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ramtha teaching everlasting LIFE free=from=the=cycle=of=death

the white book = ramtha

page 33 till 43 = run through by sword +healing +becoming one 

with the unknown god = everlasting life = freed from death...

i was run through with a great sword = had they left it in me = 

i might have been all right = but they pulled it out to make sure 

that i would bleed to death = i saw the river of life ebbing from 

my being onto a snowy = marble floor that seemingly was perfect 

= only to see the river of scarlet had found a crack in it = 

i lay there on the cold marble floor = watching the blood issue 

forth from my being = there came a voice = it spoke to me 

+it said = stand up = it said = stand up…

i pulled up my head +put forth my palms = then i began to pull 

under me the knees of my being = as i raiseed my countenance so 

that my headway erect +even = i pulled up my left foot +stabilized 

it = then gathering all of my strength = i put my hand upon 

my knee = my fist into my wound +i stood up…

i stood there = with blood issuing from my mouth = flowing 

through my fingers +running down my legs = my assailants = 

who were now certain that i was immortal = fled from me...

my soldiers laid siege to the city +burned it to the ground = 

i would never forget the voice that made me stand up = that kept 

me from dying = in the years to come i would seek to find 

the face of that voice…

i was given to the court of women in my march = to be cared for =

i have claimed even to this day = that the vulture grease was not 

to heal me = but was so wretched that when i breathed it = 

it kept life in me = during my healing = much of my pride +hate 

had to give way to survival…

you know = i was a great warrior = with a sword i could cleave 

a man in half in a moment = why did i do that? …if a man was so 

important = as my people told me = why was he not important 

enough = that when he died = the sun stood still to mourn his 

passing = or the moon turned purple = or the fowl ceased to fly?

man was very unimportant = it seemed = for all these things 

continued in spite of his peril = that is when i began to ponder 

the unknown god = i did not have a teacher = to teach me about 

the unknown god = for i did not trust any man = 

i had seen +lost so much through the wickedness of man +his 

altered thinking = i had seen man despise man +think him to be 

soulless = i had seen innocents gutted + burned out of fear = 

i had seen children naked on slave blocks = i had seen priests 

+prophets invent = through their hatred for mankind = creatures 

of great torment +ugliness = so they could govern + enslave people 

through the rule of religious forms = there was no man living that 

i would have as my teacher = for any man living had altered 

thinking = so i wanted nothing to do with a god created through 

man's understanding = for when man created the god = the god 

was fallible = 

the elements = the truest teachers of all 

taught me of the unknown god = i learned from days = from nights 

= i learned from tender insignificant life that abounded even in 

the face of destruction +war = 

… i realized that the gods in men's minds are only the personalities 

of the things they fear +respect the most =

i realized that it is in the power +the ongoingness of the life force 

where the unknown god resides = the unknown god was all around 

me = this comprehension took a long time for me to grasp = 

though it had been right in front of me all the time = i began to 

embrace life = being far greater than we had ever perceived it 

to be = 

in the years to come i would comprehend that man is the greatest 

of all things = that the only reason that the sun is ongoing = while 

man dies = is the sun = never even contemplates death = 

all it knows = is to BE =

when i realized through contemplative thought who the unknown 

god was +what it was = i did not wish to wither +die = there must 

be = i thought = to be as ongoing as the sun = how could i be 

part of this essence = that is ongoing?

while there was no man i would have as my ideal = the wind 

performed itself very much an ideal for me = what could man be 

= i bought = that would give him such free movement = such power 

= that could never be captivated by the limited nature of man… 

that would permit him to be in all places = at all times +unlike man 

= never dies? to me the wind was an ultimate essence = for its 

ongoing… free'moving…

all consuming = no boundaries = no form = the closest resemblance 

there is to the god essence of life = the wind = if you call it = will 

come to you through love = ideals should be like that = 

so i desired to become the wind +contemplated on it for years 

+it was the wind that i became = in my search for becoming = 

the first occurrence was not  until 6 years after i had been run 

through by the sword …there came a time i found myself aloft in 

the heavens = i was far away from my simple speck of a body = 

i felt fear for the first time since i was run through = it was fear 

that brought me back to the body = 

i would never forget that splendid moment when i became 

the grace +beauty +bountiful life of the wind… always holding 

clear in thought the vision of what i wanted to become …that 


2 years in time = reckoning from the first event = i became 

the wind again = once i perfected my ability = it took me a long 

time to reckon how to go to places = for many years i traveled in 

thought into other kingdoms +to other entities = i learned 

wherever the thought is = so is the entity = 

slowly over many years = as the thought of becoming my ideal 

became the very life force in the cells of my embodiment = 

my soul gradually changed the programming in every cellular 

structure to increase the vibratory rate  within them = the more 

peaceful i became with life = the more that emotion carried 

through my entire physical arrangement = until i became lighter 

+lighter +lighter = my body was glowing +vibrating at a faster 

rate of speed = going from the speed of matter into the speed 

of light = no longer did i simply travel in thought = i had raised 

my bodily vibration into light +had taken my entire embodiment 

with me = i was gleeful +mirthful = for that which i had done was 

unheard of = i became an unseen power that has no form = that 

is pulsating life = indivisible = i became the height of a moving 

power that can never be tamed = free of weight …measure +time

= i realized how small +helpless man is in his ignorance about 

himself = when man tells himself long enough that he is wretched 

= soulless = powerless = he will believe it +become it = if he calls 

himself lord of the wind = he will be lord of the wind = 

as i became lord of the wind = i urged my people to learn as i had 

learned +that the source of their divine guidance was not through 

me = or any other mann = but through the god that had created 

us all = to become the unseen principle that is free = omnipresent 

+one with all life = what i teach you …is what i learned…

a beginners guide to creating reality = 3°edition

an introduction to ramtha +his teachings 

i had no teacher but nature = page 99 till 106

what the bleep do we know? = down the rabbit hole


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