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We Sleep No More! gamma rays +skies' thunderstorms… =a=love=free=of=conditions= energy dance… gamma rays +skies' thunderstorms

a…love… free…of….conditions… +energy…dance…

fermi telescope closes on source of cosmic rays = video

when cosmic rays collide with interstellar gas = they produce 

gamma rays = astronomers showed that supernova remnants are 

the galaxy's best candidate sites for this process =

nikola tesla once said that 'the day science begins to study 

the metaphysical phenomena' = it will make more progress in one 

decade = than in all the previous centuries of its existence = 

+this 'knowing' will help us to to …trust = our inner = aha'matchs =

the asteroids are the remains of a planet that was destroyed in a 

massive collision = tom van flandern’s exploding planet hypothesis in 

dark matter = missing planets +new comets = asserts that a former 

major planet between mars +jupiter exploded about 65'million years 

ago = tiamat is the …planet... on which we are standing right now = 

the asteroid belt was the half of tiamat that was smashed to pieces 

= while the other = intact half became earth = all this is echoed in 

the ensuing verses of hesiod's theogony = 

fermi telescope closes in on mystery of cosmic ray acceleration

the observations also reveal why ground'based gamma'ray telescopes 

= which detect even higher energy gamma rays as they zip through 

the earth’s atmosphere = have failed to observe gamma rays from 

this remnant = while many of these protons are produced in the giga-

electronvolt energy range = very few are produced in the tera-

electronvolt energy range =

new satellite observations of 'terrestrial gamma'ray flashes' reveal 

surprising features of mysterious blasts from earth

the energies we see are as high as those of gamma rays emitted 

from black holes +neutron stars = the authors estimated a global 

average rate of about 50  'tgf's a day = but the rate could be up 

to 100 times higher if = as some models indicates = 'tgf's are 

emitted as narrowly focused beams that would only be detected 

when the satellite is directly in their path =

fermi telescope explores high-energy 'space invaders'

