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In an earlier Blog “Flight of Mind in the Universe” we invoked that, as the Life is of migratory character, the life from a planet may migrate to another planet having more hospitable environment at a point of time within the solar-system, or from a solar-system to another, and so on, maintaining an unending dynamic equilibrium in the Universe! Such thought appears in Jain philosophy where the Universe is considered as Anaadi-Anant (having no beginning-no end). In the exchange, Anjez Winkler exclaims that the Big Bang may be relevant in understanding our Planet's galaxy!

But, we may see 'beyond' the Big Bang, see Infinity. Support to this comes from the concept of Loop Quantum Cosmology (LQC) that has been teasing Physicists since 2003 with the idea that ‘our universe’ could have emerged out of ‘collapse’ of a previous universe, says a keen student of science L. Venkat of New Delhi. LQC theorizes that the Universe expands and then contracts over and over again taking re-birth infinitum. It may be interesting to look at new researches.

Black holes mystery and realization that these and the galaxies must have co-evolved give credibility to the above. “It looks like the black holes came first. The evidence is piling up”, says a report from the Daily Telegraph quoting Chris Carilli of the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

Reaching back almost to the birth of ‘first galaxies’ the team found that the radio waves received from those were emitted only about a billion years after the Big Bang. These young distant galaxies had much larger black hole’s bulge mass than the closer and older galaxies (where the black hole’s mass had generally been 1000th of the surrounding galactic bulge).
Thus, study of the first billion years of the Universe’s history seems to suggest that black holes predate galaxies. Black holes large enough are known to give a deadly punch to a passing galaxy.

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