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Here's my coincidences (Not!) story:
My wife and her future brother-in-law (ERS) were born in the same hospital in DC within 24 hours of each other.

His father (ES) had been penpals while attending Loyola University in Germany with a fellow attending Loyola in Montreal.

That man was from the side of family tree with the pure French spelling of my last name. We have the "Anglicized" spelling of the name. He and my father were born three months apart. He met and befriended my father while they were students in Montreal.

He later became my sister's godfather.

When we grew up in Virginia, John would sometimes drive with his family to Richmond, after visiting his transplanted German friend (ES) who had moved to the DC-area in "Northern" Virginia.

ES's son (ERS) went to college, met my wife's sister (MS), married her, and they moved to Houston.

My father's sister's son moved to Houston after college, got engaged, and scheduled his wedding.

John persuaded ERS and MS to reschedule their daughter's baptism to align better with the other event he planned to attend in Houston. They complied with his request.

John attended my first cousin's wedding and my future niece's baptism the same weekend in Houston. He is the godfather of both my sister and my wife's niece!

John Jr. arranged a 25th wedding anniversary for his parents. My fiancee and I were invited but were traveling in Florida just before this event so we didn't attend. My other sister arrived just as ES and his family arrived. They didn't know each other but met and discovered they lived a few miles apart. If my wife and I had been there, we would have recognized both ES and John.

At this point, none of these connections between the three families was known.

At the end of a long Christmas visiting my wife's relatives, my wife's sister (MS) out of the blue asked me how I spelled my last name (it's unusual). I told her and she replied, "Oh, then it's not the same."
"Not the same? If you know someone with a similar name, we're probably related."
"It couldn't be -- he's not from around here. He's from Canada."
"Even more likely. My father's from Montreal. What's the name?"
"Couldn't be the same. He lives in Ottawa."
"Still very likely. Is the name spelled like this?" I spelled the old family name.
"Yes, but it couldn't be the same."
"What's his name?" "John."
"John!? Oh, no, you've got it wrong, John lives in Montreal."
"No, Ottawa."
"Is he a hospital administrator in Ottawa?"
"Yes. But it's not the same."
"No, John works in Ottawa but lives on a farm just outside of Montreal, with his wife Joan and their five children."
"Yes, but it can't be the same!"

She finally came around and we realized it was the same John.

Finally, I asked MS to write John a letter about her sister and her boyfriend. She had a picture of us together hiking in the mountains near ES's cabin. I gave her my business card, and asked her to send the photo and my card and tell him she thought it was interesting that my name was so close to his.

John was a prolific letter writer. Letters to his friends and relatives, letters to the editor, letters all over the place. This was before the internet and email were public. But about four days letter, my father, MS, and I each got a letter from John. While I was reading his letter -- his mind was blown about the amazing coincidence and he wanted to reveal it to everyone -- I noticed about three places where the language was bobbled. Very minor blips, but I have a editor's eye. "Brain farts" I called them and wondered why they popped up.

The next day at work, I got a call from MS. "Did you get a letter from John?" she asked. "Yes." "Uh, me, too. Listen, Joan just called. John was sitting at a stop light and had a stroke and died yesterday."


Does anybody think this could be coincidental? Really?

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Comment by Ralph Prospero ° OVerseer on August 4, 2009 at 1:20am
Rick -
yep, that's how it seems to me. If MS and I hadn't conspired to clue him in indirectly at that immediate point in time, John might have died and never known. He was the hub of all those people in my story. It's even possible that at 13 or 19, I might have been shown pictures of my future wife's future brother-in-law by a relative from Canada who knew a guy from Germany who moved to the DC area, etc etc.

ERS and his siblings called him Uncle John, and my sisters and I thought of him as our cousin, John.
Comment by Rick Jordan on August 4, 2009 at 1:09am
kisses of sychronicity, dominoes tumbling right on into place!!!

Comment by Ralph Prospero ° OVerseer on July 31, 2009 at 10:29am
Bernie - I love that word - synchronicity. I also think there's an additional factor at work that's a subtle call-and-respond type of communication between people and events. "Call-and-respond" like how birds communicate. This communication system works to help bring together mutually agreed people and events in a manner so subtle they don't even realize it's working or why they turned left or misplaced their keys before heading off in the right destination at the right time.

Jennie - is that David Willcox who believes he was formerly Edgar Cayce? I've read a little about him recently after encountering his name a few times in past couple of years. The recent reading leads me to think that whether he was EC or not is less relevant than the material he's putting out there.

Susan - Thanks, your blog brought it back to mind. You make an outstanding point that I never considered -- that we were all meant to meet together on OV! Wow, that's something to think about!

Manton - I notice a lot of things about numbers that make others look at me and say -- "what's the point?" and I respond, "It's just interesting to observe." I have decided in the past few years just to go with it. If it attracts my attention, I'll usually point it out to others, to get them to start noticing synchs when I'm around.
Two evenings ago, I picked up my mother to go to dinner with her and my son. After she was seated and I was about to put the car in drive, I noticed the trip-meter read "318.3." I said "That's interesting, Mom -- my birthday and my house number backward." [3/18 and 3813] She looked at me and was utterly baffled. I mentioned it was simply interesting. "Oh, I see." Then, I think she remembered I always get good parking places....
Comment by Manton Hirst on July 31, 2009 at 8:28am
We all live in the same galactic space-time, so synchronicities abound and are probably more routine than we think.
Comment by Jennie Bryant-Eveleigh on July 31, 2009 at 5:32am
Have you seen the story of David Willcox family and friends, check it out.
Comment by Ralph Prospero ° OVerseer on July 30, 2009 at 9:56pm
MS's in-laws (father-in-law ES from Germany; mother-in-law from Mexico) have a cabin in or very near Front Royal. It's very nice and the view of the stars off the back deck at night is awesome. We've only been there twice though, as Maria is very finicky about the place. They have plastic runners on all the floors, etc. But, it's a gift horse/house, right?

Also, ERS and MS currently have a rental house in Mt Tremblant, which is a village about an hour NNW of Montreal. They are selling it, but we're thinking about one last stay there before school starts for the boys. It's great in the summer but a lonnnng drive (13-15 hours) twice!
Comment by Ralph Prospero ° OVerseer on July 30, 2009 at 9:38pm
Yep, Germany to Montreal to (France to DC to) Richmond to Houston and back

My father moved from Montreal to Washington where he finished high school and joined the US Army. They sent him to France where he met and married my mother. I was born 9 months later and he was honorably discharged and returned briefly to DC, then moved to Richmond.

With the internet, the world is getting smaller all the time. We have members from all over the world!
Comment by sagenhoney on July 30, 2009 at 9:09pm
Wow...I can't even comprehend all that in one sitting, but definitely not a coincidence.

Comment by starseed on July 30, 2009 at 9:07pm
Mine are numbers. My birth numbers are 11 11 22. Normally I always get a cab 11,
a hotel room 1122 etc. it happens everyday-all day long. I get constantly emails as multiples of 11 or adds up to 11.
This has been going on for a few years...everyday! This is not coincidence and I don't believe in that anymore.
Love and Light,
Comment by Ralph Prospero ° OVerseer on July 30, 2009 at 8:42pm
Jan -
I totally agree with you. I had already stopped believing in coincidence before the events in the story occurred. That story is especially interwoven, like a Mission: Impossible plot, or a Seinfeld episode.

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