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= fair questions =

haw=note= kryon=lee carroll mentioned mr trump to be a wild card 

+ when we look at the korean heir = which could unite the 2 korea

+become a great leader = we see how the old heritage is holding 

on to increase the addiction to personal power = now we look all

at trump = spatially +globally +are we aware about how our global

collective will be part of the outcome?

otto von bismarcks quotes explain clearly how one govt. subdues

the next… by 'powers' that 'already'are'… which have gathered 

resources +military strawmans… +political actors… he even says = 

that any military force is equal in inhumanity to the slaughter 

of animals for sausage production +that both practices are 

impossible to watch without vomiting the own gut… yeah… i have 

the same cognition even with a republican party +military unit = 

first they need to take public +global distance from any form of

war'economy = spatial + global in order to serve the public 

common good of all… to repair the damage done to countries 

which were ravaged for their lands +resources with the out'turn 

of ecocide +or genocide…

> do we need healing? spatially +globally? …oh yes… or mr trump

the 'wild card' …will end similar to the younger korean heir… 

...we all change +change is the only constant in the multiverse…

how about change +relax +support the spatial +global common

benevolence +good? = do WE have a chance? YES = 

in a polar space we have the 'free will choice' +maybe even more

= the love… which is the 'dark'spatial'matter' which =glues= our

ALL COREvisions into our national govt.'s = with benevolence 

+peaceful …global +spatial response'ability +countenance…

= to'get'her with our collective …earth'CORE'consciousness… 

+our starry families… +global +spatial free trades = 

…while respecting the culture +creeds of every sovereign state… 

we start a new era… of life… perhaps we may even be vulnerable

as a 'collective organism +consciousness… in its new paces into 

a global +spatial consensus = for the common benevolence +good 

of all… but look how = we already HAVE changed = from 

a patriarchal hegemony = military force = 

we look at this new presidency into a new collective mirror = 

what do we see? great ego? or great EVOLution? …these days 

a quote is sounding +turning in my ears >

god is experienced only …when god is expressed… godly… 

+we know what this means… there is no way to excuses to kill

or steal other natives for their land resources +technology rush…

for all the christians = the christ said = you can do more than 

i did = while i am going home… to the father… the ...dharma

is clear… to us all = do onto others = how we our selves will be 


time will tell for sure… meanwhile we are more conscious…

than 8 years past… may we look at these coming 4 years with

new eyes = ramtha teaches that… without attachment = 

=haw=vulnerability= is the purest love because it is not about 

what others can give you = because you are empty = it is about

what =WE= CAN give… others… because we ...are already full…

well then… we relax +check our emotions +manifest a 2017=1 

year… of …infinite… possibilities… +we are just beginning…

big earth+skies°family°hug!


= fair questions = geopolitical overview = 2017°1°8

what do we know for sure? = remember = we were convinced even 

last month that there would never be peace in the middle east 

+bang!.... we are about to see israel =

brought to its knees this coming week just as we saw 'nisis' 

defeated last week in aleppo = amazing times in which we live = 

things can +do happen so fast now…

…trump's cabinet selections are either all billionaires = senior 

retired generals or elite friends = with improper resumes to hold 

any cabinet level job necessary to successfully run a nation = is 

trump draining the swamp or refilling it = knowing that someone 

else will eventually drain it for him? = are the russians +chinese 

holding trump in position just prove ...they can?  

watever it is = it is not ???kosher??? = but what exactly then is? 

trump is 'stewarding' a nation +there is no place to hide…

+unless we have not trained for this kinda 4 year marathon = 

the race is going to end quickly +badly????

or does he magically morph into one of this counties greatest

leader = ascend to higher consciousness +taking us all there… 

with him?

according to the kremlin = foreign minister sergey lavrov was 

asked by the trump transition team to provide 'any +all' files 

relating to soros = citing legal authority from the 2014°3°6 

executive order = signed by president obama = entitled 

blocking property of certain persons contributing to the situation 

in ukraine =

more quotes = 

children are natural zen masters

...their world is brand new in each

+every moment...

john bradshaw


is my medium +my metaphor

i know that if a wave of energy 

is allowed to complete itself 

it yields a whole new wave  

+in fact that is all i really know

…riding these waves means 

joining the cosmic dance that…

as dante says > 

….moves the suns +the other stars…

gabrielle roth

our entire biological system = 

the brain the heart +the earth itself…

pulse on the same frequency range

nikola tesla

all seen things are temporary = all unseen things 

are eternal = take time +know that what you seek 

is like music… it sweeps you aloft so you are moving 

in glory among the stars 

take time to find the unseen


you know what music is?

