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It Feels Like Something Big Is About To Happen By Chris Bourne.

A defining moment in the history of humanity?
I’m hearing from lots of people around the world that you’re feeling something ‘big’ is going to happen. It seems we’re all tuning in to a time of pretty major upheaval at some point in the not-too-distant future. It’s no surprise, such times have been foretold frequently enough and there’s a great deal of uncertainty right now in world affairs. It feels like the energy is moving in a direction of radical change. I feel that a major ‘event’ is going to happen, to cause people to look up from the pavement, through the flashing neon-lighted concrete and steel, directly into the ‘heavens above’. It feels like something defining is needed to shake humanity to its very core. And if that’s true, which certainly feels the case to me, then by the Law of Attraction, we’re bound to draw that kind of event to us.

There’s many ways in which such a big event could happen. Take for example war in the Middle East. If you’ve not realised it yet, the powers-that-be need such a major event to restructure the world’s failing economy. The West is indebted way over its head and there is no earthly way to pay back the foreign loans. Both the US and EU economies are teetering on the brink of financial collapse, which would likely cause major social unrest (it already is).

So they need to reduce the debt radically and quickly. What better way than to create another round of ‘problem/reaction/solution’? Generate a problem area – like the Middle East – then manufacture a ‘just cause’ to create a martial economic state, devalue the currencies and write off the foreign debt in the process. Am I dreaming, or is it already happening?

But I suspect Humanity’s attempts to control the unraveling matrix will be overtaken by other major events – shifts in universal consciousness which cannot be so easily constrained. There are major internal realignments taking place within the solar logos for example, resulting in the release of solar flares. Indeed we’re moving into a period of quite intense solar storm activity. Should the earth be hit by such a storm, as has happened in the past, it could immediately wipe out not only our power grids and communication systems, but also probably swathes of the earth’s arable land. Solar activity is certainly something that has registered strongly in my consciousness of late.

The crystal clear clarity of the main stream
But let me quickly add, that by talking openly about such things, I am not intending to spread fear – quite the opposite. For me the worst thing that could possibly happen is that society limps on in some kind of zombie-like status-quo. To me, a slow degradation of our humanity and our quality of beingness is in the interests of no one. The universe is yearning to unravel the blocked energy that our society has wrapped itself up in, and I for one, will not be sad to witness that blockage unwinding itself.

To me, this situation presents a major opportunity for mankind. If we can have trust in the inherent beingness flowing through our souls, then we’ll be presented with the opportunity to leave this dense, distorting eddy current and rejoin the crystal clear clarity of the main stream.

Many people are living in fear already, and they don’t even realise it. They’re living in a not-so-cosy state of isolation from the natural flow and our interconnectivity with all life. They’re so busy trying to protect what little they have, that they’ve forgotten our true heavenly nature: that which is beyond death and suffering; that which is magical, mystical and eternal…

Who would grovel around in the dirt and the muck for a few decades,
scratching around for an ever dwindling piece of illusionary security,
in exchange for just one day of divine, interconnected freedom?

Looking fearlessly into the jaws of fear
It seems many have forgotten the true magic of what it really feels like to look directly into the jaws of fear and not be cowed by it. Instead to say “yes my body may get broken, but my spirit never will”. Tell me what that is worth?

When you confront and loose your fear of death,
something truly magical happens:
you start to loose your fear of living too.

It means you start to become increasingly vulnerable to the moment. When we’re vulnerable and can be awesomely okay with that, it means we can keep opening. We don’t tighten down when things get tough. And if we don’t close down, then we’re open to the univeral stream flowing through us. In this place, literally ANYTHING becomes possible. Paradoxically, it’s by letting go of life that we truly get a chance to live!

Following the flow of the soul
So how might we best approach the challenging and changing times that are beginning to unravel all around us. Here are some tips and advice which spring into my consciousness…

  1. Learn to follow the soul: whatever it costs right now (and money has a limited shelf life so why hang onto it?), we must learn to honour and follow the soul. If it means ending that job, or you need to walk away from that cosy apartment, above all, take time to listen to the quiet voice within and follow it. Test it, take a chance that you really can hear. It’s an inherent language which is natural to us all, but it dwindles when we don’t listen (for essential advice on following the soul, check out…
  2. Become more as one with mother earth: we are each a part of this planet (even if many don’t behave that way). Humanity has mistreated Gaia, but she is a very forgiving soul and she wants as many as possible to join her in the new paradigm. If we consciously take time to go into nature and tune into Gaia, then in time, we will begin to understand her heavenly language. In my experience, she does not use words, but more feelings and metaphorical mirroring.
  3. Become more self sustaining: it’s no secret that the system in which we currently live, has written countless blank cheques that can no longer be cashed. Yes, make full (and appropriate) use of the resources whilst they last, but don’t mistakenly sleep-walk through life as if today was yesterday because tomorrow, you may find the gravy train has run out of juice. We need to become more self-sustaining in terms of growing our own food, finding alternative supplies of water and also alternative energy where possible.
  4. Gather in small communities: when these big shifts really shake the established society, it’s going to be vitally important to know who our real friends are. Who are those we can truly rely upon and work with? That might mean gathering in small, micro communities right now – extended self supporting families. Have you got a spare room to rent or could you put up a cabin in the garden? It’s a strong growing trend of people coming together to energy-exchange resources and services (here’s a useful transition towns video.
  5. Store emergency supplies: in the uncertain times ahead, it may well be that total collapse does not happen, but more a kind of progressive degradation where resource, energy and supply chains are frequently stretched and sometimes dry up. I’d say it’s vital to keep a couple of months supply of essential resources: dried and tinned food for example, bottled water, candles (useful for light and lighting fires), and even a couple of jerry-cans of fuel. You might need to make an essential trip.
  6. Learn to live off the land: bushcraft skills are likely to be of great value. You and your family (small community) may need to move to a more secure area – especially in times of social unrest. It’s actually not hard to live at one with the land if you’re committed and motivated, but it does take practice and some essential, inexpensive equipment (check out our survival tips thread.
  7. Invest in your future now: anyone still saving for that rainy day? Well guess what…it’s raining! The time has come to abandon fear. The time has come to live the future now, in this moment, the only real time we have. If you feel called to explore a new gift, a new way of being or to process baggage that you may be carrying, don’t delay, because you may need that gift tomorrow. There are a plethora of wonderful healing and enlightening practices springing up around the world. Many people are tuning into this wonderful shift in consciousness and we can all learn from one another. If you feel drawn, follow your heart, it may be the wisest penny you ever spent (and likewise, if you feel drawn to work with Openhand, you’d be most welcome.

