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gobekli tepe

beautiful golden ring 

kryon = lee carroll = intent +truth 

2017°1°9 = marshmallow message

do not despair! generate the light 

that you came in with +stand tall +out of fear

…that is too simple = kryon 

oh really? …how do you think this planet has turned 

this major corner… dear lightworker? old soul = 

do you not understand that the light that you have 

is a multidimensional force? it is not linear...

it is not the 'amount' of it that is important = 

it is the intent of it +the truth of it = 

that is to say = a little goes a long way +old souls 

are extremely powerful in this department

kryon = lee carroll

kryon 2017january = 5 in 1 =

akashic entanglement = god inside = ever new = grid =yod=3in1=

soul°purpose = healer = synergy = synchronicity = listening =

contemplation='monk'meditation =catalytic +peaceful=countenance

earthCOREunison communion with all nature realms = grounding 

anchor 1 2 3 4 = change = compassion=action = comprehension

haw=note= yod= +the =3=nested=in=1=CORE

yod = atom = spark = eternal=CORE = ever=new=begin =

1 = eternal=CORE=self

2 = earth=CORE=collective=consciousness 

3 = origin suns COREs

+cycles of beginnings = 

+cycles of birth = with new origin suns

akasha = listening = to the 'quantum instructions' within the 'dna'

the presumed lady?... of elche? …of baza? …guardamar?

sasquatch kamooh quote 8

you may experience manifestations

of us through dreams

apparition of images = whirlwinds +whispers =

or meet more of our species = since you do not need…

any more physical proof of our …existence +have connected

with …our soul… 

we will be... by your side +keep watch over you = where ever

you go… this is the ...original connection we had = with your 

early ancestors = that we wish to re=establish with your people

again… once they have recovered their spiritual abilities 

+knowledge +re'cognized us their elder relatives +allies 

in maintaining... the divine law = on our home=planet



kamooh = sasquatch = elder brother

'wheel of dharma' = buddhist wheel of life +reincarnation 

sometimes it is shown with a small yin yang symbol in the center 


= wheel =

it can in some measure be seen that by the wheel of chariots 

is signified the power of comprehension = for as a chariot moves 

+goes forward by means of the wheels = so the truths which are 

of doctrinal things move forward by means of the comprehension

haw=note= …listening… is the instrument of omni'comprehension = 

meaning = listening to the quantum instructions within the 'dna' = 

the =contemporary=origin=past=present=future=

the doctrine of cycles = by lydia ross m.d. =

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