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“How Can We Respect People With Different Ideas”

Yesterday someone asked—“How can I respect someone when I know what they support”.

Perhaps you have a boss that’s nice to you in general but you have different philosophical views about everything. Maybe you believe in peace, and your boss believes in going to war. How can you respect someone when you know you have very different points of view? This is very common in this day and age, and we have lots of people who are stanched in their thinking and don’t want to give an inch. And that’s all well and good, we can’t change someone else’s mind and point of view, that’s up to them— we have no control over that. 

But we can love and respect the God, the Universe, and Great Spirit that resides with every single heart. 

Their God light may be covered up with lots of other stuff so the light can’t shine very bright at all. But that does not mean we shouldn’t respect who they are as a human being. It’s a very fine line for lots of people, many can’t separate the God-like being within and the persona we all see. 

But it’s said in all the spiritual texts - We Are Not This Flesh and Blood We are Spirit. 

It takes practice to see the God within and walk down the street and notice the Jesus, the Buddha, the Krishna and others walking along with us. To know in our heart that all of these people are on their perfect path and that we are on our own perfect path. Thus it’s important to respect one another as we move along our path. 

And all of us have lived millions of different lives. 

Down through the ages, all of us have live different lives, some were warriors, somewhere peasants, somewhere priests, some gave love, others did terrible things. In fact, over the eons, we have all gone through different lives and every one of us passes through different stages of spiritual growth in order head down the path towards oneness with God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. 

As the great Dolores Cannon who did hundreds of thousands of past life regressions with people noted— “Most of us are recycled souls”. And Brian Weiss and many others talked about— “The greater majority of us have come back to this plane of existence over and over again”. And as Buddha said— “I shut my eyes for a moment and lived 10,000 lives”.  

Thus we too have been on the other side of the fence. Thus we too have been the one with different ideas, different ways of thinking, different beliefs, and different ways of living. So how can we be judgmental? All we have to do is remember— we all pass through different stages on our way towards the light… we are one consciousness growing and learning.  

So it’s important to understand that we are all one—one consciousness and it’s important to respect every part of that consciousness— just as we respect ourselves. 

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider 

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(The meditation starts about 20 & 1/2 minutes into the video when the music starts - but Annette's music is much louder - so be prepared to turn down the vol...
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