astronomers believe that the highest'energy cosmic rays arise 

from exotic places within our galaxy = such as the wreckage of 

exploded stars = the particles could arise from the annihilation 

of hypothetical particles that make'up so'called dark matter = this 

mysterious substance neither produces nor impedes light +reveals 

itself only by its gravitational effects = 

= fermi's next step is to look for changes in the cosmic'ray electron 

flux in different parts of the sky = latronico said = if there is a 

nearby source = that search will help us unravel where to begin 

looking for it

thunderstorms hurling antimatter into space caught by fermi = 


thunderstorms 'relate' with antimatter particle beams =

when antimatter collides with a particle of normal matter = both 

particles immediately are annihilated +transformed into gamma 

rays = the 'gbm' has detected gamma rays with energies 

of 511,000 electron volts = a signal indicating = an electron has 

met its antimatter counterpart = a positron… the cascading 

electrons produce so many gamma rays that they blast electrons 

+positrons clear out of the atmosphere = this happens when 

the gamma-ray energy transforms into a pair of particles = an 

electron +a positron = it is these particles that reach fermi's orbit

= the detection of positrons shows many high'energy particles are 

being ejected from the atmosphere = in fact = scientists now think 

that all 'terrestrial'gamma'flashes='tgf's emit electron'positron 

beams = a paper on the findings has been accepted for publication 

in geophysical research letters = the fermi results put us a step 

closer to understanding how 'tgf's work = said steven cummer at 

duke university ...we still have to figure out what is special about 

these storms +the precise role lightning plays in the process = 

hAw=note= metaphysical explanation = 

the theories concerning planetary formation hold that they started 

as balls = congealing from the gaseous disk = extending from 

the sun = as they cooled = heavier matter'iron = in earth's case = 

sank into their centers = forming a solid? inner core = a less solid  

= or even fluid outer core surrounded the inner one = in earth's 

case = it is believed to consist of molten iron = the 2 cores 

+their counterwise spinning motions act as a dynamo = producing 

the planet’s magnetic field = surrounding the solid +fluid cores = is 

a mantle made of rocks +minerals = on earth it is estimated to be 

some 1,800 miles thick = while the fluidity +heat generated at 

the planet's core = some 12,000 degrees fahrenheit in the earth's 

center = affect the mantle +what is on top of it = it is 

the uppermost 400 miles or so of the mantle = on earth = that 

mostly account for what we see on the surface of the planet = its 

cooled crust = 

the processes that produce = over a billion of years = its axis = 

should also result in an orderly layering = the solid inner core = 

the flexible or fluid outer core = the thick lower mantle of silicates 

= the upper mantle of rocks +the uppermost crust should 

encompass one another in ordered layers = like the skin of an onion 

= scientists are still hard put to explain the gap of about 

500 million years between the age of the earth = which meteor 

fragments = such as those found at meteor crater in arizona = 

show to be 4.6 billion years +the age of the oldest rocks thus far 

found = but no matter what the explanation = the fact that earth 

had its continental crust at least 4 billion years ago is by now 

undisputed = on the other hand = no part of the oceanic crust 

has been found to be more than 200 million years old = in 

the discussion of the origins of earth's atmosphere = the consensus 

was = that it did not result from a 'continuous outgassing' through 

volcanic activity = but was = in the words of raymond siever = of 

harvard university = the result of a rather 'early' +rather 'large 

outgassing episode'… 

a great 'big belch' of the gases that are now characteristic of 

the earth's atmosphere +sediments' = this big belch was also dated 

to the same time as the catastropherecorded by the rocks = in 

that sumerian cosmogony = the members of the solar system were 

depicted as celestial gods = male +female = whose creation was 

compared to birth = whose existence was that of living creature = 

in the enuma elish text = tiamat in particular was described as a 

female = a mother who gave birth to a host of eleven satellites = 

for a long time this view of the planets +especially of tiamat = 

why? while BEing fe'male?

…as 'living entities' that could be born +could die = has been 

...dismissed as primitive paganism... but the exploration 

of the planetary system in recent decades has = in fact = revealed 

worlds for which the word 'alive' has been repeatedly used = 

the earth +the life that has evolved upon it as a 'single organism' = 

the 'largest living creature' on earth = james e. lovelock =wrote

=is the 'earth' itself! 

hAw=note= the 'pagan'view was titled by the 1% …defrauding 

wisdom of origin = in order to keep the humans as slaves = 

the updated pagan'view is that these originators as tiamat ARE

multiversal +multidimensional contemporary BEings… entities… 

which as the primal source'extensions all encompasses the realms

of nature +plant +animal +crystal +metal +elements +spheres… 

indeed mine belongs to a quasar sphere… +more …which is 

unfolding… in my universal chest… now we may open our own 

md'antenna's in order to perceive our… own… cosmogenetic truth!

= excepts = link below = 

the planet marduk = came into the solar system on its 3,600'year 

clockwise = retrograde = elliptical course +struck tiamat = which 

was moving in its ordained counterclockwise orbit = which moved it 

into its present orbit +also created the earth's moon +the asteroid 

belt = earth's largest landmasses are mostly on one side 

+the oceans take up the rest of the planet = here is indeed 

evidence of this great cataclysm in our solar system today = 

the continent that the ancients called pangea likely represents 

the prehistoric truth regarding the land formation on the earth =

after it was involved in this collision = over time = the continents 

then drifted to where they are now = 

= while looking at the earth's globe from a distance

if you took the water away = what is left is a 'cleaved planet' = 

on one side... there were the firm lands… 

that had formed the crust of tiamat = on the other side 

there was a hollow = an immense cleft into which the waters 

of the erstwhile tiamat have poured +being the present... 

