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“President Carters Message Still Rings True”

I find it interesting, that way back in the 70’s President Jimmy Carter was talking about people only being interested in material things— and that was the real reason for most of our challenges. 

I can still remember President Carter coming on TV and telling the country that they needed to stop being so materialistic and start looking inward at more important things. 40 years ago he was telling the world that we were losing our humanity. And 40 years later not much has changed, people are still fighting over material things on Black Friday. 

Corporations Rule the World—Why? Because we keep giving these companies power because most people are still buying into the material world. 

Every single avatar, saint, and guru who has come before has told us the same things over and over again. That all these material things are not important, and that we need to go inside to find what’s truly important — for God, the Universe, and the Great Spirit resides in our heart. 

Young People are Changing— They are Fed Up 

But at the same time we have young people who are not buying into the material world. They’ve seen the light and are moving in a whole new direction because they know that all this materialism means nothing in the big scheme of things. Thus we have lots of new organic farmers who are young people, lots of people moving away from the big cities, we have lots of young people living a simple life, and lots of young people down sizing to have little— but to have more in their heart. So far these young people are a minority, but their ranks are growing because they are fed up with the status quo. 

The young man you did the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” traveled the United States doing organic juicing and became very healthy. And as he did he asked people if they would give up fast food and their lifestyle to live a long life. And 80% of them said “NO” that they would rather die at the age of 55 than change and become healthy. 

Our consumerism runs the world, it’s all about oil, it’s all about material goods, it’s all about more and more— and that is leading the world into wars and in the end into a place that no one wants to go. 

So it’s up to us— I challenge you to downsize, to meditate, to pray, and do with a whole lot less in the way of material things. Thus we can find peace within our heart and the world will become peaceful because we are the world— and we can change the world one person at a time. 

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider 

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