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“How to Be Comfortable Meditating for Long Periods of Time”

“Here are 9 ways to be comfortable meditating for long periods of time”

With the world in turmoil, it’s important to meditate for longer periods of time to get rid of stress and stay healthy. Here are a few ways to make sure you can sit for long periods of time and be comfortable. 

Sit in a Comfortable Position - Sit in a comfortable position, some people find that sitting cross-legged or in the lotus position on a cushion on the floor is comfortable. Others don’t feel this is comfortable and need to sit in an upright chair. Just make sure you feel good in whatever position you choose. Personally, I sit in a big overstuffed chair with my legs crossed… that’s the best position for me.  

Always Sit Upright - Sitting with your spine erect with your spine totally straight and your head somewhat straight is important. Sitting in a slumped over position will not work. After awhile being slumped over becomes painful and prevents a person from sitting for a long period of time. And it’s much harder to breathe when slumped over… so sit upright and feel great. 

Have a Comfortable Room Temperature - Make sure your room or the outside temperature is comfortable. If you are too hot, or too cold, then you will not be able to sit for a long period of time. Perhaps you need a shawl or a blanket draped over your shoulders to keep you warm. Make sure where ever you are sitting has a comfortable temperature. 

Go to the Bathroom Before Your Start Meditating - Make sure to use the bathroom before you start meditating… otherwise, you will have to get up in the middle of your meditation. 

Stretch Before Meditating - It’s important to do a little stretching just before meditating to make sure we have all the kinks and cramps worked out before we meditate. A little a simple little bit of yoga or stretching works wonders. 

Make Sure You are Dry - If you are meditating outdoors in cool air or indoors with air conditioning and you have been sweating remember to remove all that wet clothing and put on dry clothes. Otherwise, you might get a chill and this will keep you from being able to meditate for long periods of time.

Meditate in a Noise Free Environment - Always sit somewhere that is noise free. That’s why meditating early in the morning is very important because usually there is less noise early in the morning. And in the evening find a place that is very quiet and noise free to meditate. 

Do a Body Scan to Relax Every Part of the Body - It’s important to do a quick body scan to relax every part of the body as you start meditating. Close your eyes and with breath tell yourself, “I allow my feet to relax, I allow my ankles to relax, I allow my lower legs to relax” and on up the body relaxing every single area. And key in on those areas which seem to be holding tension and tell yourself to relax those areas. 

Set a Timer if Needed - So you don’t feel you need to get up and look at the clock all the time set a timer. But after awhile you will find yourself meditating for exactly the right amount of time. Personally, I automatically open my eyes after exactly one hour of meditation… there is no need to set a timer, but I’ve been meditating for 30 years. 

Try these simple ways to make it easy to meditate for long periods of time and feel refreshed and stress-free. 

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider 

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