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“There are as Many Paths Up the Mountain Towards Health and Healing as There are People”

Here is a great story about a man who needs God’s help. And how this man is given help—it goes like this. 

Once there was a great flood in small midwest town. Houses were washing away right and left. And a man climbed on his roof and was praying to God out loud saying— “God please save me” over and over again. 

God Sent a Rowboat

Then a man in a rowboat came by and said, “Jump in before the water washes away the house and you die”. But the man sitting on the roof said, “No God will save me”. And again the man prayed out loud “God please save me”. 

God Sent a Search and Rescue Boat

Then a very large search and rescue boat come along and the coastguard crew threw the man a life preserver and said “Swim over to the boat” and the man on the roof said, “No God will save me”. And the man sitting on the roof went back to praying out loud “God please save me”. 

God Sent a Helicopter 

Then a rescue helicopter came by and lowered a sling and they yelled down. “Climb in and we will pull you up”. And again the man said “No God will save me”— so they left. 

And God Said

And then the rains started to pour down in buckets and the winds whipped wildly and the man on the roof prayed out loud again “God please save me”. And God answered back with a booming voice saying “Well I first sent a rowboat and you refused to get in, then a sent a larger boat and you refused a second time, and then I sent a helicopter and you refused to climb in! And the man said, “But I wanted You to Save Me” and God said, “I came three times but you refused every single time— you would not listen to Me”. And right then the water washed the house away but Great Spirit plucked the man up and set him down on another roof top and said, “Let us do this again”. 

And that’s exactly what we have going on with the healing of our body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes doctors have the right answer so we can heal. Sometimes we find alternative ways of healing and thus we heal. Sometimes we are healed by the power of prayer, other times by the power of great faith. Or by taking off and going on a soul’s journey, and more ways of healing. But every single time God, the Universe, and Great Spirit are there helping us along the way. But we must remember our soul can never be hurt, our soul is eternal, and sometimes we have to come back to try one more time. 

There are many paths up the mountain towards health and wellbeing.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider 

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