…embodiment of earth



doug michael = gives a different take on the anunnaki story

sitchin unfortunately took a lot of liberty's in the revelations 

of the ancient sumerian texts +tales of the annunaki god's 

= thereby misdirected the public =

hAw=note= in a short synthesis we have had races based upon 

female magnetic love energy origin 

+other male electric light energy origin = 

this began in the sea = earth was°is a water planet +of magnetic 

energy origin = the annunaki race was build up in the electric light

energy origin... which had a direct impact to our planet = 

they brought their electric whales into earth's water ...where 

the magnetic ones lived… in order to conquer both = land +sea… 

we named them the killer whales = indeed marduk did enforce 

the killer instinct = by manipulating their whale gene 'dna' +then 

set them free in the beach of his sister to kill her = with which 

he was in 'earth domain' competition… 

to begin = 

as the leMUrians unfold = there was only water = then crystals = 

as consciousness +initial liquid crystal sphere forms… +the first 

animals were the whale +dolphins =note=BIG=brains= 

indeed the creatures within the sea were+are co°created by 

the whales +dolphins themselves = they are the co=creators of our 

primal earth = the rock +land°formation came later = but 

the initial species on earth water +soil were of magnetic energy 

signature… which existed as the MU humanoid magnetic race = 

then lemurian magnetic species even in plants +animals +the later 

atlantian co'creation based upon an electric energy species = thus 

= all the conflicts can be seen = as of what origin energy we were 

born of… the primal earth was populated by magnetic big'skulls 

born race = as the primal life was originating from the oceans = in 

my cosmogonytic 'knowing' there were 13 magnetic=love=humanoid 

'dna's living with earth +the annunaki were the 

electrical=light=male=humanoid origin indeed = the first nations 

of america call them the youngest brother of the co°creation = as 

the earth was MAGNETICAL = FE'MALE = origin… the annunaky 

were a spiritual race = but left behind the misfits… the rebells… 

on earth = alike to be a 'prison planet' = 

the annunaki were shapeshifting into fish°humanoids = while they 

discovered the earth to be rich in the metal gold = which served 

them for their 'immortality' practices +monadic gold = they knew 

that by multiversal law = they needed the welcome of our 

planet'organism'fe'male'BEing'entity=collective consciousness = which 

was in her primal spiritual steps =we know that LOVE can generate 

a lot of con'fusion = if the un'conscious dictate the unfolding = we 

can not become judgmental as this speaker = which does a good 

job by correcting a lot of 'zecharia sitchin's misled info = but colors 

the essential message... with his polar believes… 

…to embrace the multiversal +multidimensional omnicomprehension 

= we need to allow the contemporary overview = in its 

primal origin = where first the elements were co°created = then 

the animals +then the humanoids +to begin there were no 'rational' 

polar scissions = as to the begin the energetic=perception= was 

the only language =functioning with the 'tel'empathic' sending 

+receiving energy'motion'pictures +naturally we can sense how 

different magnetic messages were to those of electrical signature 

= as it is with the thunder strokes

from the =electric=skies=light=male=essence= +with those of the 

=nuclear=weak+strong=earth=love=fe'male=essence+gamma bursts = 

which in truth are the energetic +metaphisical expression of both 

fe+male earth+skies magnetic+electrical energy language = which 

may be a starting comprehension of how the creational process 

does NOT base upon a 'rational'conception… which presumes 

the polar scission languages = which came later with the male 

domain +invasion of the brain… reMEMBER = 'earth' was cast out =

from the …male°light°electric energy sky… while judged…

unworthy = in her fe'male°love°energy manifestation… indeed 

there were no synapses for both… to begin of the creation both

primal genders had to work it all out like the new'be they were 

+some were extremely painful = while there was always 

a collective swarm of siblings around them… which amplified 

greatly… every event… or consciousness or evolutionary step…

this brought than up the …male=arch=angel=hierarchy…

we may only hold steps in our further omni'comprehension unfolding 

= when we also turn back to the energy'motion'readings = which 

belong = to the current more 'balanced' magnetic +electrical 

consciousness = we need to take our time = in order to FACE our 

creational history = while shringking back to the elements along 

with the contemporary readings of the multiple dimensions = we 

may then 'know' that the realms were so 'mixed up' in face of our 

global +current MOST=rational brain function = that no 'fusion' 

can occur =when we do not 'allow' to 'view' the 'whole'origin'history 

= the less we 'see' the less we BALANCE our own ...involved… 

+cosmogenetic gender's set up… with the creative=energy=motion= 

+magnetic=hemisphere = any polar expression as the video exposes 

by this speaker = shows us HIS energy structure +limit... 

+only a balanced = or KIN source energy = allows the 'con'fusion' 

to be seen = in omni'comprehension disposition +then… healed again 

+regenerated …into a new birth of consciousness = free… 

of judgement...

a =shift of consciousness= happens when 

we experience the so called aha'moment = otherwise we know to 

travel in 'UN'conscious waters of existence = note=have you ever 

wondered why the earth has many names? gaia? +others? 

from the greek word γαια=gaia= a parallel form of γη=ge = 

meaning 'earth' = in greek mythology gaia was the mother goddess 

who presided over the earth = she was the mate of uranus 

+the mother of the titans +the cyclopes = thus…

every time…. a 'local' gender+soul+spirit incarnated which 

expresses the most 'correct synthesis' of the spatial +global over-

view… marks… the consciousness... +culture of a region… which 

then generates new names… where the folk mythology = unfolds

while incomplete… of the omni'comprehension=free=of=conditions...

