Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More! was the original paradise=heaven...

the triad making up the purported

'prime creator' = a session with loie = 2016°12°29

= system engineer =

link to follow

= draco king =

sphere alliance message #37 = 2015°7°27
jack sturgeon asks = who are these 'enlightened' people 

the 'divine mafia'? 

the origins of the 'what if wager'

= jung has often stated = 

that what make us whole is the embracing of our 'shadow side' 

again = in goethe's faust = opposites temper +restore each other 

= rather than one overcoming the other = faust is weak = shy = 

frightened +inept = the devil is ruthless = bold = without morals 

or ethics = by the end of the play = faust has become strong 

+the devil has learned to love = such is the true transformation 

of a pair of opposites …tempering… not triumph


this LOVE has chosen to express itself through all things… 

in all ways… in order to KNOW ITSELF. It cannot know itself 

in fullness… until every single possibility has played itself out… 

through LOVE =


draco's introduced technology that scrubbed memories 

from being accessed from the essence line by the reincarnated 

essence = this was a pre'emptive move to prevent beings from 

waking up to the original 'what if experiment wager' = time 

synchronizing +time loop technologies were also introduced 

to expand the allotted time artificially = then beings reentered 

the earth sphere = they had an artificially induced amnesia =

one major control and energy harvesting mechanism was 

the 'time value of money' = being able to loop a time line doubled 

the profit =
forms are vehicles +transmitting utilities of essence energy = 

essences can expand +create new forms +non'forms = individuated 

beings of an essence line can combine into one form°non'form entity 

= if they mutually chose to do so = its rare = but it does happen = 


they began to FEEEEELLLLLL what is happening here +they did not 

like it = but agendas remained even after our contact began last 

summer = most of those agendas are related to the galactic 

commerce +'money' systems


the human form was never meant to be 

about aspiring to perfection = but to experience perfect love 

while in an fallible physical form = 


the 'what if experiment' began in the original garden realm = 

not to be confused with the …garden of eden = the garden came 

before the earth +was incorporated into earth = it still exists as 

a parallel adjunct realm to earth whose in numerable portals to 

earth are guarded by yeti= sasquatch = they take their job very 

seriously +seem to be able to transition realms in a way not even 

the 'et's can = earth was a creation of three beings = only 

the bloodline king remembered the earth was the original 

paradise°heaven = but both the draco king + the bloodline king 

fought for control of earth over the eons =


'dna' is an information repository = information is power


the 100 = 2° wave of creation were created by the 11 first wave = 

some by love union = some by direct creation = it is likely that 

most of the 100 did not know or perhaps forgot about the original 

11 when they hide themselves during the 'what if'phase = many 

of the 100 became knowns as the 'gods of legend' on earth = most 

notably egypt +many acted like they were +expected that kind 

of treatment from those they considered 'lower' = as in the earth 

political systems today = the truepower was always 

hiddenbehind the front man = this wasalso by design so that 

it could be takendown when it came time to end it = 




creation by union enabled the multiverse to team with

an unending succession of life = the bloodline king +draco king tried

to replicate the success of creation of that couple through 

'control' +'domination' +'force' +ravaged entire galaxies as a result 

= the current family structure = marriage = divorce = women 

+children as property of the man +expectations of 'loyalty' instead 

of love …in present day 'families' is…


the draco king +bloodline king made a proposal for a period 

of creation by separation from the 'one' = since source cannot be 

divided = a highly elaborate 'illusion' was constructed = to make it 

look... +more importantly... =feel real=


love simple IS = its not owned = nor controlled = LOVE FLOWS 

+it flows best in complete FREEDOM TO BE =  SOURCE IS LOVE 




there was also a deeply covert intelligence agency 

on the part of the protagonists to which all agencies sent data = 

this intelligence agency had its own world class intuitives it pulled 

data from without electro'magnetic interference in antartica +then 

fed data it chose to send to the dragon°draco complex on earth = 

its true role was unknown by them until the antarctic operations 

center was shut down = in early 2016 = 


the spiritual hierarchy of angels=celestials=universals=divines

=galactics =was one of the first separations from ONE =


energy became scarce because LOVE BECAME SCARCE +they 

forgot they could get all the energy they need from SOURCE 

through their heart center +parasited worlds they deemed 'lower'


separation consciousness became the grandest 



+it got WAY OUT OF HAND....  every possible permutation 

of suffering has been experienced +recorded forever by SOURCE 

=there is nothing more that can be gained from experiencing this=  


3d' is not going away = its just the other frequencies coming into 

to join it = so that duality consciousness of 3d' is transcended

= excerpts =

= bloodline king =

sphere alliance messsage #50 = 2015°7°29
terran asks = do i have a sphere inbodyment?

we later learned... the bloodline king... +for that matter 

the draco king = had the ability to move their essence through 

their essence line +compatible 'dna'  inbodyments at will to exert 

direct negative frequency influence among their controller minions 

through something called a 'quintile' = this is kind of like a pseudo-

pod of an essence = this was the primary reason the bloodline 

king created a line of royals with as 'pure' bloodline king 'dna' as 

possible = the so called 'blue bloods'  +it also accounts for stories 

of various kings in history who would break out into unprovoked 

+unexpected rages at their underlings = a good example might be 

king george at the time of america's independence = 

= excerpt =



˙·٠. mm.٠·˙

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