind=coalescence...



˙·٠. mm.٠·˙

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Comment by heidi wachter on January 14, 2017 at 10:14pm

the elephant in the room = LOVE = it is all changing on earth

2017°1°13 = american kabuki = excerpts =

i received some data earlier in the week regarding the choices 

of some of the earth 'controllers' = from loie = galactics +another 

source = the choice they made kind of stunned me = one would 

presume even the most difficult ones would act in their best 

interests = yet they did not = its not often i am surprised but 

i felt that way this week = they have been removed from 

the planet +archived in source = they will not be back here = 

ever = i don't know who these particulars are = i do not know 

the identities or the numbers or the locations = it does not really 

matter = they made a choice +source itself honored it = you can 

think of them as the hands in the back of the political sock 

puppets you see in public = the powers behind the scenes that 

whisper into the frontmen's ears +who bankroll the daily chaos 

on the world scene…

this system exists to create elites +poverty = it is truly rigged = 

it is the very engine of enslavement! = every single betrayal 

of humanity by another human has been rationalized as a  need 

'to pay the mortgage' = a mortgage that has been created by 

fraud on the value deposited by source in the original depositories 

= you +me! +all this dressed up in a drag queen dress 

of a 'meritocracy' to decide 

the 'direction humanity takes' over bits of papers +1's +0's in bank 

computers = we are moving to an entirely different paradigm 

where we recognize wealth as being each human = source in body 

= prepaid +pre'deposited = in an abundant universe there is no 

reason whatsoever for anyone to live in poverty +want =

do i know exactly how this transition unfolds? = i do not = its never 

been done before +involves timing of events +physics +positioning 

of beings so complex = no single being in this universe could ever 

comprehend the complexity on their own = i have learned that it 

is all LOVE = i have learned to respect the flow +do my best to be 

in harmony with it = even when it meant months or years of delay 

= in what I would like to experience personally = its not about my 

personal experiences but rather thatnobody gets left behind 

+all get to experience what they should be experiencing = 

true freedom +pure love for the first time = all that is done in 

pure love = is not bound by any limitation = 

i will send pure love to those around me = i know i will know that 

whatever is needed will be perfect for each occasion = i ask that 

you all do the same as well = you will be faced with those who 

have newly awaken +are completely lost as to explain = what they 

see happening around them = the systems will go down = there 

will NOT be a world war = there might be a good bit of confusion 

multiplied by the news media! = 

most of us have already lost everything we have = you likely 

would not be reading this blog = had you not been through that 

with the banks = medical profession = or the legal systems = so 

most of us have no stake in the markets = perhaps for at least a 

decade = if I had to write out how i survived the last 3 years = 

it probably would not even pencil out = yet some how i get enough 

to eat = pay a cellphone bill +the electricity = it works out = 

i know the galactics have cargo holds full of tech that will take 

care of every need = they have been waylaid for a bit as these 

realms unite into the unidynamic frequencies adjusting 

+changing +new frequencies introduced = that most have never 

experienced = all these perceptions of separation within known as 

dimensions +realms fade away as the choice of separation now 

completed in its expression +experience +never to be done again = 

…the galactics have been cut off from news on the earth sphere 

via their technologies for a number of weeks = they do however 

get news from those = they are in contact with here = all their 

tech was built on transdimensional metals such as titanium +rare 

earths +since those 'dimensions' are all merging... things went a bit 

wonky in the tech department = at least until the frequencies 

settle down = 

something has changed in the past week = on those screens that 

they observed the earth with = are bubbles = they are not exactly 

sure what causes the bubbles = but they are very much like 

champagne bubbles = one physicist i talked to on the reliance 

sphere likened it this way = 

terran = can you explain to me what the bubbles are on 

the screens of the sphere alliance? = frequency nodules? =   







terran = you do have fun with all the changes! lol  



terran = the only thing i can predict is pervasiveness of love 

+the huge number of beings who are here NOW to assist this 

planet = that is the real elephant in the room = LOVE = anyone 

who can tell you what exactly will happen next = is mistaken = 

this has never been done before +much of it is being created on 

the fly as needed = there is no template for this moment =


