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Latest Montague Keen Message ~ 31st July 2011.

The Big Shift is happening, my dear. Some are able to connect to their inner light. They are using this Love to connect with Spirit. You must help those who are willing to listen and face the facts of what is actually happening. Fear will be used to try to keep you under control. Do not buy into this. Know that you are part of the New Beginning. You are the co-creators, chosen to reclaim your planet and return it to the Light. You will know instinctively what you must do to help those who are still hooked into the illusion they believe to be real. As your consciousness expands, you will connect with higher frequencies. Your understanding of the Universe and the importance of Earth reconnecting with it, will become clear. Illness will become a thing of the past — a distant memory. Your bodies will recover from all the man-made attacks from which they have suffered.

You will experience a healing period when both Man and Earth recover and move forward into the light. Love and peace will prevail. It will not be an easy time for any of you, as the shadows of the past have — from one generation to another — endeavoured to thwart the call of Spirit to create and unify Creation. This is our promise. We will succeed. The voice of truth will not be silenced.

Now you fully understand the importance of the action taken by the Prime Minister of Ireland, in speaking up regarding the abuse of children by the Vatican. This was the first step that needed to be taken in order that the world learns that it is the Vatican which controls your world and every person in it. The evidence is there, but was kept secret. They preached love, but controlled by fear. They are now under scrutiny. The facts emerging are shocking and upsetting for those who had trusted them. Truth has to be faced before the next steps can be taken. The Vatican is the umbrella organisation that is in control of everything. It will not survive once the truth emerges. The defiling of helpless, innocent children, will never again be tolerated anywhere in the world. The Vatican needs to step up to the plate and admit that it condoned and facilitated such crimes against humanity.

We are preparing the portals through which we will re-enter your world to guide you forward into the Light. The new reality will alter how you see the planet and all human life, plus your fellow beings from other planets who will be happy to reconnect with you and assist you through this great Transition. You are making history. Keep records of everything as it happens, so that future generations will learn and understand what had to happen so that they could live in peace and love.

You will notice that some may "disappear". Some may be replaced by Spirits who may resemble them. Many will be exposed as evil: they will be dealt with as seen fit. Expect much change and ask for guidance from those you trust.

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Comment by Victoria J. Scamehorn on August 1, 2011 at 11:05pm

That is so interesting.... you know I have always found the passage in the

Book of Revelation very interesting, where its states that the "Whore of

Babylon" becomes "drunk on the blood of the innocent". This is a direct

passage talking about the Catholic Church. And now you all can know the

truth for what it is.

Comment by sheena ann baker on August 1, 2011 at 12:31am

Thank you for this message, its positive news,


Brought up as a catholic we were never encouraged to read the bible, it was all about the catechism, their laws and fear.


The Vatican has so much to answer for, i hope i see it in my lifetime.  Although i didn,t suffer abuse like some children did i still feel as though they have left their mark on me.

Comment by Melody Henriksen on July 31, 2011 at 9:25pm

Today, searching for other information, I found a  Lisa Rene May 12, 2012, update from a Galactic Friends write-up that had this paragraph part re the Vatican that is very interesting. 

Each level of our Internal Planetary Stargate system has a white hole opening and a black hole counterpart that functions similar to the phenomena science calls a wormhole. (These Internal Stargates have been sealed and closed off by Guardians since 2005 to circumvent various possible Controller Enslavement Agendas) The Original Inner Templar 5D Stargate white hole opening (particle time fields) is in Machu Picchu and its black hole counterpart (anti-particle time fields) is in Vatican City, Rome, Italy. Vatican City is a hot spot at this time as it is a main source of this Reptilian Invasion memory revealing and its subsequent impact to influence a false "Crucifixion "story upon humanity. This is the timeline that is surfacing now and its impact may be felt intensely. This will begin to change the Roman Catholic Church's governing organization and more of what has been hidden in the Vatican vaults will become public knowledge.

A while back I had read where a girl escaped from being trained by popes prior to being a nun and they were never taught the Bible and used for sex, nearly starved, 1 bowl of vegetable soup a day, many tortured, their babies murdered, along with some of the girls.   They were not allowed contact to their families or friends after entering and they were given new names.  The Nuns protected the Priests.  They thought entering the convent they were giving their lives for God.  She escaped and this unit was shut down by authorities who had no prior idea until investigation.

Comment by Christopher STM Admin on July 31, 2011 at 5:58pm
The Vatican has a lot to answer for, not least the Inquisition.....I so long for the day when they are exposed. Not long now !
Comment by paula on July 31, 2011 at 5:52pm
Great message from Montague Keen. He talked last week about Enda kenny, also his speaking out against the crimes perpertrated within the vatican and the cover ups.

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