Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More!

the …fulcrum… of the gravitational source…

extreme proton wave striking earth now!

large wave of energy from unknown source hitting earth now = 

possible effects? = 2016°12°19

quest = does our presence affect it? …our life is greatly improved 

when we remain conscious present within our eternal self = with 

time this BEcomes our first nature = 

i am honored to invite a source°friend ihaleakala… which marked

my blood with his statement = 'all are cleaning devices' = he relates

here to our home sphere… +instruments +furnitures… this teaching 

spirit i am learning +manifesting… in my everyday life… he used 

the ho'oponopono spirit to clean his life +surroundings… +he became 

awarded while he helped = for 4 years = to heal an entire ward 

of mentally ill criminals = at the hawaii state hospital = without 

seeing them = he would study the inmate's chart +then observe 

HIS own energy motions in regard = while cleaning them in himself… 

in order to know = how = he himself = could have contributed = to 

that person's illness = then he mourned +asked for forgiveness… 

+in sovereign nature he …loved +blessed… the patient… 

he 'cleaned' all his energy motions within the ho'oponopono spirit 

+he improved his own source integrity by working on his own 

human temper +spirit +while perseverating in doing so …not only 

he improved… but the patients too… after 4 years the ward was 

closed… all …healed +gone… then… the saying became = 

…if you want to cure anyone… even a mentally ill criminal… 

you do it …by healing yourself…

while healing our selves… we change… the air we breath… 

we clean the air… we clean the earth's grids… we …BEcome… 

a 'cleansing tool' or skill or talent… 

why? what is different?

we start to …live… our lives at the 'center of the orbit'… 

no ascension… which relates with the 'polar high +low' space'time

= new age = 1% illuminati spiritual branch = imprinting =

+do not use mine = dis'cover all by yourself!

within our chest we nest the whole universum +multiverses 

+multidimensions = where the …eternal self… resides… 

we then become the …fulcrum… of the gravitational source… 

the radiation that is coming our way in the solar system changes

our earth grids = which will unlock our 'dna' +it will only unlock

what we have free choice to welcome… it will not happen unless 

we give permission…            

operating at 44% = coalescing consciousness

in the 2003 CORE°vision we united the 2 earth's = 

the = organic +inorganic = the elemental +the plasmic sphere =

we as a collective = spatial +global = chose to end… 

to further expand the polar extremities = which would have 

co'created more… of the extremest +parallel POLAR worlds = 

indeed = we may ask the question = who has an interest

to clone polar extremest worlds with sad +masochist perversion

which are based upon the 'lack' of presence? 12 years ago = 

the dark players were called back home = they could not follow 

their spiritual discernment +ancient purpose for their polar

realm exploration = the destructive eradication aim did overweigh 

their spiritual legacy perception = +these souls are on a track

which ends with complete eradication = even of their own selves =

that is why the universe has no direction to allow more of such

further splitting of parallel +extremest polar +eradication collapse

sto=service to others is the polar pole of the sts=service to self

thus both are part of the polar world structure as the balance 

force which allows the learning of polar manifestation...

the ucs=unity consciousness service is the love°force which goes

+IS everywhere = while re°membering the inborn soul purpose 

…have you even felt the relation to omni°comprehension? 

a long journey… +infinite… +many have lost track +memory…

to complete the omni°comprehension = ALL omnies… siblings…

are needed to …complete the …all encompassing match! or mold!

in our earth EVOLution +'ucs' ...we espoused both …earth's… 

+the earth+skies… 

+the last earth revelation +manifestation unfolding =

…in spatial +global unison… pulse… rhythm...

with the earth°CORE 

+our own cosmogenetic°CORE >which is the …eternal spark… or 

nuclear = CORE = in our 'organic heart' = this pulsing point = 

initiates the ...pulsing heart of a 'month 'aged' fetus'…

+may even cause immediate death… if inadvertently touched 

by surgery… this spatial spark ignites our eternal... motions… 

+leads us to unfold the 'incarnation' of our 'eternal' self! which 

is a GENESIS = a gestation 'fe+male' …this cosmogenetic sphere 

EVOLution flows… like a …stream of life… unfolding within our

own consciousness sphere = a bio transparent +crystalline sphere = 

which later can be used as our own cosmogenetic spacecraft = i did 

some journeys with = comfortably sitting in this crystalline liquid 

bio sphere = at the 'conscious begin'… we initiate the 'incarnation' 

of our multiversal +multidimensional eternal self = which has 

its own rhythm +agenda = we are mainly the observer +even 

the 'elated explorer' of this 'spatial EVOLution journey' =

thus in synthesis = 

the earth°CORE 

our eternal°omni°CORE

+the 'origin suns' COREs

of ALL involved individual creatures sparks +creations +spheres 

which means the 'whole spectrum' of our involved multiversal

+multidimensional presence… pause… as i do… otherwise i can 

not hold the CORE frequency… which is an unconditional energy

the pause allows to remains physically conscious… while

permeating step by step the physical sphere… molding… both

the inorganic +the organic human… BIG SMILE ! NEW GENESIS!