˙·٠. mm.٠·˙

Comment by heidi wachter on January 14, 2017 at 7:42pm

catherine austin fitts 2017 destruction of the old +creation 

of the new =

Comment by heidi wachter on January 14, 2017 at 7:41pm

ending of california drought significant sign of change of power

satellite reveals end of 'unending' n california drought

Comment by heidi wachter on January 13, 2017 at 2:47pm

= 'little ice age' already underway =

Comment by heidi wachter on January 12, 2017 at 4:25pm

a likely way that trump would be forced out of office

eric zuesse = originally posted at

far over a majority = of the people whom trump has appointed 

to be 'the principal officers of the executive departments' = i.e. = 

majority of his 15-person cabinet = are establishment republicans 

= who favor continuation of the cold war against russia = 

the establishment republican u.s. president george herbert walker 

bush = on 1990°2°24 confidentially instructed not only his cabinet 

= but heads'of'state of america's european allies = that 'nato's 

hostility toward russia = was to continue in secret = even after 

the soviet union +its communism and its warsaw pact military 

alliance would end = which end of those soviet entities occurred 

in 1991 = under obama = the old american 'cold war' has been

getting hotter than it had been since at least the cuban missile 

crisis of 1962 = however… candidate = now president-elect = trump 

has consistently been promising to stop it = in the view of america’s 

aristocrats +their agents = including such firms as lockheed martin 

= trump is now threatening them = he is threatening to end 

the cold war = on the american side = as it had already ended on 

russia’s side = in 1991 = 

either trump will reverse his many public statements = supporting 

rapprochement with russia = or else the u.s. establishment = which 

includes almost every living member +former member of congress 

= +virtually all of the think tanks+news'media+also 

the establishmentarian pence = whom trump himself had appointed 

+also = the mostly establishment republicans whom trump has 

selected for his cabinet = will likely remove him from office +hand 

the presidency to the constitutionally assigned substitute = the u.s. 

v'p = mike pence himself = 

in either case = america’s war against russia would likely resume = 

as it was under obama +perhaps even as bad as trump’s democratic 

opponent hillary clinton had been promising to escalate it = which 

would be to 'ww3' = 

getting a majority of the cabinet to participate in the conspiracy 

would be far less likely than that = even though they are part 

of the establishment = some = even of the establishment faction 

+thus inclined toward <1%> dictatorship = might have a conscience 

= trump = by choosing an establishment v.p. +an establishment 

cabinet = has virtually invited an establishment coup = unless 

he buckles early to the establishment +violates every progressive 

promise he had uttered during his campaign for the presidency = 

especially his promise to work together with russia's leader... 

to the benefit of both countries = 

trump seems not to have been bright enough to have known 

of this feature of the u.s. constitution +so he might have been 

tragically unaware of the vital necessity for him to select 

anti'establishment people for his v'p +cabinet… +so = if trump 

himself does not rule as an establishment president = which will 

become clear within two months at the most = a coup 

overthrowing him would actually be fairly easy = +the major 

question would be the coup's timing = presumably = the aristocracy 

would delay it until there is clarity that trump is serious about 

reversing some of their key policies = such as 'nato's pushing russia 

into a  ww  = remarkably = this would be an entirely constitutional 

coup = one that takes advantage of the stupid drafting of the 25° 

amendment = 

stupidity might be rampant = but the american aristocracy = who 

are united behind 'ghw bush's 1990°2°24 plan' = take advantage of 

every opportunity that is available to them +this is certainly 

a major one = consequently = the next '4 years' are remarkably 

likely to be a conservative rape of the u.s. +even of the world = 

along the lines of Hillary Clinton’s plan to finish 'ghw bush's plan' = 

but overseen by pence +the republicans instead = 

up to the present moment at least = trump is still displaying 

the courage to repudiate the u.s. aristocracy's top priority of 

continuing the war against russia that ghw bush started +that 

obama has been raising to a fever'pitch = if trump sticks with this 

repudiation of the bush'until'obama foreign'policy thrust +yet = 

somehow = survives in office = then = right there = on that one 

issue alone he will be reversing the horrible u.s. history after 

1990°2°24 = which the u.s. establishment are obsessed to continue 

+to culminate +finally be setting the world onto the most essential 

path to peace +prosperity = prosperity ▼  in all but 

the 'defense'industries so that authentic progress can =perhaps 

= begin to be made on domestic issues = both inside the u.s. 