my cosmogenetic memory goes back further the ancient name... 

of gaia = while having memories of a primal earth°state of being = 

where she was expressing herself as a 'primal flower' +no solar 

constellation existed = as the elements …no plants …no animals = 

the elements illuminated their 'space-time' with the CORE°essence 

= which can be equaled with a 'soft' light spiraling from 

the CORE°consciousness +the flower = spiraling sparks of golden 

music from her corolla = in elation to her 'sky'counterpart' = 

to find a new comprehension +cognition = we need new formulations 

free of polar definitions… +in mine = i would substitute the 

god'word' with source'extension = 

in order to skip all the rational judgmental ballast we carry on our 

way back to the omni'potential=source=energy = which is nor 

magnetic nor electrical = while the scission into polar worlds began 

with the split of the fe+male origin'energy… into 2 distinct energy 

forms = whereas the primal source has no gender at all…

related link = zecharia sitchin = earth expands +more

hAw=note= a very interesting ='rational' new source =

i got chills for the many connections i have with clif +the same 

study directions +i ad the metaphysical site as does nikola tesla = 

...we are much more involved in our atom'sphere = thorough our 

own 'cosmogenetic matching' with other 'omnies'=

=human siblings=with the 'energetic'omni'comprehension'mold' = 

in our 'eternal atom's legacy' = just enjoy the many parts with which 

we match within… very instructive +mind changing experience…

= sort of observing=while listening ….the deprogramming from our 

remnants of the 1%brainnwash  crap =

clif high latest 2016 alta report predicts massive global cataclysms 

= bank holiday = megaquakes

ancient whale healing +bio'magnetic fields

the celebration! = what is next?

newport beach = california = 2002°12°8

during the teachings today = some of you chuckled at 

the armageddon you expected = but that did not happen = some 

find it amusing that it did not happen +that few even noticed! = 

others are amused that the ones who counted on it = simply keep 

moving the dates! = they are so sure = the old reality will 

eventually visit = many are so used to the old reality = that they 

will deny = that they are in the new one = until the very end = 

= even if the old prophecies never take place = 

the death +destruction that would befall earth by your 'own plan' 

= was changed = rewritten = what does it say about who humanity 

is = that they could rewrite history = rewrite the future? = many 

are starting to see the new reality +are now admitting = yes = it 

seems very different from what we were told = let me tell you 

about this magnetic grid = let me define some things we have 

never isolated before = it will make sense = especially for those 

who see the kryon as masculine = sister kryon has always seemed 

to be both = fe+male = on the other side of the veil = there is no 

gender = therefore = kryon is genderless = but to humanity = 

there has always been an overlay of gender = the magnetic grid 

of this planet also has a feminine quality = it always has been 

feminine = the magnetic grid of this planet speaks of love…

the feeling of unconditional love = the feeling of mother = it seems 

like a dichotomy = does it not = that the strong male presence 

would emanate the mother? = that = dear ones = is the meld we 

wanted to present to you all along = it was so you could see that 

there can be balance = but the magnetic grid of the planet is 

feminine +so is kryon = now = many of you have known that = yes? 

= in an interdimensional = metaphoric way = we will give you 

a name associated with those who physically set the crystalline 

grid +i am going to use a word = do not misunderstand this = for 

some = the word will create all manner of visions within your 

mythology = the word is dragon = dragon energy... not evil = do not 

misunderstand this = metaphorically = what did the dragon mean 

to the planet in your mythology? = living underground +powerful 

= it was the mythology that made it a monster = that is not 

the dragon energy we speak of = it is hard to describe why we 

would identify this to you in this fashion = but again = it is 

totally metaphoric +not explainable within your 4d = it means 

strength = it is stability = it is the crystalline grid creator energy! 

= another name for the crystalline grid as given by those who 

are in charge of it = is the grid of light = others have called it = 

the grid of stability... the foundation of the planet = spiritually = 

it has many names = it is the next scheduled to change +it will 

'shake hands' in its alteration with the age of responsibility = that 

is what is next = part of the crystalline grid's energy is 

responsible for the storehouse of the knowledge of the planet = 

all that ever was = all that exists = all the potentials of what can 

be = are located in the crystalline grid = there is another section 

of this crystalline grid that is a safeguard = there is a section 

of this crystalline grid that is alive = it is a mammal = it contains 

the storehouse of the planet = the knowledge of everything = 

within its 'dna'…

we have spoken of this before +now = perhaps = you will 

understand = the age of the whale has begun = as the crystalline 

grid is moved = the knowledge centers of the storehouse of 

energy will also be altered within the mammals of the planet = 

this information is esoteric = unprovable +true = 

the whales carry the storehouse of knowledge on how to change 

the past! = humanity at the cellular level knows it = 

the whalesof this planet are the living portions of the actual 

grid'system! = they contain the 'history ofearth' = within their 

beings +they are sacred for that reason = theycoordinate 

+cooperate with the crystallinegrid of your planet dolphins 

are their cousins +support group +they play a role in the whales' 