gods little reminder… 

that there is something else… 

besides us in this universe…

harmonic connection… 

between all living beings… 


even the stars… 

robin wiliams 

let the drop of water that is you

become… a hundred mighty seas...

jalāl ad'dīn muhammad rūmī

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Comment by heidi wachter on January 16, 2017 at 12:18am

new crowd funded documentary 'polaris'

= neverending light productions

we are a 2 time emmy award winning film +television production 

company = our mission is to inspire = entertain +celebrate diversity 

through film =  

• amardeep kaleka director never-ending light productions

non profit documentaries


website = neverending light


neverending light productions shared a post = 2016°11°26

hey = team dakota rising... 

i wanted to send you guys this info = 

we at neverending light productions... a professional documentary 

company from orlando = los angeles +wisconsin will be bringing our 

cameras +taking food to thefirst nations on thanksgiving

we could not think of a better way to celebrate the true meaning 

of the day = please forward this to your group +tag supporters 

around the planet = let uss make this big news +take over 

the media holiday = i have also gotten the word from the federal 

level that there will be a stand down for the holiday from their 

security forces = let us capitalize by having a major thanksgiving 

day dinner +building momentum towards peace +victory

thank you for the help 

all the best in this age old battle +the longest american war 

to date = soon... we will end it +we will be on the right side 

of the victory

amar singh kaleka

click = post

• never'ending light production = video = standing rock support

#RiseWithStandingRock #PrayWithStandingRock

4 habitat for humanity short doc 



• love letter

• sirius = full trailer

• mi casa hogar 2013 = short documentary

indo american center

• new crowd funded documentary 'polaris' = 2017°1°14 =

david wilcock live stream

Comment by heidi wachter on January 14, 2017 at 9:33pm

almost free energy? = for the cost an iphone = 

you can now buy a wind turbine to power your entire house

Comment by heidi wachter on January 13, 2017 at 6:58pm

clif high wujo = 2017°1°12 =

discussion of context change = bitcoin = bitcoin report 

= alta report = climate +woo-woo =

Comment by heidi wachter on January 13, 2017 at 2:44pm

= 'little ice age' already underway =

Comment by heidi wachter on January 12, 2017 at 4:20pm

a likely way that trump would be forced out of office

eric zuesse = originally posted at

far over a majority = of the people whom trump has appointed 

to be 'the principal officers of the executive departments' = i.e. = 

majority of his 15-person cabinet = are establishment republicans 

= who favor continuation of the cold war against russia = 

the establishment republican u.s. president george herbert walker 

bush = on 1990°2°24 confidentially instructed not only his cabinet 

= but heads'of'state of america's european allies = that 'nato's 

hostility toward russia = was to continue in secret = even after 

the soviet union +its communism and its warsaw pact military 

alliance would end = which end of those soviet entities occurred 

in 1991 = under obama = the old american 'cold war' has been

getting hotter than it had been since at least the cuban missile 

crisis of 1962 = however… candidate = now president-elect = trump 

has consistently been promising to stop it = in the view of america’s 

aristocrats +their agents = including such firms as lockheed martin 

= trump is now threatening them = he is threatening to end 

the cold war = on the american side = as it had already ended on 

russia’s side = in 1991 = 

either trump will reverse his many public statements = supporting 

rapprochement with russia = or else the u.s. establishment = which 

includes almost every living member +former member of congress 

= +virtually all of the think tanks+news'media+also 

the establishmentarian pence = whom trump himself had appointed 

+also = the mostly establishment republicans whom trump has 

selected for his cabinet = will likely remove him from office +hand 

the presidency to the constitutionally assigned substitute = the u.s. 

v'p = mike pence himself = 

in either case = america’s war against russia would likely resume = 

as it was under obama +perhaps even as bad as trump’s democratic 

opponent hillary clinton had been promising to escalate it = which 

would be to 'ww3' = 

getting a majority of the cabinet to participate in the conspiracy 

would be far less likely than that = even though they are part 

of the establishment = some = even of the establishment faction 

+thus inclined toward <1%> dictatorship = might have a conscience 

= trump = by choosing an establishment v.p. +an establishment 

cabinet = has virtually invited an establishment coup = unless 

he buckles early to the establishment +violates every progressive 

promise he had uttered during his campaign for the presidency = 

especially his promise to work together with russia's leader... 

