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=EVOLution= +quasar'alignment =progressive=updating=



service to self'=sts=polar scission

service to others=sto=polar scission

2 days later i am now observing a new reality while conscious awake

after sleeping = i am in 3 buildings present = which are of modern 

architecture = i am there while i am a sort of 'registered' therein = 

my eternal=self=BEing is present with my vigil consciousness + i am 

listening +changing my human landscape = which is e perception of

being 'trapped' in =sts= archive = which do not respect my own 

universal=multiversal=multidimensional rights +response'ability = 

…in silent comprehension = i change my human habit into that of 

the eternal=self=presence = which instantly extends way beyond 

these 3=sts=buildings = the eternal self …changes… the effected 

human heart energy = into the 'quasar=energy'=presence = which is 

part of my multiversal +multidimensional presence of the 

eternal=self +this free=of=conditions+collective=presence = begins 

to …SOLVE… the obsolete+disrespecting use of these buildings = 

the radiation goes beyond the walls of this architecture +relates 

to the eternal=CORE=self of all these involved =sts=servants = 

i am allowing... a collective =space=time=frame= where all the

=sts= +=sto= +=ucs= BEings+eternal selves are present +healing

from spiritual amnesia = now my body relaxes deeply = while 

timeless = meanwhile > hurt=perceptions +panic=perceptions

+worthless=being perceptions +judgement=of=self …are nulled = 

+espelled out of the quasar=vortex=energy +absorbed +nulled by

the origin=sun=CORES relating to the involved humans = my gut 

goes big +heavy +the collective=space=time=frame = allows all 

to be seen... in =aha=comprehension +healing +regenerating = 

the heavy weight goes now into the stomach = which begins 

to vibrate at further speed +spin = till the stream... is 

pulled out through the crown = similar to an explosion = but 

the ...EVOLutionary energy=event... is of the 

=collective=match=COAGULATION=synergy= which is now liberated 

+will affect the further use of these 3 buildings +involved selves =

'unity'consciousness'service' = free of conditions




˙·٠. mm.٠·˙


after some writings about the 'unity=consciousness=service'=ucs=

some 1% elderly contacted my sleeping night sphere with 'service 

to others' programation=sto= i woke up with me = trying to perform 

the SOLUTIONS for 'their' private sphere commodity = STOP = that 

is NOT what we are here to do = we are here to incarnate our own 

eternal self +THAT is the main priority = we have to wake up +to 

'KNOW' our sleeping time IN THAT RELATION = in order to free us 

from external programation +interferences in OUR private sphere! 

+with =only= the solutions for the daily =ucs= we have to care for 

both = the spatial +global common good of all =we do not=favor hate 

+revenge = but we re NOT the servants for commodities! if such a 

programing interference takes place = we MUST recalibrate our 

OWN priorities straightforward! = we remain PRIOR to =ucs= +free 

of the polarity conditions as the =sto='service to others 'commodities' 

= the old habits of 'religious'compassion' = which consider the other 

inferior to the own eternal BEing+self = IS SCAM = +need to be 

solved in a spiritual 'common passion' of equals'… with those... of 

the 1% which are ready to communicate +relate +collaborate for 

the spatial +global common good of all=end=note

montague keen 2016°12°18

what is happening now = the cabal sees as a 'revolution' =  they will 

do all in their power to stamp it out =  you are all fully aware of 

how ruthless they can be =  they will do whatever it takes to try 

to hold on to power = i can tell you that they are losing ground 

every day = this momentum will continue for as long as it takes to 

free the human race from this tyranny =  to free yourselves =  you 

must stand together +do only what will benefit your fellow human 

beings also =  you must reject 

the fluoridation of the water supply 

refuse to accept the release of chemtrails in the air

reject the growth of 'gm' crops

reject vaccinations = or the use of any drugs 

which would harm humanity =

= be prepared != you have chosen to be the architects 

of the future = so every action that you take now is important = 

avoid loss of life at all costs = your time has come to free your- 

selves +our world = one day = you will see clearly all that was 

done to destroy human life on earth +how some of you 

inadvertently helped the cabal to achieve its aims = 

they are finding it more difficult every day to pull the wool over 

your eyes = as you are now fully aware of their lies +manipulation

= you are only beginning to learn how mind control is used by your 

predators = it has many guises = why are the media +the politicians 

blaming russia for everything? = this tactic does not work 

any more = as people are awake +they can see what is happening = 

the cabal wants war with russia +so they try to instill a fear of 

russia in people's minds = this is how the cabal operates= it would 

have worked in the dark times of the past = are you going to fall 

for it now? = please send love +energy to all those who are unjustly 

locked up in many countries because the cabal fears what they 

know = the innocent everywhere need your help +support...





˙·٠. mॐm.٠·˙

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