development = this is why you're so attracted to them = 

the magnetic grid of this planet has changed so much = so quickly 

= as we told you it would in 1989 = that there has not been time 

for the pods of whales to adjust with time... to these changes = 

instead = many simply follow the old magnetic lines of migration = 

only to find themselves on a beach instead of the open ocean = as 

the old magnetic direction used to take them = they are confused 

+they simply line up +try again = just as they have for years = 

these things are temporary +as tragic as you might see them = it 

is all part of 'pruning' the system +the calves will go around in 

the future = establishing new 'instinctive' information for the new 

whales = regarding the grid changes = this information has even 

now been validated this year = 2003 = by your scientists = 

you might say = what do i do to make the difference +how can 

i shift? +i will tell you = especially if you are new = the very act 

of asking this question = is shifting the earth = blessed is 

the human being who asks = what can i do? = what is next? = 

for by this act of compassion for the planet = they are showing 

within their own selves = that they have starting chipping the wall 

= is this you? = there is a back'up system to the crystalline grid 

of this planet... a memory system = 

the crystalline grid will never be destroyed = yet there are 

systems that could be applied to the earth by humans +mankind = 

which could disturb it in a way that would void the integrity of 

the whole = it might break the chain = too much electromagnetism 

placed upon the earth in an obscure way could damage 

the integrity for a time = so there’s a back'up system +it is alive 

+some of you need to know what it is = it will always be with you 

+that are the whales of this planet = you love dolphins = don’t you? 

= ask a biologist about them = they are really small whales! = so 

when we speak of whales = we mean all of them = what other 

mammal on this planet is protected by over 80% of the countries 

on earth by treaty? = none = for intuitively = the human race 

knows that these are creatures who are majestic +must remain 

on the planet intact = it is a back'up system +it is very special = 

now you know the secret of why you feel about them the way 

you do = less than =1 half of 1%= of humanity = must awaken = 

for this planet to change permanently = 

+what would happen to a planet if the past suddenly did not hold 

the energy that it does now? = this grid group = which has shifted 

the magnetics of this planet = now moves into the crystalline 

energy +begins to rewrite the past! = how can you do such a thing? 

= the past is the past = you might say = you can not change what 

happened = right? = perhaps that is so if you think you are on 

the same earth = but you are not! = you changed your own reality 

= remember? this past you cling to belonged to a whole other 

reality! = this is the real test = do you actually believe that you 

are in new reality or not? = why did the armageddon not happen 

on schedule? = 

why did the prophecies not take place? = maybe they did! = but in 

another reality... not yours = you are on a virgin track called 

the new earth = in the 'now' that virginity expands to past = 

present+future... all unwritten…

we introduce to you the dispensation of responsibility +we wish 

to introduce you to the number eight = on its side = this number 

represents infinity = standing up end to end = it can be turned any 

way = yet it means the same thing = there's no up +there is no 

down to the number symbol = it is in the now +it is balanced = it 

is an 8 = if there was going to be a numerological energy assigned 

to the dispensation of responsibility = this is it = the 8 speaks of 

stability +structure +it is about time = is it not?

the indigenous know the earth is alive! = it has consciousness = 

they know you can speak to it +it to you = they knew that if you 

honor it = it will honor you back... +that you should never take 

more than you give = the earth is an entity that is vibrant +living 

+what can you do for the earth? = i will tell you = acknowledge it 

daily! = why do you not take a hint +a cue from those who used 

to walk the land in this very place? = in the morning they would 

greet the west +the north +the east +the south = those are 

magnetic grid lines! +they knew it = say hello to the earth = you 

will have a better day because of it = you will be in harmony = 'in 

harmony with nature' = but that is the goal = that is what you can 

do for the planet... your responsibility is to love it =





˙·٠. mm.٠·˙ 


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