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English -- Blossom Goodchild -- February 28th, 2017

Blossom Goodchild


February 28th, 2017

Hi chaps! Life is very busy at the moment, so let’s sneak a chat in while I have this hour free. If that suits you of course?
Indeed. These conversations are not compulsory Blossom, let that be known.
I do know that. Yet, at the same time … I like to keep them up as often as I can. Without ego … I know many look forward to them.
Would it be so for you to consider trying to discard that which is taking place around the whirlwind in your head and rest and chat a while with us?
Sure. That’s why I am here!
Then let us proceed. You have had many ask questions regarding our latest topic of ‘visitations’ Some responses have been contradictory to that which we have spoken … in that there are those
who consider there to be a darker side, that take liberties against one’s will,
regarding what you term ‘abductions’.
Yes. My view being that you mentioned those of lesser Light being involved and that this is nothing to do with you and I know it is not ‘your bag’ to discuss things of this nature.
This is correct. For as you stated in one reply … we are here to shed Light on many topics … not to extract fear. We consider our subject matter to be of necessary intentional Brightness and to
uplift and therefore, deploy any matter that is not of service to the soul.
Yet, some folk like to look into these things, just to find out what is going on … elsewhere.

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