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Please donate, anything would be greatly appreciated...Mr. Calvin Mayberry was so kind, a sweetheart... a fantastic man. The bank foreclosed on he and his brothers childhood home. Both brothers were evicted, both elderly...They were put on a senior citizen housing waiting list until this day did not find or afford a home...Mr. Mayberry was laid off after being employed many years at the same job. and only Mr. Pete Mayberry had a social security check.
Neither one leaving the others side... Mr. Mayberry took on a p/t job to help keep him and his brother in a hotel to avoid their car as much as possible.
This home does not have a waiting list...this is how our elderly are treated? Please give and send Mr. Mayberry home as he deserved working all his life..his brother still needs help and I am sure that would help Mr.Mayberry to rest in peace. This is a recent picture, still being a caring individual, sharing his time...even though he and his brother had to return to a car, you would have never known...a very proud man. He died in that car after coming from his morning wash at the nearby gas station Christmas day. Please find it in your heart to donate or assist anyway. If you have a place of residence and can help Mr. Pete Mayberry with shelter.. he also has Social Security and can pay small rent in the Norwalk Connecticut area please call 203-767-3189 ask for Kathy
Thank you and may God bless

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Comment by Sherayx on December 26, 2016 at 8:29pm

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