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English -- 27th January 2017. Mike Quinsey.

27th January 2017. Mike Quinsey.

You are involved in making mammoth changes, that when you look back will be seen as the turning point in
the history of the Earth. They are necessary to sweep away that which would
have held you back, and make way for changes that will set the scene for the
New Age to commence. The dark Ones no longer have sufficient control to dictate
the way in which the future progresses. They are also going to feel the
consequences of losing access to unlimited funding for their black projects.
They are also finding it impossible to tightly control operations on Earth, and
people who have been reluctant to come out with what they know, are now feeling
the courage to do so. It all adds up to a shift in the powers upon Earth, and
those working for the Light no longer feel so restricted. President Trump has a
list of important changes he wishes to make and will lose no time in putting
them into place.

Because most people do not know what has been taking place on Earth, they
cannot understand what is happening, or the reasons behind the changes.
However, in the course of time it will become quite clear, particularly with
the coming official announcement of the new Republic of the United States.
Events are due to happen quite quickly and you can be sure that those carrying
out positive actions are protected by the higher Forces of Light. Your destiny
and that of the Earth is to ascend, and the changes will continue in
preparation for such a momentous event. So try to understand that the changes are
necessary even if they cause some discomfort. One day you will look back and
see that everything that occurred was directed towards fulfilling the
prophesies in connection with the New Age.

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