Openness, commitment and love
No one can accurately prophecy because the future is shaped by the feelings, intentions and choices we all make in the moment. However, there comes a point when the moment is so committed to a particular flow of circumstance, that it becomes inevitable for a chain process to unfold. It’s just like taking a step, there comes a point when your foot is sure to land, it’s simply a question of when and exactly how.

I feel that’s the situation we’re all living in right now.
It feels very much to me as if certain ‘tipping points’ have been activated.
I’d say a convergence of consciousness is taking place with the divine purpose of unraveling a particularly persistent blockage – the very society in which we live.

We can either live in fear of that, deny it is happening, or do something much more courageous, much more divine, much more human. We can embrace the coming changes with openness, commitment and love. We can see it as an opportunity to truly let go of the limitation and constriction of the past. We can re-embrace the divine flow of life and allow it to sweep us up into our rightful place – an eternal fearlessness, openly embracing change and continual evolution.

Indeed, something big is about to happen !

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Comment by LoveIsTheAnswer on March 6, 2012 at 10:51pm

I am with you girls on this one - POSITIVE is what we are creating and POSITIVE will be the outcome. To me, the essence of it can best be described as an *awakening* and I call to the universe with all my being to make it so.

Comment by LoveIsTheAnswer on March 5, 2012 at 7:59pm

Rick, I agree 100%. FUN is the name of the game. And the game has one rule: LOVE.

"Evil" is there to provide the "springboard" to propel us to greater heights - for without an awareness of IT, there can be no awareness of its polar opposite... and as you say, it is a battle of consciousness - a battle of consciousness VS ignorance. Light vs darkness.

Comment by Rick Jordan on March 5, 2012 at 7:54pm

Vlada: I have often pondered this same question, time and time again, and I have come to my personal conclusion that the purpose of "Man", God's theme of "Man on Earth" to have FUN!! To co-create beautiful patterns....then one may say 'what about war, greed, suffering, evil....???" and my anwser to this may be shocking....I say these things are ALL part of the pattern of Beauty, God's beauty, the Beauty of Duality, playing itself out, in whatever form....the trick is in the constant Evolution of the "Battle".....Battle? Yes, Battle of Consciousness

Comment by LoveIsTheAnswer on March 5, 2012 at 7:49pm

I don't think there is anyone who wants to see a "big change" more than I do - but the feeling that "something big" is about to happen has been with me since the 'Flower Power" days... and yet, I have not seen it. About the ONLY thing that seems to happen on a constant basis is NOTHING. And when I analyze why, it seems that it is because we aren't doing anything to effectively STOP certain minority groups from doing the things they do that are wreaking havoc. We can blog and whine and complain and visualize a better world till the cows come home, but until we all UNITE and let these groups KNOW we will not stand for what they are doing, they will simply keep on doing these things.

Comment by Sally on March 5, 2012 at 3:42pm

I think for many of us we have felt this energy for sometime now

Comment by Bevely Ann Fox on March 5, 2012 at 12:48pm
The way I see it the matrix of duality is almost completed (ILLUSION) and multidimention ality is ready to take it's place at 0 point energy. The only thing left to do is ready ourselves for this. In the meantime there is so much being cleansed in the enormity, I find it AWESOME the DIVINE GRACE is right now being bestowed on us. I think ALL is in its proper sequence of events. The biggest illusion we face is FEAR within all the ILLUSION of negativity. LOVE clearly is the 4 letter word that MOOJI and others like him explain so well!!! It isn't easy to retrain the MIND and feed the SOUL with this enlightenment.
Comment by Deborah DeNicola on March 5, 2012 at 10:55am

Something does feel imminent, but i have been feeling this way for a long, long time and get tired of reading channelings that make all sorts of predictions that never seem to happen. I myself, have developed new senses, see energy whirls and see through my closed eyes to movie-like scenes of other dimensions, but they are confusing and just leave me asking more questions. I am aware my body is being "worked", I actually get comforted sometimes by hands rubbing my shoulders or back. I am at peace with this, though at first I was scared. So I have my own proof that things are changing but I agree that the time is here and I am weary of the old reality, which we need to operate in to keep functioning here. I don't want to see thousands of people dying again, I want to walk into the new world, where's the door?

Comment by Rene Kilpatrick on March 5, 2012 at 7:46am

what an awsome post.....  I just said to my hubby this week that i have been feeling as if i am on "high alert", hyper vigilant, that something BIG is going to happen, 

so glad you posted this i needed  to read such an affirmation at this time

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Yeshua: Your life need to be blessed with these guidelines; NIBIRU PLANET-X will arrive soon

A message from Yeshua to humanity; Important message about the "Evolution of Consciousness" Welcome to Light Messages channel. Our goal is to share the peace...
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