which relates with infinite… realms… the elemental nature +plant 

+animal +metal +crystal +planet +star=sun +quasar +galaxy 

…spheres… everywhere = specifically we all …PULSE… +circle 

in rhythm +CORE°connection°alignment with our own = 

cosmogenetic …times +spaces… +related fulcrum… all nested…

in our chest… as showed with the kepler nested solids = which 

unfolds the quantum =contemporary consciousness presence

+music spiraling from our own COREs… soulnames… +songs of life!

beyond HUMAN conception +perception! beyond limit +imagination… 

= this is huge = this is earth's CORE°revelation = on how we cause

the switch from our old obsolete +destructive aims = into the new

rebirth of spatial +global ...cosmogenetic beauty +fruition…

we already switched the old limits… 

while …encompassing… the …earth+skies… 


the inorganic +organic earth=elemental +plasmic sphere... into 

one earth°CORE°organism°consciousness°entity… evolving with 

all the …lively +hearty =atom°dancing 'omnies'… =siblings= indeed =

the earth is EXTENDING …she grows as …all …'living 'organism do…

this is not an armageddon… this is a BIRTH… a family feast!

nikola tesla said = the day science begins to study 

the metaphysical phenomena = it will make more progress 

in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence =

the energy waves which are bathing the planet = are greetings… 

of energy… while she turns back to 'one' of the own origin sun°COREs… 

while traveling into a new area of space… 'new' for the humans...

this ribbon of energy that we are now intersecting is different = 

in wavelength… +radiation = as our solar system = the energy 

moves firmly into it +our planet… = this is the 'first time' that this 

= has ever occurred with humans on the earth = indeed we will 

celebrate… with full hearts… with siblings +family +crews…

it takes millions of years for our solar system = to make one =rev=

=revolution around the center= 

therefore = we were not 'here' the last time this took place = we 

are now sanctioned with the consciousness of the 'creative seed' 

+here comes the radiation = right on schedule…

+we omnies… +earth siblings are here as the midwives of birth…

+jumping like children… or atoms… in joy +elation… 

our eternal selves will balance… what needs balance… +we…

the response°able COREs… resonate… +help giving birth… 

to a earth… +a human… 

so it already is… 


the new approaching energy of space

kryon = lee carroll

fast-track to enlightenment

kryon = lee carroll

operating at 44% = coalescing consciousness

what is it you really want? 

kryon = lee carroll

thank you ♡ grasshopper = i love you… this year = instead 

of the 'annual bee'… presence... on my winter window… 

earth's messenger was the dearly loved grasshopper = sent to me

which brought me to 'know' this 'quantum leap' = coming…

+opening a space… for a new breath… +a new dance...

while ending… his 2016 life = near my 2017 =i care! …window…

those which relates... with the's CORE... receives...

...her messengers… honoring +loving them with their collective soul...

which is a very touching event… especially when they come

to die for our 'own urgency' +alertness'… +readiness to integrate 

what is lacking… in our 'spherical' +organic… presence… 


part iv =

new discoveries show charged particles accelerator in milky way

many of the energetic charged particles found

are not actually protons but nuclei

charged particles = described by modern science +ancient maya 


modern science confirms ancient maya vision

honouring indigenous worlds = visionary learning gamma rays +skies' thunderstorms… 

a love of conditions dance…




˙·٠. mm.٠·˙

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Comment by heidi wachter on December 28, 2016 at 6:10pm

3 massive tidal waves are coming +it is not what you think!

in5d's gregg prescott recently had a dream where he saw 3 tidal 

waves = tfor most people = tdreaming about a tidal wave can be 

very traumatic but in this dream = he saw it quite differently! = 

you can read more about it here =


photo = dna=rose =

Comment by heidi wachter on December 27, 2016 at 9:45pm

= think globally =
kryon book 6 = partnering with god  

work on a system…
where your planet's countries
may all exist within their own cultural systems
but where there is a commonality of value
work on a system that will allow you
to agree... on what your assets are
...worth to each other…
you never have to have
a central world government
to be a planet of uniform consensus

kryon = lee carroll


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Yeshua: Your life need to be blessed with these guidelines; NIBIRU PLANET-X will arrive soon

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