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23rd February 2017

The times they are a changing!

A group of friends have kindly agreed to sit and share their energies with me so that I may practice bringing through my Star friends. As it is our first time of all sitting together in this way I knew there would need to be a healing to balance the synergy within the group. Very quickly they came forward to speak.

We are well pleased with this turn out of friends and helpers and we ask you to adjust your energies so that we may come a little closer. Don’t be afraid little ones, this is a time of rejoicing, coming together as one voice. And we do believe this has been an epic start to our journey. Open your hearts, open your minds and join with us, for we are one. We are all Family of Light and we broadcast this message far and wide. Please believe these are no idle measures bringing you together here this afternoon, for you have been chosen and we bless you for making this effort to come forward and to help in this matter! We have the opportunity to speak to you personally, and it gives us great joy to be able to do this. We have nurtured you from your very beginnings and we bring in the flavour of Love to envelop you, to embalm you so to speak with that fragrance of Love. Be not dismayed at what comes to pass in the weeks ahead, for we are a governing force brought to bear measures to enable the population of Earth to grow, and to muster control of their senses, so that they too may be armed with the Love within them that shall help them to grow and prosper.

The times they are a changing, and we shall be there to help you along your pathways. It is an exciting time, a challenging time for some but all will be amazed at how far they have come! We bear witness to the ever-growing popularity of sessions such as these, taking place all around your globe, there are many who answer the call and we bring you the wisdom you seek, encouraging you to grow and developing that Love within you all. Do not shelter in the darkness, come out into the Light, let us beam you aboard on occasion so that you may see the inner workings of our mind, and we trust you will take this initiative to propel you further forward and out into the cosmos. We have joined together previously many eons ago, many lifetimes and here we sit today once more, joined by the Love that shines brightly within us. And so it goes my dear ones that you are here, rested and safe in this sacred space. Watch and learn, grow together, develop that speed of thought that will bring you closer into our orbit.

I settled back into the energies building up around me No-one in the group spoke of what they could see and I was concerned, which I shouldn’t have been as everything happens as it is meant to.

Come now friends, don’t be shy. There is much toing and froing upon the Earth plane, we know this. We know the energy exchanges between you are great and we ask you to share with one another now. Do not be afraid or put out for all is there for the taking, all that you wish and desire. We bring that golden Light around you. Go within and answer the call, close your eyes and be at Peace, this is much needed in your world at this time. Reboot your energies. We advise letting go of past hurts, those things that cause rancour. Let go and let Love enter in, it is so much easier this way. There is no need to suffer, there is no need to hang on to the baggage of the past. All is transmuted into the Light, all shall pass away. Step back from yourselves and seeing the shining lights that you are. Accept the bliss that is there for you to grasp. Adapt and grow little changelings. We respond to the territories of your heart space and redefine who you are.

We call to you and beckon you forward to join us and become as one true voice. See the circle of lights and the beautiful white star in the centre of this circle, direct your thoughts to this star. See the energy building and growing as the star becomes larger and larger, its brilliance is dazzling, its energy is profound, it nurtures you and re-energises you as you are part of it! See the star rising now upwards, see it glowing above this sanctuary, see it travelling higher and higher, bathing all in its glow. And see this star being joined by a multitude of other stars, spreading and growing around Mother Earth. See that Love and energy pulsating around and around the globe, healing energetic Light. See it flying outside of Earth’s gravity and into the cosmos. Part of you is within that great mass of Light, your earthly bodies are here and now but your true essence travels forth and can do so whenever the need arises to explore.

Peace, perfect Peace to all mankind and may the Love of the Great Divine be with you now and forever more. May you weather the storms of life and grow stronger for it. May you know Love always. May you bathe in that Divine Omnipresence and know that you are loved. There is nothing you cannot do, you are all powerful, all knowing, all seeing. It is just tapping into that essence to become who you truly are. Be brave and be bold in your journeying’s. Help those around you as best you may, and there will come a time when that help will be returned to you a hundred-fold, for is it not written that this shall be so! Respond to the promptings of your heart . . . this will never let you down! We open the boundaries and let you through. Go now in Peace. We open up those reserves of energy within you and set you free.

This seemed to be a very healing experience for the group individually and as a whole. All sensed or saw a presence, mainly a North American Indian with feathers hanging down on one side. There was a narrow faced Indian with black paint across his left eye, also a Neanderthal type character who was very hairy and a third one who had a heavy fringe like an Inca/Mayan type. Also, there was a female energy at some point. All in all, the session went very well for our first encounter and we will continue as and when people are available to sit. Thank you everyone for making the afternoon such an enjoyable one.

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Comment by heidi wachter on March 1, 2017 at 4:18am

love +thanks to you all for starting such a blessed +collective earth+skies communication...

big°earth+skies=family=hug! heidi

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