+around the world the widespread public hope at the end 

of the cold war the freeing'up end of the vast armaments'drain 

+destruction = such as the invasions of syria +ukraine = to spend 

those trillions instead constructively = upon domestic economies = 

will finally become reality from which billions of people will 

benefit up to the present moment at least

author's note =personal note= although i expect the worst = 

i hope that subsequent events will prove my expectations 

regarding trump's presidency = to have been wrong =

Comment by heidi wachter on January 10, 2017 at 10:55pm

our global + spatial common good 

= fair questions =

haw=note= kryon=lee carroll mentioned trump to be a wild card = 

+ when we look at the korean heir = which could unite the 2 korea

+become a great leader = we see how the old heritage is holding 

on to increase the addiction to personal power = now we look all

at trump = spatially +globally +are we aware about how our global

collective will be part of the outcome?

otto von bismarcks quotes explain clearly how one govt. subdues

the next… by 'powers' that 'already'are'… which have gathered 

resources +military strawmans… +political actors… he even says = 

that any military force is equal in inhumanity to the slaughter 

of animals for sausage production +that both practices are 

impossible to watch without vomiting the own gut… yeah… i have 

the same cognition even with a republican party +military unit = 

first they need to take public +global distance from any form of

war'economy = spatial + global in order to serve the public 

common good of all… to repair the damage done to countries 

which were ravaged for their lands +resources with the out'turn 

of ecocide +or genocide…

> do we need healing? spatially +globally? …oh yes… or mr trump

the 'wild card' …will end similar to the younger korean heir… 

...we all change +change is the only constant in the multiverse…

how about change +relax +support the spatial +global common

benevolence +good? = do WE have a chance? YES = 

in a polar space we have the 'free will choice' +maybe even more

= the love… which is the 'dark'spatial'matter' which =glues= our

ALL COREvisions into our national govt.'s = with benevolence 

+peaceful …global +spatial response'ability +countenance…

= to'get'her with our collective …earth'CORE'consciousness… 

+our starry families… +global +spatial free trades = 

…while respecting the culture +creeds of every sovereign state… 

we start a new era… of life… perhaps we may even be vulnerable

as a 'collective organism +consciousness… in its new paces into 

a global +spatial consensus = for the common benevolence +good 

of all… but look how = we already HAVE changed = from 

a patriarchal hegemony = military force = 

we look at this new presidency into a new collective mirror = 

what do we see? great ego? or great EVOLution? …these days 

a quote is sounding +turning in my ears >

god is experienced only …when god is expressed… godly… 

+we know what this means… there is no way to excuses to kill

or steal other natives for their land resources +technology rush…

for all the christians = the christ said = you can do more than 

i did = while i am going home… to the father… the ...dharma

is clear… to us all = do onto others = how we our selves will be 


time will tell for sure… meanwhile we are more conscious…

than 8 years past… may we look at these coming 4 years with

new eyes = ramtha teaches that… without attachment = 

=haw=vulnerability= is the purest love because it is not about 

what others can give you = because you are empty = it is about

what =WE= CAN give… others… because we ...are already full…

well then… we relax +check our emotions +manifest a 2017=1 

year… of …infinite… possibilities… +we are just beginning…

big earth+skies°family°hug!


= fair questions = geopolitical overview = 2017°1°8

what do we know for sure? = remember = we were convinced even 

last month that there would never be peace in the middle east 

+bang!.... we are about to see israel =

brought to its knees this coming week just as we saw 'nisis' 

defeated last week in aleppo = amazing times in which we live = 

things can +do happen so fast now…

…trump's cabinet selections are either all billionaires = senior 

retired generals or elite friends = with improper resumes to hold 

any cabinet level job necessary to successfully run a nation = is 

trump draining the swamp or refilling it = knowing that someone 

else will eventually drain it for him? = are the russians +chinese 

holding trump in position just prove ...they can?  

watever it is = it is not ???kosher??? = but what exactly then is? 

trump is 'stewarding' a nation +there is no place to hide…

+unless we have not trained for this kinda 4 year marathon = 

the race is going to end quickly +badly????

or does he magically morph into one of this counties greatest

leader = ascend to higher consciousness +taking us all there… 

with him?

