Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More!

the language of the stars... is music +singing...


heard the harmony of the universe

ie perceived the universal harmony

of the spheres and of the stars...

...moving with them…

poem of the atoms rumi

poem of the butterflies = armand ajar = salad aghili

come +dance


50+ videos Play all Play now Mix - Come and DanceYouTube

ancient person of my heart

rumi = the beloved is here ** persian

eric whitacre's virtual choir = 'lux aurumque'


50+ videos Play all Play now Mix - Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 

eric whitacre's virtual choir 4 = fly to paradise

prelude & nostalgia = armenian duduk = yanny =

love is all = yanny =

niki nana= we are One = yanni +david hudson

magical concluding musical performance 

by yanni in a live concert best ever

sacred hoop

music sound = bachan

blessings on your soul ~ asher quinn = asha

following a bird = ezio bosso



le parole della musica = ezio bosso


danza = io non ho paura - i am not scared


under one's breath = ezio bosso

the music = taught me

to …listen…

…the most important openness there is

for a human being...

ezio bosso


a legendary italian pianist = ezio bosso

return to innocence = enigma

choir sings = om so hum =

dante's prayer = loreena mckennitt

waterdance with laila sell

baby water massage = acquaterapia

meditations for the oceans

listen with your heart

dream in an open place = vangelis

edelweiss = andre rieu

happy christmas = war is over = john Lennon


swing = sing +think = david fray = bach’s keyboard concertos

the stars will fall from the sky

space weaver = lisa gerrard

yulunga = spirit of dance = lisa gerrard


=elle= mari boine

in the hand of the night = idjagiedas = mari boine

the dance of the earth =  el garrotin = hevia

spirit of One = jana =

seventh heaven

om hari om = by patrick bernard

the language of the stars music 

and singing...

giordano bruno




˙·٠. mm.٠·˙

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