to the benefit of both countries = 

trump seems not to have been bright enough to have known 

of this feature of the u.s. constitution +so he might have been 

tragically unaware of the vital necessity for him to select 

anti'establishment people for his v'p +cabinet… +so = if trump 

himself does not rule as an establishment president = which will 

become clear within two months at the most = a coup 

overthrowing him would actually be fairly easy = +the major 

question would be the coup's timing = presumably = the aristocracy 

would delay it until there is clarity that trump is serious about 

reversing some of their key policies = such as 'nato's pushing russia 

into a  ww  = remarkably = this would be an entirely constitutional 

coup = one that takes advantage of the stupid drafting of the 25° 

amendment = 

stupidity might be rampant = but the american aristocracy = who 

are united behind 'ghw bush's 1990°2°24 plan' = take advantage of 

every opportunity that is available to them +this is certainly 

a major one = consequently = the next '4 years' are remarkably 

likely to be a conservative rape of the u.s. +even of the world = 

along the lines of Hillary Clinton’s plan to finish 'ghw bush's plan' = 

but overseen by pence +the republicans instead = 

up to the present moment at least = trump is still displaying 

the courage to repudiate the u.s. aristocracy's top priority of 

continuing the war against russia that ghw bush started +that 

obama has been raising to a fever'pitch = if trump sticks with this 

repudiation of the bush'until'obama foreign'policy thrust +yet = 

somehow = survives in office = then = right there = on that one 

issue alone he will be reversing the horrible u.s. history after 

1990°2°24 = which the u.s. establishment are obsessed to continue 

+to culminate +finally be setting the world onto the most essential 

path to peace +prosperity = prosperity ▼  in all but 

the 'defense'industries so that authentic progress can =perhaps 

= begin to be made on domestic issues = both inside the u.s. 

+around the world the widespread public hope at the end 

of the cold war the freeing'up end of the vast armaments'drain 

+destruction = such as the invasions of syria +ukraine = to spend 

those trillions instead constructively = upon domestic economies = 

will finally become reality from which billions of people will 

benefit up to the present moment at least

author's note =personal note= although i expect the worst = 

i hope that subsequent events will prove my expectations 

regarding trump's presidency = to have been wrong =

Comment by heidi wachter on January 12, 2017 at 5:46am

gaia portal

• new beginnings commence 

throughout the gaia=supporting cosmos

• heaven sents make themselves visible to all

• hu-being eyes become fully opened

• the Light cleanses the toxics

• REALizations bear fruit


related =

golden light sparks have commenced

• grid points upon the earth planet have begun a process 

of 'sparking' = ignition of higher light fires within each hue'man 

proceeds = this applies equally to groups within various 

consciousness levels +includes cultural = social = political = 

technical entities = no one will be spared from these sparks = 

nor from the resultant higher light fires

• these fires are supporting the burning of all old 3d=4d earth 


• those guided by gaia will undertake holding of higher light 

+higher vision for the new earth = gaia nueva = any +all may 

assist = those called by gaia are urged to heed her messages 

+follow them precisely = moment to moment

• sparks lead to fire = fire leads to purification = purification 

leads to planetary en-lightenment

procurements of consciousness upgrades continues 

at this moment throughout the gaia planetary councils

• established formulas for advancements =so'called= are failing 

at increasing velocities +will not be continued

• all consciousness levels on all dimensions are elevating 

at this moment = in spite of visible-to-eyes appearances

• chaotic nodes appear in exponentially increasing numbers 

throughout the cosmos = +in particular = the gaia consciousness 


• such nodes must reach sufficient concentration levels prior 

to node blow out +settling at higher levels

• inner light levels of hue-beings +hu-beings nears sufficiency 

for planetary up'leveling

the fireworks are now beginning...

• grid point sparking occurs as alignments finalize in preparation 

for next stage of ascension process

• scientifics in the 3d=4d are occurring so as to prove concepts of 

higher levels = more to be unveiled increasingly as day passes night

• many are called +many answer that call = unlike prior sylloquisms

• messages from gaia have overridden cosmic ones = this may seem 

odd to some = but gaia is the primary focus of the cosmos at this 

time = we see all is proceeding smoothly +do not anticipate any 

more stops in progress…

• the fireworks are now beginning… +they are real…

Comment by heidi wachter on January 11, 2017 at 7:33am

run from the cure 2014 updated = the rick simpson story 2°edition

mr rick simpson = a wonderful man who re-discovered the cure 

for all dis'eases including cancer… from= cannabis 'thc' =extraction

for more information have a look here

see = proof! leukemia cured 

hemp oil dosage information = written by rick simpson 

cannabis 'thc' cures cancer = not 'cbd' = rick simpson oil interview 

the deep end 005 = rick simpson = cannabis hemp solutions 

to human problems

big pharma has been burying cancer cures for 150 years!