according to the kremlin = foreign minister sergey lavrov was 

asked by the trump transition team to provide 'any +all' files 

relating to soros = citing legal authority from the 2014°3°6 

executive order = signed by president obama = entitled 

blocking property of certain persons contributing to the situation 

in ukraine =

Comment by heidi wachter on January 7, 2017 at 7:07pm

haw=note= with posts which carry a clear message of polarity =

or party = i am not posting the links = but those interested

of the full text can search for ...with the title = i am far from

being part of any form of political party = but for reaching full

transparency = we need ourselves to be as clear as possible… in

order to attract our = global +spatial common good of all =

'wild cards' as trump is been mentioned by kryon = lee carroll =

may help us walk ahead with vigil presence… +learn our

'part' of the 'spatial +global whole' +with these increasing energy

waves… which are passing our planet +grids = we become the vital

nodes +nulls… which are the most important life force …balancing…

the enforced… polarity poles… as similar as during the full'moon

energy swap... caused by these cosmic energy waves = while we

spiral… through new areas… of space... 

in contemporary 

…with the unprecedented 'ENDstation' of the 'main' cabal 

'presidential candidate' election… we are facing more trouble as 

we may consciously know… while now these forces are less visible 

+those rejecting the cabal amnesty +free choice to join the 100% 

= are now a tiny % in face of the 100% +but all these... are now

'wild cards' too… which may run havoc = till our own cosmogenetic 

beauty +fruition IS freed… our CORE°vision IS pulsing alive… +our 

temper remains rooted… in our earth°CORE°consciousness in

unison... with our eternal legacy CORE +the pulsing origin suns

COREs… old souls …which were part of the beginning… of the 

'forming of our earthly planet' …we can just breath… +dance...

…this time = we all may dance… our own dance… but the music… 

IS spherical… sound… from space +globe… +the energy is WIDE…

as the air… unlimited… +co=creative… it is 'our' …quantum soup…

we are co=cooking daily… but let us cook a healing soup = where

all bacteria = virus or limits = trolls or zombies or anti'christ's =

get nulled… by balancing... the currents of polar energies 

with quantum temper… not trumpets = the more we ground our 

selves… the more we remain steadfast +present… +sovereign!

while facing our daily …part… of the whole… 

with our big hearts… a big earth +skies family hug! 


'slow +low'

geopolitical overview = 2017°1°7

the 'false flag' shooting event occurred in florida on friday = it 

happened at exactly the same time as the electoral college votes 

were to be counted in a joint session of congress = in fact = all 

the mass media carriers switched feeds as not to give that 

moment in history its due …which was the official death of the 

'cabals u.s.a.' = being soundly defeated in battle = but permanently 

eliminated from rising again =

the e.u.'s impending doom will arrive in 2017 as the next mass 

election cycle is this spring +includes contests in germany = 

the netherlands +italy +france = even merkel has finally been 

challenged politically by an anti'immigration candidate from her 

own party = that includes brexit plus the death of the euro +'nato'

…the u.s. +russia +china +france +great britain are all openly 

telling = israel=b=netanyahu = that a 2 state solution is immanent 

with regards to palestine +middle east peace = per another 'unsc' 

vote next week = expect a government purge in the knesset 

very soon =

all solar system planets are aligning or moving together in 

a common direction on 2017°2°8 = at the same time mercury goes 

direct into its final retrograde shadow = sunday 4:43am edt =

orthodox christmas in russia = per the julian calendar = is today 

2016°1°7 = then new year a week later on january 14 = followed 

by the chinese new year on 2017°1°28 = at the same time = 

mercury leaves the retrograde shadow permanently = not un-

precedented = but interesting none'the'less +something to pay 

attention too =

Comment by heidi wachter on January 7, 2017 at 7:29am

deep source = resistance = 2017°1°7

more cabal operatives hunted down = amnesty being given to cabal 

actors to join the resistance or be arrested°killed = it was

?decided by the chinese elders? that the cbal actor paul ryan

would not be the right choice for president of the restored republic

= instead = cabal actor trump was chosen to become president

of the restored republic in return for his amnesty = this was decided

for a smoother transition as the public have already accepted trump

as their president =

Comment by heidi wachter on January 7, 2017 at 7:26am

electoral college makes it official  = trump wins presidency

Comment by heidi wachter on January 7, 2017 at 7:23am

sterilizations of negative embodiments commence in full

salacious hu-beings cancel appointments

strays are collected +returned to light

florescents Illuminate the dark corners

marks of inner light are emplaced

éire'port = 2017°1°5

related = 

the rose of gaia blossoms

displacement of light intender beings 

from negative timelines is occurring

illuminations commence

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