rick simpson = 

Comment by heidi wachter on January 11, 2017 at 7:12am

the 'nz' government use 1080 poison dropped from helicopters 

over huge tracts of wilderness with the stated aim of killing off 

all deer = as they are an introduced species = as well as possums 

= killing off the entire ecosystem = from a conservation viewpoint 

this makes absolutely no sense at all = the only plausible reason 

is to eliminate all wild sources of food = why? = so that the locals 

will have nothing to eat when they go bush into wilderness areas 

+they risk death from eating +in some cases drinking from 

the 1080 poisoned ecosystem = if you think the 1080 will break 

down = it won’t do for a long time under normal circumstances in 

the wilderness 

+anything that dies keeps on poisoning the ecosystem anyway =

deer head for water when dying from 1080 = the eels eat them 

+die = the freshwater crayfish eat the eels +die = everything dies 

= the native birds? = most die = 'nz' has been taken over = 

airfields have been built at taxpayer expense +most 'nz'ers do not 

comprehend = or stop this = see youtube 'poisoning paradise' 

+certain u.s. administration personnel left immediately prior to 

the past 2 serious earthquakes = 1080 poison is the classic 

fluoride poison = used for rats in the u.s. =


poisoning paradise = shocking 1080 documentary

Comment by heidi wachter on January 11, 2017 at 6:28am

the co=masonic order = or manifesting freedom to BE

comment = 

thanks for that link +the interesting video = only time will tell!

the issues = as always = are that we have 'ascended masters' 

involved = how does one verify their authenticity? = i know of all 

these entities°beings… from my time in the co=masonic order +in 

being a member of the theosophical society = maybe it is one 

of the 'timelines' for those who wish to have another go at a 3d 

utopian lifestyle = many years ago it would have appealed to me 

as i was full'on …into these groups =

but with more awakenning genres appearing = one really does 

need to be cautious of what is being offered = the matrix 5 idea 

of getting out of the hologram also has its appeal = but is that 

yet another trap? = when the 'event' happens = if at all = then 

i hope to use my inner knowing to decide that best course for me 

to follow = no matter what i choose = i know that it will be 

the correct one for me = at the level of enlightenment that i will 

have achieved by then = so i have no fear of making a mistake – 

all will be as it is meant to be +relative to my own creation 

of the REALITY …i wish to be in...

i still enjoy looking at all the possibilities = so thanks for that 

video = 


new atlantis film

Comment by heidi wachter on January 11, 2017 at 6:09am

ramtha teaching everlasting LIFE = free from the cycle of death

in the years to come i would comprehend that man is the greatest 

of all things = that the only reason that the sun is ongoing = 

while man dies = the sun = never even contemplates death = all it 

knows = is to BE =

when i realized through contemplative thought who the unknown 

god was +what it was = i did not wish to wither +die = there must 

be = i thought = to be as ongoing as the sun = how could i be 

part of this essence = that is ongoing?

while there was no man i would have as my ideal = the wind 

performed itself very much an ideal for me = what could man be 

= i thought = that would give him such free movement = such power 

= that could never be captivated by the limited nature of man… 

that would permit him to be in all places = at all times +unlike man 

= never dies? to me the wind was an ultimate essence = for its 

ongoing… free'moving… all consuming = no boundaries = no form = 

the closest resemblance there is to the god essence of life = 

the wind = if you call it = will come to you = through love = ideals 

should be like that = 

i contemplated on it for years  +it was the wind that i became =

6 years after i had been run through by the sword …there came a 

time i found myself aloft in the heavens = 

2 years in time = reckoning from the first event = i became 

the wind again = once i perfected my ability = it took me a long 

time to reckon how to go to places = for many years i traveled in 

thought into other kingdoms +to other entities = i learned 

wherever the thought is = so is the entity = 

slowly over many years = as the thought of becoming my ideal 

became the very life force in the cells of my embodiment = 

my soul gradually changed the programming in every cellular 

structure to increase the vibratory rate within them = the more 

peaceful i became with life = the more that emotion carried 

through my entire physical arrangement = until i became lighter 

+lighter +lighter = my body was glowing +vibrating at a faster 

rate of speed = going from the speed of matter into the speed 

of light = no longer did i simply travel in thought = i had raised 

my bodily vibration into light +had taken my entire embodiment 

with me = i became an unseen power that has no form = that 

is pulsating life = indivisible = i became the height of a moving 

power that can never be tamed = free of weight …measure 

+time = the source of the divine guidance is not through me = 

or any other mann = but through the god that created us all 

= to become the unseen principle that is free = omnipresent +one 

…with all life = i can teach you …what i learned…

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